Monday, April 20, 2009

En "tagfat" fra Norge.... A "tag" from Norway

TAGFAT...Tressa (anden Texas pige som bor i Scandinavia) fra An American in Norway gav en "tagfat" til mig med emne "5 Ting at jeg elsker som en mor." Men kun 5?

TAG... Tressa (another Texas girl living in Scandinavia) from An American in Norway tagged me on the subject of "5 Things I love about being a mom." But only 5?

1. Så Jess forbederer at begynde på universitet i august, elsker jeg at jeg får muligheden at se hende arbejder imod en levevej som er "om andre mennesker" fordi det minder mig om hendes beskaffendhed.

1. As Jess prepares to begin the university in August, I love that I get the opportunity to watch her work toward a career that is "about other people" because it reminds me of her character.

2. Jeg elsker at vi er "i synk" med hinanden så meget at selvom Atlantic Hav stå imellem os nu, ved jeg når hun har brug for mig....og hun ved når jeg har brug for hende. En sms kommer ofte tilfældigt tid men de er ALTID ret tid!

2. I love how "in sync" we are with each other and that even though the Atlantic Ocean is in between us right now, I know when she needs me...and she knows when I need her. A text often comes at the most random times, but they are ALWAYS at the right time.

3. Hun inspirerer mig med HENDES UAFHÆNGIGHED og måden at hun holder ved hvad hun tror på selvom alle andre tror noget forskellig.

3. She inspires me with HER INDEPENDENCE and the way that she stands up for what she believes even though she may be the only one that believes that.

4. Jeg elsker at når jeg ser ind hendes nøddebrune øjne, ser jeg hendes hjerte.

4. I love that when I look in her hazel eyes, I see her heart. ´

5. Men tingen at jeg elsker FLESTE som Jess´s mor er--- Jeg er heldig nok at være hendes veninde også. Hver mor skulle håbe for dette.

5. But the thing I love the MOST about being Jess´ mom is-- I am lucky enough to be her friend too. Each mom should hope for that.


Unknown said...

Ahhhh... Y'all are so cute..I know how proud you are of her! Thanks for playing!

Caution/Lisa said...

THAT is sweet and she's a beauty. Love her revolving color, too!

LadyFi said...

So touching! I hope that I am friends with my kids when they grow up!

HOLMES said...

How did you not burst into tears while you were writing this post? I did!

journeyinfinite said...

Very nice post about a very nice girl!

Skogkjerring said...

I've noticed the special bond you have with Jess but it's also really nice to read about it also. You are both lucky to have each other and the relationship you have..

nettielouise said...

Y'all are even cooler than the Gillmore Girls!

David said...

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