Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mysterium Løses ... Mystery Solved

Vi har mange svingårde i Danmark.
Svingårde har mange svin.
Svin laver meget "poop".
Lastbiler ligesom denne kører omkring Danmark (især nu til forår) til svingårdene og "pumper ud poop".
Den første gang så jeg en lastbil ligesom denne, LUGTEDE jeg det før jeg så det!
Kan du forestille dig at nogen tjener penge af SVIN-POOP??!!
"Svin-penge" er ikke lige om baconen!
Synes du at det er så sjov at deltage i mine nye opdagelser i Danmark?!

We have many pig farms in Denmark.
Pig farms have many pigs.
Pigs make a great deal of poop.
Trucks like this one drive around Denmark (especially now until spring) to all the pig farms and "pump out the poop".
The first time I saw a truck like this, I SMELLED it before I saw it!
Can you imagine that someone earns money off PIG POOP??!

"Pig money" is not just about the bacon!
Don´t you think it is so fun to participate in my discoveries about Denmark?!


Anonymous said...

Ah - the pig poop sucking truck!! Still, can't smell as bad as the trucks that empty human poo here in the countryside...

Skogkjerring said...

Gross..hahahaha....they have these green barrel looking things they pull behind tractors here that spray poop on the ground for fertilization and they stink so badly- have never seen the big trucks that come and get the poop that isn't used...nasty...yeah, there is money to be made in every little nook and cranny...

BABS said...

AArgh! Is it that time of year again already? Time to keep the kids inside and not hang any washing out. One of the greatest drawbacks about life in DK: the unholdy stench of industry.

I get physically sick when the Danes start with their pig pooping fun. The smell gives me headaches and nausea and dizziness, and I wish they would hurry up with finding a different way to make a billion kroner in taxes.

Just looking at that truck makes me want to cry.

Boo Hoo!

The only thing to do is to take trips to the coastal areas where the air is known to be clean and to stock up on lungfuls of healthy sea scent!

Is this your first pig poop season here?

United Studies said...

Of course I do, because it is just like re-living all of my experiences again! I always found it funny that Denmark is known for its pork, and they are one of the biggest producers of it in the world, yet you hardly saw any live pigs out and about.

Speaking of pork...our grocery store sold some imported Danish spare ribs last week, so we are going to make those soon on the grill!!!

KCLC said...

Can pig poop be used as fertilizer like cows? When I lived in Arkansas I lived right by a chicken farm. Thank goodness I was upwind!

HOLMES said...

I wouldn't care if those pigs stood on their hind legs and threw hoofloads of poop AT me... it's all about the bacon as far as I'm concerned.

Tara said...

Okay... I think I was the only one who mentioned "poop" in their answer. Does this mean I win? :)