Thursday, February 19, 2009

Min leveringspige ... My delivery girl

En samtale med Jess i onsdags /
A conversation with Jess on Wednesday

Hej skat. Har mine pakker ankom endnu?
Hey babe. Have all of my packages arrived yet?

Mor, postbudet har afleveret noget hver dag i sidste to uger. Hvor meget har du sendte til mig?
Mom, the postman has delivered something everyday for the last two weeks. How much did you send me?

Kun få ting at jeg har brug for! Har min nye UGGs ankom?
Only a few necessities! Have my new UGGs arrived?

Det ved jeg ikke. Mit værelse har pakker over alt men jeg har ikke pakket ud dem endnu.
I don´t know. My room has boxes everywhere but I have not unpacked any of them yet.

Jeg har brug for at ved hvis alting har ankommet siden du tager til Danmark i kun 2 uger. Kan du åbne dem?
I need to know if everything has arrived since you come to Denmark in only 2 weeks. Can you open them?

Jeg ringer tilbage til dig efter jeg åbner dem, ok?
I will call you back in a little while after I open them, ok?


En time senere.... One hour later.....

Mor, jeg har mexikanske bønner i mit værelse! Hvor i verden har du købt mexikanske bønner på internet?
Mom, I have refried beans in my room! Where on earth did you buy refried beans on the internet?

Kelli:, selvfølgelig! Nu, kan vi tjekke min list at se hvis alting har ankommet?, of course! Now can we please check my list to see if everything arrived?

Ja, men kan jeg venglist se din "Nights in Rodanthe" dvd før jeg bringer til dig?
Yes, but can I please watch your "Nights in Rodanthe" dvd before I bring it to you?

Ok, så længe som du lover at se det med mig igen når du er i Danmark og du ikke glemme at bringe mine mexikanske bønner!
Ok, as long as you promise to watch it again with me while you are in Denmark and you don´t forget to bring my refried beans! er VIDUNDERLIG. Det har alting at Danmark har ikke (eller at koster 3 gange mere i Danmark!) Jeg elsker!! Og jeg elsker min leveringspige også!!! is WONDERFUL. It has everything that Denmark does not (or that cost 3x the price in Denmark like printer ink!) I HEART!! And I love my delivery girl too!!!


Skogkjerring said...

You are so lucky to have someone who comes over on a regular enough basis to bring you your goods...whatever will you do the day Jess can't come over for a long time because of work and her own kids? Well, enjoy it while you can- UGGS makes rainboots? I've only seen the non-gummi UGGS and those just won't do in such a wet place as we are in now...I'll have to check it out!!! And a final note- refried beans- YUCK!!!!
Have a great Friday- TGIF!!!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Amy--Are you kidding? UGGs makes EVERYTHING!! LOL. And they are soooo comfy and soooo cute! And about Jess--my plan is that it will be a long time before she has the "work and kids" worry and by then I am sure I will have created my own import business! LOL

Anonymous said...

You're definitely a lucky girl! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL! Will Jesse be renting a container for all that stuff?

Tara said...

I will trade you one of my mini muffin pans for some "Snore Relief" Does it really work???

Stephanie said...

yes, I agree with all your purchases EXCEPT Nights in Rodanthe. They showed that on the plane over here and I thought it was quite boring. I read the book too - not one of Sparks' best works. But I LOVE Nicholas Sparks other books! Tell me what you think!

Webmaster said...

Hey Kelli.

I don't know what I would do without Amazon either...even though I am in America!

I wonder if "Nights in Rodanthe" is any good? Well, I know that you are a big fan of Mr. Sparks so I hope you won't be dissapointed.

Take care and have a great weekend ;-)

Anonymous said...

Snore releif. Are you sure it wasn't you who ordered that for Mads. You are the one have to hear him snoring. :-)

C and H Romenesko said...

Too funny. First, several things on your list are also on my list. Have you read Nights in Rodanthe? Good book. Let me know how the movie is. Why oh why can't they have refried beans here...or at least a little cheaper than 2.67E in Germany. Those UGGS are so darn cute. I've thought about an import biz. I wonder how tough it is. I didn't see JIF on your list. DK PB just doesn't compare. I have to have JIF. mmm.

Nichole said...

The refried beans is hilarious!!
How many "jugs" of peanut butter will Jess be carrying with her this time?

Lisa said...

I must have those UGGs! Do they have different colors? Send me a link. Arghhh no refried beans!!!!! Trade offs I guess.... but seriously penicillin?

Anonymous said...

Interesting...I've never seen refried beans in a bag like that before. You can actually make refried beans really easy if you can find pinto beans or black beans. Basically, you just mash them, and cook them in a skillet with a little bit of vegetable oil and add any spices if you want them. I've done it before and it only takes about five minutes longer. Just a thought.

Mom said...

I hope Jess has room to bring her a few pieces of clothing. You have lost your mind. Maybe when you come in May, you can stock up.

Skogkjerring said...

Oh I'm so not with have to excuse your totally unfashionable friend here in Norway...I wouldn't know fashion if it hit me in the face!!! If I created an import business I'd be my number one customer...hahahaha..

BABS said...

Amy: "whatever will you do the day Jess can't come over for a long time because of work and her own kids?"

LOL, erm, you rained on about seven parades there, and all at once!!!

Kelli: Mini muffins!!!!! I totally get it.

A girl can never have enough rain boots. I cherish my Dunlop ones.

HOLMES said...

Oh, Lord, your mom's comment cracked me up.

You know who sells a great refried beans mix? TARGET. I'll have to send you some.