Sunday, March 22, 2009

Påske kommer .... Easter is coming

Hvordan ved jeg at påske kommer snart? Hos købmand, selvfølgelig!! Husker denne blog, da jeg lærte om Julebryg?!
Nu har jeg lært at vi også have PÅSKE ØL i Danmark!

How do I know that Easter will be here soon? At the grocery store, of course! Do you remember this blog when I learned about Christmas beer?
Now I have learned that we also have EASTER BEER in Denmark!

Jeg huskede at Mads var så spændt dagen at Julebryg ankom hos købmand og siden havde han en meget svær uge, bestemmede jeg at overraske ham med hans egen påskeøl denne weekend! Han var meget lykkelig med min beslutning!

I remembered how excited Mads got the day that the Christmas beer arrived in the grocery stores and since he had a really rough week, I decided to surprise him with his own Easter beer this weekend. He was quite happy with my decision!

Jeg undrer mig hvilke andre slags øl har vi i Danmark? Har vi Mors dag øl? Eller Grundlov øl? Du kan være sikker på at hvis jeg opdager andre "ferie øl", vil jeg fortælle alle fordi jeg tager mit ansvar at undervise verden om Danmark meget alvorligt!! :o)

I wonder what other types of beer we have in Denmark? Do we have Mother´s day beer? Or Constitution Day beer? You can be sure that as I discover more new types of "holiday beer", I will tell everyone because I take my responsibility to educate the world about Denmark very seriously!! :o)


HOLMES said...

I'll bet I could make a bunch of money if I started selling Spring Break Beer, TAKS Beer, Last Day of School Beer, and Your Grades Are Due Tomorrow Beer to teachers.

Gutsy Living said...

I remember juleol and paskeol. I think Sam Adams in the US does a special kind of Winter beer and summer beer.

journeyinfinite said...

Ha! Mother's Day beer just might catch on!

Have you told Mads about St. Patty's Day's green beer? I was in Philly for St Pat's and I saw that!

United Studies said...

I do feel sorry for Peter when it comes to Danish beer. He misses all the special brews. We are able to get some over here at specialty shops, but those are terribly expensive.

Ellen and Sharon said...

Kelli, is it the same beer with just a different label? We were just wondering.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I love Shelly´s ideas!! And yes, the beers are all unique... each one is a bit different. And there are SO many varieties. I like the Tuborg Christmas beer so much and thought it must have something LIKE IT that I can buy other times of the year, but NO... just for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

We have Christmas and Easter beer here too! Wish they would invent Get-brainy beer or Lose-weight beer too!

Anonymous said...

@Ellen and Sharon
It's not the same beer as regular beer. Christmas beer and Easter beer are only brewed at those seasons and they are different from each other too.
They are both a bit stronger and much darker than regular Danish beers like Tuborg and Carslberg