Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biler og cykler .... Cars and bikes

Jeg har skiftet så meget om måden at jeg kører siden jeg kom til Danmark. Men en ting at jeg er stadig bange for er menneskerne som cykler på "country" veje. Især når vejr er mørkt og tåget. Jeg bekymrer at jeg vil ikke give dem god nok "rum" som jeg kører ved siden dem! (Bemærk: Jeg er sikker på at de er bange for amerikanskerne som kører og tager billeder i samme tid!) Denne uges plan--Mads lærer Jess hvordan at køre en "stick"!! Jeg er sikker på at hun vil være en bedre elev end jeg var for Shelly!! :o) Billeder vil kommer efter lektion, selvfølgelig!!

I have changed so much about the way I drive since I moved to Denmark, but one thing that still scares me to death are the people who bike on the country roads. Especially when the days are dark and foggy. I worry so much that I will not give them enough room when I pass them! (Note: I am sure they are scared about the Americans who drive and take pictures at the same time!) This week´s plan--Mads teaches Jess how to drive a stick!! I am sure she will be a better student than I was for Shelly! Pictures will follow the lesson, of course!


Anonymous said...

The good thing about driving a stick is that it's still more fuel economic than driving automatic gears. So just think of that you are more enviromental friendly when you drive a stick.

Anonymous said...

You don't have any SNOW on your roads! Here we are in day 2 of a blizzard... Please tell me that cyclist is wearing a helmet!

Driving a stick - is there any other way to drive? ;-)

Caution/Lisa said...

So all this time I've been reading your blog and thinking how nice it is that you're close to your sister. NOW I learn that she's your daughter! Honestly, she's a beauty. Have a wonderful visit.

BABS said...

Hoorah for Jess arriving :)

Re: cyclists in DK, they are a hardy breed and move about the roads with confidence, I think it helps that they are a force to be reckoned with.

It IS really important to be cautious around them because they will just suddenly veer off at a tangent if they feel like it, and they do feel they have right of way, even in many circumstances when they do not.

I have been run over by many a cyclist in my time, and had one plough into my baby carriage too, they simply won't stop even in the face of imminent death. It is the law in Denmark ;)

A close friend recently ran over a cyclist in her car, and it was a terrible thing, she felt the cyclist came out of nowhere at top speed, and the cyclist felt that the car was in the wrong place altogether.

Either way, it pays to be very timid on the roads where cyclists are. I like the way people drive in Denmark, they are generally careful and calm.

LOL, I save all my positive observations about DK for your comment strip Kelli!!!

Skogkjerring said...

At least you have dividers in the road..here the roads are so small that you don't know which is your side or the other car's side...and you share this with people who walk and ride bikes...apparently you are suppose to slow down behind bikers or walkers if you meet another car...I sometimes forget that and just gas up and get around them- narrowly missing the car coming in the opposite direction...I'm such a CRAZY driver!!!!
If Jess learns to drive stick she will never want to go back to automatic...it's MUCH more fun with stick...

HOLMES said...

You were a great student! It only took you five minutes to learn how to drive my car!