Friday, April 17, 2009

Når blomster blomstre.... When flowers bloom bringer smil og lykke og postive indstillinger.

....they bring smiles and happiness and positive attitudes.

Det er normalt at mennesker tager billeder af blomsterne. Faktisk, tager de billeder af blomsterne at de ser på rundkørsel (og de kører omkring 2 eller 3 gange så de kan tage billeder!). Ok, måske jeg er eneste som tage billeder af en rundkørsel fyld med blomster men jeg kan ikke hjælpe det! De er så flotte!

It is quite normal for people to take pictures of flowers. In fact, they take pictures of flowers that they see growing wild on a "round-a-bout" (and they have to drive around it 2 or 3 times just to take the pics!) Ok, maybe I am the only person that actually does that to take pictures on a round-a-bout, but I cannot help it! They are so beautiful!

Mennesker tager også billeder af blomster at de ser på en tur i parken.... ligesom jeg tog i dag. På EN TUR i den SAMME PARK, så vi SÅ MANGE forskellige blomster! Indrøm det... DE ER FLOTTE!

People also take pictures of flowers that they see as they walk through the I took today. On ONE WALK in the SAME PARK, we saw so MANY different flowers! And Admit it... THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Jeg ved hvorfor jeg har lagt mærke til blomsterne i Danmark så meget... Fordi jeg er en OVERLEVER AF DEN DANSKE VINTER!!! Jeg overlevede dage med mindre end 7 timer lys..... Jeg overlevede kolde dage med konstant tåge og regn... Jeg overlevede dage da jeg ØNSKEDE for et varmt bad men kunne ikke have det. Dog.....

I know why I notice the flowers in Denmark so much..... Because I am a SURVIVOR OF THE DANISH WINTER!!!! I survived days with less than 7 hours of light.... I survived cold days with constant fog and rain.... I survived days when I WISHED for a warm bath, but could not have one. However.....

Husker du alle SMUKKE BLOMSTER at blomstrer overalt i Danmark lige nu??!! JEG ER ALLERGISK til DANSK FORÅR !!! Jeg har aldrig haft allergier før men såsnart som det danske forår ankommer......min næse løber, mine øjne græder, mine øre er stoppet op, jeg nyser (MEGET HØJT ligesom MoMo nøs!!) og hoster stadig og jeg LYDER LIGESOM EN MAND! Selv om jeg er en overlever af min første danske vinter, er jeg bange for at det danske forår vil være slutningen af mig!
Remember all those BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS that are blooming all over Denmark right now??!! I AM ALLERGIC to the DANISH SPRING !!! I have never had allergies before but as soon as the Danish spring nose runs, my eyes cry, my ears are stopped up, I sneeze (REALLY LOUD like MoMo used to!), I cough constantly and I SOUND LIKE A MAN! Although I am a survivor of my first Danish winter, I am afraid that the Danish spring is going to do me in!!

Men blomsterne er smukke, synes du??
But the flowers are beautiful, don´t you think??
Og jeg har brug for at indrømme EN TING... jeg var del af en "narkotika udlevering" i går... Min amerikanske veninde Monica bragte en "anti-allergi" overraskelse til min postkasse.... BENEDRYL fra Amerika!! :o) Jeg håber at det hjælper mig at nyde forår og blomsterne!
And I need to admit ONE THING... I was part of a "drug delivery" yesterday... My American friend Monica delivered an "anti-allergy" surprise to my mailbox ... BENEDRYL from America!! :o) I hope it helps me to enjoy spring and all the flowers!


Gutsy Living said...

So you're back from London and now you have allergies?
I hope you survive the Spring. I'm sure you will, and perhaps the summer too, if there is a summer in Denmark. HAHAHA!

journeyinfinite said...

Hope you feel better!

Even tho I love horses -- I am actually allergic to hay! I have to be on Claritin out in the country!

HOLMES said...

I didn't even think about you possibly being allergic to all of those flowers. WOW. They are gorgeous, though.

Want me to send you some Claritin? I can hide it inside some Velveeta.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice header! I have always read your post thru Google Reader so I just noticed it now!

Archaeogoddess said...

I used to be a Clarinin and Allegra taker. Now I use Mildin, which is Danish. It's cheaper and easier to get and I haven't had any nasty side effects. I have HORRIBLE allergies and if I take Benedryl I have to take so many I get all weird in the head (no, even WEIRDER) and have been known to dehydrate myself accidently while *still* having a runny nose. I have been able to buy Benedryl in Denmark, BTW. It's crazy expensive, but I'll use it as a booster for my Mildin when I'm in Israel, since I'm allergic to religion. Kidding! But something over there has it in for me.

I also use Livostin (again Danish) - it's a nose spray that works pretty darned good. I only use it in July and August, when something blooms that drives me crazy.

LadyFi said...

Gorgeous flowers! I think we Scandinavian residents enjoy them so much more because of the harsh winters.

I*m allergic to birch pollen, so the spring gets me sneezing too. I've sent Sir Pe to buy up loads of anti-allergy medicine for me from the chemist's today...

Unknown said...

They are beautiful! Poor Dane has allergies Spring ,Summer & fall... its a fun fun life for us over here... : )

Ellen and Sharon said...

Kelli, we finally got caught up with all of your posts. The flowers are lovely. We haven't checked blogs as often as we should have because of Sharon's surgery. Please know that even though we don't comment, we have read about your exciting lives.

BABS said...

*jumps up and down happily* Albert pic!!!

Sorry to hear about your allergy, I hope it passes.

And congrats about getting through your Danish winter, now the trick is not to think forward to the next to let it creep up and deal with it then. I spent one spring and summer determined to have a P.O.A. for the next dk winter, stacked up on comfort foods,comfort pullovers, comfort socks, comfort DVD's, serviettes and candles, planned trips out to keep the heart light, but to no avail. Still hit me like slow moving treacle. It is what it is ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you gone to your doctor to get an allergy test to see what you are allergic to?
It's probably not the flowers you are allergic to, you probably havem birch pollen allergy, the most common form of hay fever in Denmark. And it's season for birch pollen right now.
Pollen calendar:

Daily pollen numbers for Viborg and Copenhagen:

I guess you don't have birch trees in Texas so you haven't experienced allergic reactions overthere.

Unknown said...

sneezing like Mo???? yikes! she passed it to dad, and i guess it's yours now. good luck with that :-)

C and H Romenesko said...

Oh you poor thing! I can't imagine having allergies kick in just as the weather starts to get better. Maybe you're allergic to.....Denmark :) Just kidding. Get well soon. Ni hao from Beijing!