Sunday, April 26, 2009

Golf i Herning ... Golf in Herning

Jeg spillede golf min første gang i Danmark i dag og selvfølgelig, lærte jeg at golfbanen er andet sted hvor jeg kan finde flere forskelle imellem Herning, Danmark og Dallas, Texas.

I played golf for the first time in Denmark today and of course, I learned that the golf course is just one more place where I can find differences between Herning, Denmark and Dallas, Texas.

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HOLMES said...


The horror!

Mom said...

You better practice on your game before you arrive in Texas - Dad & I are ready for the challenge.

nettielouise said...

Maybe there are no squirrels because there are no beer girls. I've always thought that squirrels were a bunch of a party animals.

Lisa said...

I use to play all the time with my dad... we never used a cart. He said it gave people an unfair advantage to use a cart.

Anonymous said...

we do have squirrels here in Denmark just not that many. I live next to a small "forest" I have only seen 1 squirrel in 19+ years... Then again, I can't really see anything, so that might explain it! ;)