Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flere London ... More London

3 dage er ikke nok! Men 3 dage er perfekt for en først tur til London så du er klar for din næste tur!! Og JA.... vi VIL få anden tur derovre! Så meget at se.... så meget at opleve! Og har jeg nævnt ..... Menneskerne i London er SÅ HØFLIGE og VENLIGE!!

3 days is not enough! But 3 days is perfect for a first trip to London so you are ready for your next trip! And YES....we WILL have another trip over there! So much to see... so much to experience! And have I mentioned... The people in London are SO POLITE and NICE!!

Vores hotel lå langs ved Thames Å så vi gik kun få fodspor til Big Ben og House of Parliment.

Our hotel was along the Thames River so we only had to walk a few footsteps to Big Ben and the House of Parliament.

St. Pauls Domkirke....anden største domkirke i verden. Vi besøgte den på god fredag og lærte en forbløffende historie om kirken. Under Anden verdenskrig ramte en bombe i midten af St. Pauls men det eksploderede ikke! Mennesker tog sikert bomben ud af St. Pauls og flyttede det til Londons Hackney.... hvor bomben eksploderede! St. Pauls overlevede!

St. Paul´s Cathedral...the world´s 2nd largest cathedral. We visited it on Good Friday and learned an amazing story about the church. During WWII a live bomb was dropped in the middle of the cathedral, but it did not explode. People carefully took the bomb out of St. Paul´s and moved it to the London Borough of Hackney ....where the bomb exploded! St. Paul´s survived!

Himmel på jorden.... Ok, måske ikke himmel.... men den BEDSTE butik at jeg nogensinde besøgte...HARRODS! Harrods HAR ALTING inklusiv dens egen bank, rejsebutik, brillerbutik, møbler, frisk mad, personligeshoppers, håndlavet slik, mange restaurants, og selvfølgelig, TØJ, SKO og TASKER! Men i stedet for en "klaver mand" ligesom Nordstroms.... Harrods har en OPERA SYNGER som stemme kan være hørt fra den første niveau til toppen! Du har brug for DAGE at se alting i Harrods! Og jeg kan ikke vente at bringe Jess her!

Heaven on earth... Ok, maybe not heaven, but the GREATEST store I have ever visited....HARRODS! Harrods has EVERYTHING including its own bank, travel agency, glasses repair shop, furniture, fresh food, personal shoppers, handmade candy, several restaurants and of course, CLOTHES, SHOES AND HANDBAGS! But instead of a "piano man" like Nordstrom´s, Harrods has an OPERA SINGER whose voice can be heard from the first floor all the way to the top! You need DAYS to see everything in Harrod´s! And I cannot wait to bring Jess here!

Ved du at manden som ejer Harrods var faren til prinsess Dianas kæreste? Husk, at han blev også slået ihjel i bilulykke med Diana? En memorial til dem står i Harrods.

Did you know that the man who owns Harrods was the father to Princess Diana´s boyfriend? Remember that he was also killed in the traffic accident with Diana? A memorial to them stands in Harrod´s.

Min yndlings "pige"film er Notting Hill og faktisk kan jeg sige hver linje fra filmen fordi jeg har set det så mange gange. ;o) (Det er ikke så sjov at se filmen med mig! LOL) Jeg var så SPÆNDT da vi gik ud fra undergrundtog i Notting Hill station fordi jeg ville at gå på gaden som hedder Portabello Road, imens jeg så efter "den blå dør" og den "rejse bog butik"! Mads var meget tålmodig imens vi gik i regnen!!

My favorite chick flick is
Notting Hill and in fact, I can quote just about every line from the movie because I have seen it so many times. ;o) (And it is not so fun to watch it with me! LOL) I was SO EXCITED when we walked up from the underground train station of Notting Hill because I wanted to walk along the street called Portabello Road while I looked for "the blue door" and the "travel book shop"! Mads was so patient while we walked in the rain!!

En rejse bog butik MED en blå dør! Den næste bedste ting! Hvis vi flytter til London, synes jeg at vil gerne bor i Notting Hill fordi den er en dejlig lille by tæt på til London uden stor by trafik og lyd!

A travel book shop WITH a blue door! The next best thing! If we ever move to London, I think that I would like to live in Notting Hill because it is a precious little town, close to London without big city traffic and noise!

En populær pub som var navnet for en gammel måde af straf for forræder i England! Læs om det her!

A popular pub named after an old form of punishment for traitors in England! Read about it

Buckingham Slot... og flaget var oppe som betyder at Dronning Elizabeth var hjemme! Men jeg var lidt skuffet fordi du kan ikke gå tæt til slottet ligesom du kan i Danmark... Et højt hegn står omkring slottet i London men i København, du kan gå MEGET TÆT til dronnings hjem!

Buckingham Palace... and the flag was up so Queen Elizabeth was home! But I was a little disappointed because you cannot walk close to the castle like you can in Denmark. A very high fence stands around the castle in London but in Copenhagen, you can walk VERY CLOSE to the queen´s home!

Tower af London-- Det har været en slot, et fængsel og en fæstning. Lige nu, har Tower af London har en stor fremvisning af Henry VIIIs rustning. Og når jeg sige "stor", betyder jeg "STOR" fordi han var en STOR MAND!!!

Tower of London--It has been a castle, a prison and a fortress. Right now the Tower of London has a large display of Henry VIII´s armour. And when I say "big", I mean "BIG" because he was a BIG MAN!!

Historien er at Tower af London altid har haft mange ravne som bor der. Og rygtet at hvis ravne flyver væk, vil tårnet falde såd e har bygget et specielt hjem til ravne så det flyver ikke væk. jeg er sikker at tårnets besøgender giver mad til fugler fordi disse er de største ravne at jeg har nogensiden set! Poe ville elske dem!

The story is that the Tower of London has always had many ravens that live there and the rumour is that if the ravens ever fly away, the tower will fall, so they have built a special habitat to keep the ravens there. I am quite certain that the Tower of London´s visitors must bring food to the birds quite often because these are the biggest ravens I have ever seen! Poe would love them!

Kelli og en Chai Te Latte.... Og vent! Jeg mente at sige: Kelli og London Eye!
Kelli and a Chai Tea Latte.... Og wait... I meant to say: Kelli and the London Eye!

En mere London blog kommer.....imens du venter.... Shop hos HARRODS på INTERNET!! ;o)

One more London blog is coming... while you wait...Shop online at HARRODS!! :o)


Bluefish said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures. How many cups of Starbucks did you consume during your trip?

Half-baked said...

Hi Kelli (I think I have commented before but not sure), you had a great trip to London, and did pretty much all my favourite things there!

The Notting Hill blue door isn't there any more sadly, it was auctioned off for charity years ago.

The way to tell if the Queen is in: if the Union Flag is flying, she's not in. If the Royal Standard is (lots of yellow lions on a red background, a harp on a blue background and a red lion rampant on yellow) then she is in.

Love visiting the Tower, and the Palace, and the London Eye! If your next blog post says you went to the Natural History Museum, you've been to all my favourite places.

Kel D said...

And when the bomb exploded in Hackney it caused £1,000,000 worth of improvements.

Corinne said...

Oh....Chai.... Is that a Starbucks cup?? I'm so jealous. My first order of business on landing in London (for my layover) is going to be Starbucks. I've decided, you've teased me with too many pictures!!!

LadyFi said...

I hope you went up on the London Eye! Must be a fantastic view from up there.

Loved your photos and stories from London... glad to hear that the proverbial rain didn't let you down... I mean, England without rain? Unheard of! ;-)

American in Norway said...

Looks like you had a blast! If you move to London can I go with you? I love London... sigh...
I tagged you over on my blog... hope you will play.

tina said...

Kelli that is awesome, what a great trip for you two! I have an aunt and cousins in London, the last time I was there was in 1997 so another trip is definately in order! At least I can be an armchair traveller!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad you & Mads had such a great time in London. You both look so happy!
That raven video was interesting... but let Albert know he could never be replaced in the posts. :-)

SH said...

Since you know Notting Hill intimately-- the guy who plays Spike (Rhys Ifans) is in Vanity Fair, one of my favorite movies. Talk about a chameleon, that guy. He's so sleazy and unrefined in Notting Hill and then in Vanity Fair he's a military captain. You should watch VF just to see him; wild!

LJensen said...

Notting Hill...This is one of my favorite movies, too, and the first movie I saw with Benny, on a real grown up date without a toddler!
I'm a big Hugh Grant fan. Love, Actually, is close behind.

franziengland said...

Hi Kelli! I just have to tell you that when I googled to find the book "London my love" by Karin Gråbaek, I wrote "dansk bog London my love" and there were you on one of the images hit :). So fun!
Hope you are both doing fine?!
Have a nice weekend from Ingrid (Tara's friend).