Saturday, March 21, 2009

Den grøn pige .... The green girl

Husker du denne blog? / Do you remember this blog post?

Jeg har virkelig ændret hvor jeg ser verden siden jeg flyttede til Danmark. Jeg plejede at tænke at Al Gore var lige en pjattet "tree hugger" men nu, ønsker jeg at de amerikanske befolkning har lyttet mere til ham!

I have really changed how I see the world since I moved to Denmark. I used to think that Al Gore was just a silly tree hugger, but now, I wish that the American people had listened to him more!

Mange af andringerne at jeg har lavet er ting at jeg har fortalt Jess som måde hun kan spare penge på sin el regning OG bliver grøn. For eksempel-- Mest mennesker har deres mobil oplader i stikket hele tid men ved du hvor meget energi det bruger (og spilder!)?! MEGET!!!

Many of the changes that I have made are things that I have also told Jess about as ways to help her save money on her electric bill AND be green. For example--Most people leave their cell phone charger plugged in all the time, even when their phone is not plugged in, but do you know how much energy that uses (and wastes!)?! LOTS!

Mads og jeg prøver at blive så grøn som mulig og siden vejret er ikke så koldt i Herning nu, cykler jeg på arbejde nåsten hver dag! Kan du tro det?!? Alle som kender mig bedst læser dette, jeg er sikker på, med deres munde åben i chock! Så jeg bestemmede at du har brug for bevist-- sådan har jeg 2 ting at vise dig!

Mads and I try to be as green as possible and since the weather is not so cold these days in Herning, I am biking to work almost everyday! Can you believe it?!? Everyone that knows me best is reading this, I am certain with their mouths open in shock! So I decided that you need proof---so I have 2 things to show you!

I onsdags morgen kl. 7.30, klar til arbejde! /
Wednesday morning at 730am, ready for work!
En sms at jeg modtog fra Monica i torsdags eftermiddag /
A text that I received from Monica on Thursday afternoon

Jeg er ikke så speciel lige fordi jeg cykler på arbejde... fordi ALLE (inklusiv 80 år gammel bedsteforældre) cykler her! I stedet for, mærker jeg ligesom jeg bliver "en del af Danmark" lidt mere hver gang jeg gør det. Og det føler rigtigt godt!

I am not anything special just because I am biking to work... since EVERYONE (including 80 year old grandparents) does it here! Instead I feel like I am becoming a little more of a "part of Denmark" each time I do it. And it feels great!


Anonymous said...

That's great Kelli. I'm also thinking to get a bike too now that I think the bus card price is getting more and more expensive.

Btw I have the same laptop bag too!! :D

Ellen and Sharon said...

When Sharon saw the picture of Kelli all ready for work, all she could say was,"Oh, Kelli, your poor shoulder!" She is living proof that you can wear out your shoulder.

HOLMES said...

I wish biking places would catch on around here like it has in Austin. But around here, you get honked at and flipped off and other drivers get impatient with you. At least Denmark has embraced bikers by giving them specific lanes to drive in... I'd be too scared to bike here, even in Van Alstyne.

Something we did that has saved us several hundred dollars just in the past 12 months is put extra insulation in our attic. This has shaved about 30-40% from our electric bills. We were stunned.

Tara said...

:) Good Job!! I'm very proud of you!

Put a bike helmet on. :) Even if it doesn't match your outfit!

Love the picture of the SMS!!

Skogkjerring said...

You are truly an inspiration Kelli!! I'm going to follow your ways and walk or bike to work also once the snow is gone from the roads completely. Still some lying around..Of course the day I have a 7 o'clock shift I won't be riding my bike or walking but I'll do it the other days...GO GREEN!!!! I think quite honestly you need like bike pants and that cool helmet like I see the bikers here have..all pointy in the you have a place to change at work so you can wear biking clothing and then change for work once you are there??
I'm still astounded that my family in the USA does not believe there is anything called global warming!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I read that Copenhagen is going to be totally green - the green capital of the world - very soon. Love it that Denmark is really investing in becoming truly environmentally friendly!

N said...

I love the colour of your bike! I can't wait to get my own.

United Studies said...

That is one thing I was never able to do in to work. I took the bus every day. But you look so cute!

The other day I saw a guy riding a bike here in town and I was shocked! You don't see that very often here in the US.

Rachel said...

Not too much longer and the sun will be rising before 7am, and I'll enjoy biking to work also. I can't wait!!

That's a great picture of you... I'm so happy for you, Kelli!