Sunday, March 1, 2009

Coming to America

Mads´s yndlingsfilm er "Coming to America" fra 1988 og han har set det mange gange.
"Coming to America" er også yndlingsfilmen af Kenneth og Allan (Mads´s venner at vi så DAD med sidste weekend). Sidste august rejste vi til Luxembourg med Kenneth og hans kæreste, Christina for at besøge Allan og hans kone, Marianne. Jeg lærte på denne tur at alle 3 mænd er faktisk tre drenge når de er sammen! De har mange sjove hukommelser sammen, men ingenting er så sjov som lytning til dem SIGER HVERT ORD fra "Coming to America". Jeg er FRA Amerika og jeg kender ikke filmen så godt som de kender det!

Mads´ favorite movie is "Coming to America" from 1988 and he has seen it so many times. "Coming to America" is also the favorite movie of Kenneth and Allan (Mads´ good friends that we saw DAD with last weekend). This past August we traveled to Luxembourg wtih Kennth and his girlfriend, Christina to visit Allan and his wife, Marianne. I learned on this trip that all three men are actually 3 boys when they are together! They have many fun memories together but nothing is quite as fun as listening to them SAY EVERY LINE from "Coming to America". I am FROM America and I do not know the movie as well as they do !

Da vi planlagde at være sammen for DAD weekend, bestemmede jeg at jeg ville at se filmen igen og "øve mig" før koncerten så jeg ville være KLAR for dem! Kenneth hed dette min "QCTA træning" (Quoting Coming to America) så i stedet for motionerer hos vores fitnesscentre, set jeg filmen! Og jeg indrommer... DET ER UTROLIGT SJOVT. Jeg grinede så meget og skrev notater imens jeg set det. Men jeg var stadig så godt som drengene... måske næste gang....

When we planned to be together for DAD weekend, I decided that I wanted to see the movie again and "practice" befor the concert so I would be READY for them! Kennth called this my "QCTA TRAINING" (Quoting Coming to America) so instead of exercising at the gym that week, I watched the movie! And I admit... IT IS INCREDIBLY FUNNY! I laughed so much and wrote notes while I watched the film. But I still was not as good at it as the boys.....maybe next time...

Nu hvor vil tale om "Coming to America", har jeg nyheder! Mads og jeg vil tage til Amerika den 27. maj (til den 5. juni)!!

Oh and speaking of "Coming to America", I have news! Mads and I are coming to America May 27 (through June 5)!!


Anonymous said...

A classic!

For my favorite quotes, it's a tie between:

"Good morning my people!"


"The royal penis is clean."

Tough one.

HOLMES said...

One of my favorite movies as well. I love how excited that landlord gets when Eddie Murphy gives him their apartment that has a hot tub and neon signs in it. Classy!

Nichole said...

I can totally see you sitting there, pen in paper in hand, and taking notes on the movie. cute.

KCLC said...

Awwww to listen to Sexual Chocolate while barking like a dog...arf! arf! arf!...or perhaps a big dog...WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!

That is a " Never Gets Old Movie"!

A movie the hubby and I now have fun quoting is Nachooooo Libre.

And the one my brother and I do is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Laughing really is the best medicine.

Anonymous said...

Coming to America is hilarious! And Eddie Murphy plays lots of different parts!

So - how come you are going to the US for a short trip? Business or pleasure?

MoMo 2.0 said...

Hi Lady Fi-- We are going for Jess´ graduation ceremony...her official ceremony that starts her university career!!!

Anonymous said...

I am that way with The Three Amigos. I can quote almost every line in it, but I do know a few from CTA...

I love the greasy boyfriend and his soul glow parents...especially when they are all sitting on the sofa and get up and there are wet spots on the fabric from their hair.

I miss Arsenio Hall. He was so great in that movie too.