Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fra en Stephen King roman.... From a Stephen King novel

Dansk vinter er ikke så god fordi vi har få dage med solskin. Men da de kommer, er vi SÅ GLAD for dem. Dog sommetider, føler jeg ligesom vi bor i sceneri af en Stephen King roman......alting ligner så tåget og uhyggeligt! Jeg tog disse billeder i går i vores have....kl 13.00! Du forventer at se en ånd svæver over hegnet...... På dage ligesome disse, er det svært at blive lykkelig undtagen du har andre ting i dit liv at give lykke til dig .... God ting at jeg kommer hjem til mine tre drenge..... fordi de kan altid bringe en smil til mit ansigt. ikke desto mindre af de Stephen King sceneri udenfor!

Danish winters are not so great because we have so few days with sunshine. But when they do come, we are SO HAPPY to see them. However, sometimes, I feel like we are living in the scenery from a Stephen King novel....everything is so foggy and spooky! I took these pictures yesterday from our 1pm in the afternoon! You almost expect to see a ghost floating over the fence..... On days like this it is difficult to stay happy unless you have other things in your life that bring you happiness... It´s a good thing I come home to my three boys.... because they can always bring a smile to my face, regardless of the Stephen King scenary outside!


Skogkjerring said...

I completely understand your emotions on days like this. Funny how the weather can affect us in such a way. Days like this sure make you appreciate the sunny beautiful days even more, right? To be honest though I wouldn't want to live in sunshine 24/7 all year long either.
You are right, having other things in your life which bring you happiness in your life is very important! Are you miserable from before living in weather like this doesn't make it easier!!
Hope you have a super Saturday!!! Say hi to your boys from us!!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos though:)

Anonymous said...

We are having some of that spoooky ghostly King weather here in Sweden too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, from here it looks beautiful, but I guess if you had to live in that every day, it might get you down.

Nichole said...

grass is always greener, right? You wouldn't believe how much I miss the dark cloudy days. I can feel the air in your pictures. SO fresh.
But I totally know, if I were there, I'd be dying for sunshine and warm weather.