Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lige over grænsen ... Just over the border

Ja, kørte vi til Tyskland i lørdags for mere end kun øl! Faktisk, har vi lavet mange fremtide planer at udforske nordtyskland efter vi snakkede med Mads´s kusine, Dorte. Hende og hendes mand udlånede denne bog til os så vi kan se alle hyggelige små byer i nordtyskland og lørdags tur var tur nummer 1! Vi er heldig at bo tæt på til grænsen! Vi kan kører til Tyskland og tilbage i mindre tid en jeg kunne køre fra Dallas til San Antonio!

Yes, we drove to Germany on Saturday for more than just beer! In fact, we have made many future plans to explore northern Germany after we talked to Mads´ cousin, Dorte, and her husband. They loaned us this book so we can see all the cozy little towns in Northern Germany, and Saturday´s road trip was our first. We are so lucky to be so close to the border! We can drive to Germany and back in less time than I used tobe able to drive from Dallas to San Antonio!

Vi havde 2 byer på vores list denne gang--Flensburg og Glücksburg. Flensburg er en gammel by at var del af Danmark til 1864. Ved du at Danmarks sydgrænse var mere syd end det er nu?! Jeg vidste ikke før lørdag! Flensburg er en hyggelig by som ligger ved Flensburg Fjord og jeg håber at besøge det igen på en varm sommer dag!

We had 2 towns on our list this time--Flensburg and Glücksburg. Flensburg is an old village that used to be in Denmark until 1864. Did you know that Denmark´s southern border was much more south than it is now? I did not know that before Saturday! Flensburg is a cozy little town that lies on the Flensburg Fjord and I hope visit it again on a warm summer day!

Albert kunne lide Tyskland--især de tyske ænder!
Albert liked Germany--especially the German ducks!

Vi fandt det Glüksburg Slot og det var så flot! Et slot på vandet! Som vi kørte til Glüksburg, læste jeg til Mads alle om det! For eksempel---Glüksburg Slot var en sommerbolig for det danske kongehus fra 1854 til 1864. Slottet ligger i et hyggeligt område af byen, med mange cafe, en rosenhave og stier omkring søen. Jeg kan forestille mig at det er fyld med mennesker i sommer!

We found the Glüksburg Castle and it was so beautiful! A castle on the water! As we drove to Glüksburg I read all about it to Mads and we learned that Glüksburg was a summer residence for the Danish royal family from 1854 to 1864. The castle is situated in a very cozy part of town, with many cafes, a rose garden and paths that go around the lake. I can only imagine how it must be filled with people during the summer!

Jeg er sikker på at vi vil besøge det igen!
I am certain that we will visit it again!


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! That is one fairytale castle! I bet it's lovely in the summer.

United Studies said...

I've only seen pictures of that place, it is so pretty! I especially like the last picture of you posing with the borg.

United Studies said...

I mean, slot!

Nichole said...

I'm so glad you decided to give Northern Germany another shot, and it seems like perhaps your opinion has changed about it... maybe? :)

I loved being able to hop on a train and be in Sweden 30 minutes later. It seems like Germany, will be your Sweden. SO Cool!

I love seeing Albert on a little road trip to Tyskland!

Skogkjerring said...

Oh how neat, a castle! Always fascinating how royals live...I'll bet it's even more beautiful in the summer when everything is green!! Are there no rules about taking dogs from Denmark to Germany and back again? You are so lucky, it's so strict here, we have to have rabies shots and everything in order to bring our dogs in and out of the country, except to Sweden...
It is funny how someone wrote, the Norwegians shop in Sweden for cheap stuff, Swedes shop in Denmark for cheap things and Danes in Germany for cheap things...we all have our European "wallmarts" eh?? hahahaha!!!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Albert can go anywhere in the EU except Sweden and the UK. When he was getting prepped to come over to live, he had to get his EU passport (yes, he and Emmitt both have one!!) and it made him eligible to go from country to country except for those 2--they were the only restrictions. (Now I am curious about Norway from what Amy said) but Norway was not on our restriction list....

Anonymous said...

The reason Norway was not on your restriction list is probably because Norway is not a member of the EU.



Travelling with a cat or dog is now much easier with the new EU pet passport available from any vet. All cats and dogs must have a passport containing details of a valid rabies vaccination. Until 30 June 2010, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom also require proof that the vaccination has been effective.

In addition, treatment for ticks and tapeworm is required for entry into Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom. Finland and Sweden require a tapeworm treatment.

An animal has to be identified by an electronic microchip. A clearly readable tattoo is also acceptable until July 2011, except if you are taking your animal to Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom where a microchip is already required.

Further information on travelling with pets in the EU and to see what the passport looks like.

Anonymous said...

So in other words, what you are saying basically is that bitches are welcome everywhere except the UK and Sweden...?

Sorry, couldn't resist...

Tara said...

:) My kitty cats have passports too! ...but when we came here from California nobody even ASKED to see them! We tend to leave the felines at home when we travel.

Did you eat any spaghetti ice cream? As I looked at your pictures I realized a grown up couple's vacations are probably a bit different than our Huge Family vacations. :) I will now put the Gluksburg Slot on my places to drive to! (July sounds like a great time!!)