Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At være??? To be???

Kender du hvem det er?
Do you know who this is?

Kender du hvor det ligger og hvad det er navnet?
Do you know where this is and what the name of it is?

Og mere vigtigt----kender du hvem det er?!
And more importantly---do you know who this is?!

Og mest vigtigt--ved du hvor Mads og jeg vil være på den 28. august?
And most importantly--do you know where Mads and I will be on August 28?

(på dansk/only in Danish, sorry!)

Jude Law kommer til landet til sommer for at spille hovedrulle i Shakespeare´s Hamlet. Hvor vil han spille? Hamlets Kronborg Slot, Selvfølgelig! Og hvem vil være der at se det? Mads og Kelli Nørgaard!

Jude Law is coming to Denmark this summer to play the lead role in Shakespeare´s Hamlet. And where will be performing? Hamlet´s Kronborg Castle, of course! And who will be there to watch it? Mads and Kelli Nørgaard!

Jeg læste Hamlet som en elev...jeg underviste Hamlet som en lære... jeg havde lærer som lavdede en Hamlet "film festival" da jeg var en skoleinspektør og nu vil jeg opleve Hamlet i "hans eget slot i hans eget land!" Og som om dette er ikke spændt nok..... JUDE LAW SPILLER HAMLET! :o)
I read Hamlet as a student... I taught Hamlet as a teacher ... I had a teacher who held a Hamlet Film Festival when I was a principal and now I will experience Hamlet "in his own castle in his own country!" And as if that is not exciting enough.... JUDE LAW IS PLAYING HAMLET! :o)


N said...

That's exciting! How much are the tickets?

LadyFi said...

WOW! I'm green with envy! You lucky thing! Who will be playing Ophelia?

Paula said...

Hey, hey hey...details! What do you mean you are 'watching' Jude Law perform Hamlet? How does one get to see that. Im interested!

Webmaster said...

JA, så det på Politikens hjemmeside i går - sikke et scoop! Jeg har altid gerne ville opleve Hamlet blive opført på Kronborg...men jeg rejser tilbage d.23!!! Kan du ikke filme det med dit kamera??? Jeg er så misundelig ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

In Hamlet the Kronborg Castle was named Helsinore instead of it's real name Kronborg.
Helsinore is actually the English name for Helsingør which is the town where Krobrog Castle is located.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Tix were about 350kr each.... you have to arrive early as you are sitting on the grass and it is first come, first served. I think it runs from Tuesday to Sunday--we are going on the Friday night since we have to drive to CPH. And I have no clue who is playing anyone else.... I sort of focused on the JUDE LAW part of the announcement!!!! :o)

Paula-tell Thomas you want tickets for your birthday!!! we could have a double date!

Anonymous said...

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

KCLC said...

Your are so lucky !!! Tell Jude I said "hi" and that he left his watch on my nightstand. ;P

To answer to your questions , I do have a facebook page. My name is under Kimberly Leathers.

We will be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. ( Euless) for a couple of days, then driving over to the Shreveport/Bossier City area. Even though I live in the US I havnt seen my family in a year and half so I am excited. Plus many of my family members are meeting Andreas for the very first time. ( He is so nervous)

And off topic ~ I read your blog about the smart cars. We have a few running around our neighborhood,and they are really neat. And while they are small they are bigger than what I thought.

HOLMES said...

We read this my senior year of high school. All I remember was Ophelia drowning.

I'm excited you get to see a flaming HOT Hamlet, though.... very nice!

journeyinfinite said...

You guys win -- this IS the coolest thing ever!

Anonymous said...

Steal his underwear for me will you?

He is so so scalding HOT! Enjoy the performance you lucky girl!

LJensen said...

I saw Val Killmer play Hamlet at the Colorado Shakespear festival in Boulder back in...', 88 It was out doors too, But it is cool to see it in the "original setting"