Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lille Havefrue ... The Little Mermaid

Hun har været en del af hver tur til København siden den første gang jeg rejste til Danmark! Dog hvis vi har besøgender fra april 2010 til november 2010, kan de ikke "møde" hende!!

She has been part of every trip to Copenhagen since the first time I came to Denmark! However, if we have visitors from April 2010 to November 2010, they cannot meet her!!

januar / january 2007

oktober / October 2007

november / November 2008

Den Lille Havefrue har været i den samme sted siden 1913 men hun vil rejse til Kina næste år for den 2010 "World Expo". Du kan læse om hendes tur her. (på engelsk)

The Little Mermaid has been in the same place since 1913 but she will travel to China next year for the 2010 World Expo. You can read about her trip here

Så hvad sker til besøgender til Danmark imellem april og november 2010? Hvordan kan du besøge Danmark og IKKE SER den Lille Havefrue? Dette er ligesom en tur til Kina uden en går på "The Great Wall" eller en tur til Paris uden ser Eiffel Tårn....eller værste.... en tur til Texas UDEN EN DALLAS MAVERICKS KAMP!! ;o)

So what happens to vistors to Denmark between April and November 2010? How can you visit Denmark and NOT SEE the Little Mermaid? This is like a trip to China without a walk on the Great Wall or a trip to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower... or worse... a trip to Texas WITHOUT A DALLAS MAVERICKS GAME!! ;o)

Men vent.....Danskerne har en ide!! Læs !! Danskerne tænker altid "stort".... De kan hjælpe arbejdesløs mennesker OG hjælpe turisme! (Eneste ting... at være den Lille Havefrue betyder du er topløs!)

But wait.... the Danes have an idea!! Read (in Danish, sorry but to explain....) There is a job posting for persons to "be the Little Mermaid in her absence! All you have to do is apply at the link above and be willing to sit in the Danish weather, while millions of visitors come to see you! Oh yeah... and one other thing.... gotta do it topless! See, the Danes are always thinking ahead!! Solve any unemployment issues AND take care of tourism!


BABS said...

I am really sad that they WOULD move her. All seems a bit disrespectful. But *shrugs*, noone stopped it so it happened.

I love your pics!

Anonymous said...

Nice Aprils fool :-)

MoMo 2.0 said...

not an april fools joke...she really is going. It was approved by the city council about 2 weeks ago.

Unknown said...

So are you applying? (lol)
Saw Jess's pictures on Facebook... she is BEAUTIFUL!

MoMo 2.0 said...

ok now that it is april 2, I can post this link...

The topless job ad was the joke... but the mermaid really is traveling to China next year!

Corinne said...

She was our first stop when we visited Copenhagen in November! World Trips tend to be de riguer for popular girls like her, and other masterpieces, but it's still a little sad that she's leaving. :(

LadyFi said...

LOL! Love the joke - but moving The Little Mermaid! Great that others will get to see her.. perhaps they could put a temporary statue in her place... although I though the idea of having someone replace her was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

They will however put up a replica while the original is in China.
But not a topless human one like in the Aprils fool job ad, but one made of copper like the original.

Lisa said...

Dang.. I thought that might be my new job!

Nichole said...

LOL. I love how every year in the papers they casually put in some ridiculous story. I remember last year it was that the US had purchased Greenland. It's always easy to spot the April Fools Day jokes because they are so out there. But I KNOW if I wasn't aware that it was April 1st, I'd fall for the pranks every year!

nettielouise said...

I guess that means I better come visit you this summer if I want to see her!