Saturday, March 14, 2009

Først fødselsdag i et nyt land.... 1st birthday in a new country

I vores familie er fødselsdager meget vigtig og vi altid fejrer sammen så jeg var en lidt bekymret om min første fødselsdag i Danmark A.K.A. min første fødselsdag IKKE i Texas. I går, fredag den 13. marts, blev jeg 39 år gammel og jeg kan sige ABSOLUT at min sidste 30erne fødselsdag og min første danskfødselsdag var perfekt!

Birthdays are very important in our family and we always celebrate them together so I was a little worried about my first birthday in Denmark AKA my first birthday NOT in Texas. Yesterday, on Friday March 13, I turned 39 and I can definitely say that my last 30s birthday and my first Danish birthday were perfect!

Fejringen begyndte i torsdags aften hos min veninde Monica. Hun inviterede os for "vin og ost så hun kunne møde Jess" men det var faktisk en lille fødselsdag fest for mig--med en SMAG gulerodskage og en "is kage fyld med kroner"! (Selvfølgelig, sad jeg og så det smelter og afsløre hvor mange kroner var indenfor!!)

The celebration began on Thursday night when my friend Monica invited us over so "she could meet Jess and we could have some wine and cheese" but it turned out to be a little birthday part for me-- complete with a DELICIOUS carrot cake and an "ice cake filled with kroner"!!! (of course, I sat and watched the ice melt so it would reveal how many kroner I had!!)

I fredags morgen vågnede op til en fødselsdagmorgenmad, lavede af Jess og et dejligt fødselsdagbord lavede af Mads! Efter morgenmad sendte de mig til frisøren imens de lavede alting klar for festen i aften. (Billeder vil komme!) Jeg modtog mere end 50 fødselsdag hilsner på Facebook, opringninger fra min mor og far, min søster og min chef og jeg havde en hyggelig fest og aftensmad med min danske familie. Selv om jeg bor i et nyt land, er jeg glad at sige at min første fødselsdag i Danmark var rigtig god!

On Friday morning I woke up to a birthday breakfast made by Jess and a lovely birthday table made by Mads! After breakfast they sent me to the salon while they made everything ready for the party that night. (Pictures coming!) I received more than 50 birthday wishes on Facebook, phone calls from parents, my sister and my boss and I had a cozy party and dinner with my Danish family. Although I live in a new country, I am happy to say that my first birthday in Denmark was GREAT!!


Mom said...

I have to say it was difficult for your dad and I to know that you were not celebrating your birthday in Texas for the first time...but we are so glad that you had a wonderful day with your daughter and the love of your life. We can't wait to see you in May!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh - happy birthday! Sounds like you had great fun... And is that a Danish custom to make an ice cake with money inside? How intriguing!

Ellen and Sharon said...

We love the ice cake filled with kroner! How fun is that? It is so nice that Jess was there to help you celebrate. Hope your
39th year is a happy one!

HOLMES said...

Nice! I like the whole freezing money in a ring of ice thing. Sure do miss you, sister!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Kelli! I'm glad you enjoyed great birthday celebrations with your family & friends in Denmark.

Archaeogoddess said...

Happy Birthday Kelli! On my first birthday in Denmark I got the cake shaped like a person and I jumped about three feet in the air when we cut it's head off and everyone screamed. Too fun! I hadn't celebrated my birthday in years so it was nice to try it in a completely new way. A March birthday is great in Denmark - what a way to break up the dismal weather with a bit of hygge! Best wishes on your coming year!

KCLC said...

Heyyyyy...That cake is not holding 39 candles!!! :)
Happy Birthday !!!!

Cindy DG said...

Happy late birthday!
Dropping in to say hi from "blog around the world" I found your site there.