Sunday, February 1, 2009

Skræmmende ... Scary

Jeg har få nye forklaringer af ordet "skræmmende".... alle med en forbindelse til mit hår!
I have a few new definitions for the word "scary"....all of which are related to my hair!

1. Mit hår har ikke haft ny farve siden den 6. september! SKRÆMMENDE!
1. My hair has not had new color since September 6th! SCARY!

2. Jeg betalt 880dkk på den 6. september for mit hår, hvilket er MERE PENGE end Mads betalt for 2 rundtur billeter til London for min fødselsdag gave. (Sidste år gave han til mig en tur til nogen steder i Europa men jeg ikke har brugt gaven endnu! Vi rejser til London under påskeferie.)
I stedet for 880dkk, betalt jeg kun 69dkk for denne pakke "hår farve" i går! SKRÆMMENDE!

2. I paid 880 kroner on September 6th for my hair which is MORE MONEY than Mads paid for 2 roundtrip tickets to London for my birthday present. (Last year he gave me a trip to anywhere in Europe but I have not used it yet! We are going to London the week of Easter!)
Instead of 880kroner, I paid only 69kroner for this box of hair color i går! SCARY!
3. Instruktionerne er på 4 sprog---dansk, norsk, svensk og finsk men ikke engelsk! SKRÆMMENDE!
3. The instructions came in 4 languages--Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish, but not English! SCARY!
4. Min mand som har IKKE hår læste instruktioner til mig! SKRÆMMENDE!
4. My husband who has NO hair read the instructions to me! SCARY!
5. Jeg har nu samme hår farve at jeg havde før jeg begyndte at gemme mine grå hår i 1998. SKRAMMENDE! Mads sagde at han kan lide hans "ny" kone! "Godt svar, hr. Nørgaard!"
5. I now have the same hair color that I had before I started covering my gray in 1998. SCARY! Mads said he likes his "new" wife! "Good answer, Mr. Nørgaard!"

Jeg er sikker på at jeg vil gerne rejse omkring verden og betaler 69dkk på hår farve i stedet for sidder hjem og betaler 880dkk på hår farve! Plus---nu, går mit hår og mine øjenbryn faktisk sammen!

I am certain that I would much rather travel the world and pay 69 kroner for hair color instead of sitting at home and paying 880kroner on hair color! Plus---now my hair and my eyebrows actually match!


Archaeogoddess said...

The cost of getting your hair done in Denmark is madness I tell you! Is hairdressing school so expensive that they have to raise the prices to pay back years of high interest SU loans? Or is it the cost of the scissors?

Unknown said...

Welcome to the club.... I refuse to pay that kind of money...I like you, would rather travel!

Looks good!

HOLMES said...

Your hair looks good! Maybe I'll start coloring my own, too. EC is expensive!

Skogkjerring said...

You look great Kelli!!! As well as you read Danish I'm sure it wasn't a problem for you to read the hair colour instructions. I colour my own hair also, ridiculous to pay so much for a hair stylist to do it and as often as it must be done..I'd never travel anywhere. Your decision to travel instead of paying a hair stylist is a wise one..
London at Easter!!! LUCKY DUCK!!!!

Gutsy Living said...

Your husband looks so kind helping you with the instructions. My husband used to brush my roots for me, but after ten years, I decided on starting weaves, as I had bleached my hair to the point of destruction. Your color looks very natural. GREAT JOB!

C and H Romenesko said...

880dkk. I thought haircuts were expensive, little did I know that haircoloring was too. Rather than pay a fortune to get it cut, I'm letting it grow...almost long enough to donate...maybe the June trip to the US. Hope you had fun in Flensburg!

Nichole said...

Cute! I like!

People nearly have a heart attack when I tell them I was spending 120ish dollars (660dkk) for just a cut. The 45 I will spend here sounds like its a steal!

Have fun in London. :)

Anonymous said...

Great colour! I definitely agree with u. Better save the money for travelling!

BABS said...

Your new look is simply gorgeous! Very glossy and healthy looking and you look about 26 years old.

The important thing is to have a good hair cut (I think) and then we can get away with home colours.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You remind me of myself a year ago, when I went brown. It took me a while to get used to it and I eventually caved in and slowly went back to blonde...but I'm with you, I'd save the money for travelling!

I think your hair looks great! What did Albert think?

Anonymous said...

You look great! And it IS scary how much hairstyling costs in Scandinavia!!

Unknown said...

"Instead of 880kroner, I paid only 69kroner for this box of hair color i går! SCARY!"

No, what's scary is when you've been in Denmark so long you start to write and speak broken English :-)

Anonymous said... can try my trick and get your hair done in every country you travel to! Just bring a picture along to enable non-verbal communication in case you and your stylist don't share a language:)


EKinDK said...

absolutely beautiful, kelli. it really brings out your eyes! keep it!!!

KCLC said...

It's funny that you wrote this because I myself am having scary dilemmas about my hair and was planning on writng a blog about it.

The color looks really nice and I have got to post a pic up of my sister, because I think ya'll look very similar. Which is good because I think my little sister is beautiful!