Thursday, March 12, 2009

Søde øjeblikke... Precious moments

Jess har været i Danmark mange gang før men denne tur har været den mest sød. Jeg tror at det er fordi jeg indser mere og mere at min lille pige har vokset op. Vi har lavet så mange plan igennem de sidste få måneder for at blive hende klar at flytte ud på sin egen i sommer. I august begynder hun college og vil bo i hendes egen lejlighed i Bryan Texas. Vi har lavet hendes budget, valgte hvilket lejlighed at leje, og indkøbte for mange ting at hun har brug for i hendes lejlighed. Og vi har skrevet en list af "hus ting" at vi vil købe og at hendes bofælles Kayla vil købe. Jeg kan ikke tro at i mindre end 5 måneder, vil Jess bo på sin egen!!

Jess has been in Denmark many times before, but this trip has been the most precious. I believe that it is because I realize more and more that my little girl has grown up. We have made so many plans throughout the last several months to get her ready to move out on her own this summer. In August she will start college and will live in her own apartment in Bryan, Texas. We have made her budget, chosen which apartment complex she will move into and bought things for her apartment. We have also made a list of all the household things we will buy and the things that Kayla, her roommate, will buy. I cannot believe that in less than five months, she will be living on her own!

Hun vil gå i skole hos Blinn College for 2 år og vil overføre til Texas A&M sit trejde år. Vi har snakket om hendes plan for at blive enten advokat for teenagers eller "addictions" rådgiver for teenagers men hun kan ikke bestemme den rigtig vej endnu. Hun har en lidenskab og hjerte for at hjælp teenagers og bliver nogen at kan forstå deres problemer og jeg er sikker på at enten job vil være heldig at have Jess. Mads and jeg vil besøge Blinn med Jess i juni når vi rejser til Texas og vi er så spændt at købe vores egen "BLINN tshirts" at have i Danmark!!

She will go to school at Blinn College for her first two years and then will transfer to Texas A&M her third year. We have talked about her plans to either become a juvenile defense attorney or an addictions counselor for teens but she cannot decide which is the right path just yet. She has such a passion and a heart for teens and wants to be someone who can understand and help them with their problems and I am certain that either field would be lucky to have Jess. Mads and I will visit Blinn with Jess in June when we travel to Texas and we are so excited to buy our very own BLINN Tshirts that we can wear in Denmark!!


Anonymous said...

Love that photo of Jess - and what a heart she has!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful daughter... Enjoy your time together!

Skogkjerring said...

She is simply gorgeous, if neither of her dream career's work out she could always be a model!! :-)) My dad would love for Sarah to go to Texas A&M veterinary school. I feel for you Kelli, it's not easy to let go of your baby, but you've done such a great job of raising her, you shouldn't worry at all...she is going to do fine!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi again! I'm in charge of the next blog carnival for ex-pats. Do you have a suitable post about your life in Denmark that I can feature? Please send me the link!

KCLC said...

Laying on the floor kicking and screaming)....Its not fair for one to be SO smart and beautiful at the same time!!!!!!
But what do you expect with her DNA...and the fact that she is from TEXAS!!!
Oh! My hubby and I will be down in Texas in June also. Not too far from where you and Mads will be. Of course we will be at my moms side family reunion.....( It is then when I question how I can possibly have the same DNA as some of those people.....LOL)

Ellen and Sharon said...

Oh, oh, it is so hard to let go. She will be fine, but will Mom? We are certain that you will, also. Good luck to Jess. These are such exciting times for you all.

Kevin said...

What a fabulous job you've done as a mom, Kelli. No matter which job she ultimately chooses, she will be a true asset to society. You raised her right!

That Blinn t-shirt is totally cool.

Rachel said...

I'm glad you're able to enjoy Jess' visit and help her get ready for her new place. I'm sure she'll be cool in her new place with some Danish decor.

Great pic of her - she looks so happy & you must be so proud! :-)