Thursday, March 5, 2009

Denne uges billede .... This week´s picture

Faktisk, er det måske "dette års billede" siden det er så sødt!
In fact, this just might be "this year´s pic" since it is so adorable!

Samtalen i bilen i lørdags / The conversation in the car on Saturday

Albert, har du sjov i hundeskoven i dag? /Albert, did you have fun in the dog forest today?

Selvfølgelig, mor. Jeg elsker at løbe i hundeskoven uden min snor! Og i dag var den bedste dag nogensinde fordi der var MERE SMÅ hunde end STORE hunde i dag!!!

Of course, mom. I love to run in the dog forest without my leash! And today was the best day ever because there were MORE LITTLE dogs than BIG dogs today!!

Jeg ved, skat. Sommetider er det ikke så sjov når du er den kun lille hund med alle de store hunde!
I know, sweetie. Sometimes it is not so fun when you are the only little dog with all those big ones!

Jeg ved hvad vil lave min dag MERE PERFEKT!
I know what will make my day MORE PERFECT!

Hvad? / What?

Hvis jeg kunne komme op der med dig og far. Selv om har jeg snavset fødder, vil jeg gerne sidde med jer!
If I could come up there with you and dad. Even though I have dirty feet, I would really like to come up there with y´all!


Anonymous said...

Oh Albert - you are too cute for words! My Oscar loves running free in the woods.. In fact, he is off the leash most of the time these days, although I do get cross when he runs and eats from the neighbour's compost heap!

BABS said...

Albert, you make my day!

Nichole said...

Awe, Albert. He is always such a cutie in every picture he takes.

PiNG aka Patti said...

But... but... BIG DOGS RULE!

Rachel said...

Albert deserves his own blog - lol
Great post, Kelli! :-)

Anonymous said... cute!

United Studies said...

He is so adorable! Just want to grab him up and snuggle with him.

Skogkjerring said...

The lionesses wonder if Albert wants to come to Norway and meet REAL women...not just those poodle types...hahahahaha...

Very cute baby..he looks like he is adapting to Scandinavian life very well!!! Is he able to communicate with other animals there yet?? Did you ever think about that- Albert speaks Texan and the dogs around him are Danish- do you think they understand each other??? Is smelling bums a universal language ya think??? hahahahha..
Have a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute peeping from the backseat like that :D