Saturday, March 28, 2009


Australien var først.... nu er det Danmarks tur.....og i seks timer er det Texas´s tur! Som jeg skriver denne blog, er vores lys slukket i hele hus og overalt Danmark.

Australia was first... now it is Denmark´s turn... and in six hours it will be Texas´ turn! As I write this blog, all the lights in our hours and all over Denmark are out!

EARTH HOUR er en begivenhed at minde verdens befolkning at hver beslutning vi laver i vores dagligt liv dage er enten "for verden" eller "imod verden". Alle at slukker deres lys i 60 minutter i dag repræsenterer en stemme "FOR VERDEN".

EARTH HOUR is an event across the globe to remind the world´s population that each decision we make in our daily lives is either "for the earth" or "against the earth". Everyone that turnes off their lights for 60 minutes today represents one vote "FOR EARTH".

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Earth Hour begyndte i Sydney i 2007 og havde 2.2 million mennesker fra. 30 forskellige lande som deltog. 50,000,000 deltog i 2008 og dette års mål er at have mere end 1 milliard mennesker deltager fra 64 lande.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007 and had around 2.2 million people from 30 different countries that participated. 50,000,000 participated in 2008 and this year´s goal is to have more than 1 billion people participate from 64 different countries.

Earth Hours begivenhed vil være en del af dette års klima konference som er i København!! Jeg synes at Earth Hour er et trin mere i vores GRØN RETNING!

The Earth Hour event will be a part of this year´s Global Climate Change Conference which will be held in Copenhagen! I think that Earth Hour is just one more step in our GREEN DIRECTION!


Skogkjerring said...

I was a little late, got home from taking the girls to each of their parties and when I finally saw the Earth Hour notices I turned off the lights.. ;-) Was with the last half hour at least.
It's past 930 now but the lights are still off- cozy with the candles..have a great saturday night!!!

Mom said...

1 hour until it is "lights out" in Texas. This seems like a small step to save the earth, but if everyone would participate, imagine what could happen. It's a good beginning.

Corinne said...

We got sucked into Top Gear and forgot until 9:25! So we turned out our lights and lit out candles and participated with everyone in the time zone behind us. :D Our little valley looked quite dark, it seemed a lot of people just kept their lights out and their candles on!

LadyFi said...

Not that many people on our street turned off their lights. However, all the main buildings in Sweden did.

Nichole said...

We played, but nothing around us did. :( The hotel we were staying at in Hong Kong had signs up all over that they would be participating. I thought that was pretty cool of them!

It was funny how all the candle light felt so hygge, something that is hard to recreate outside of Danish-land.