Sunday, April 19, 2009

Omfattende Genbrug ... Comprehensive Recycling

Husker du dette billeder fra sidste sommer? Det var da jeg lærte hvor at genbruge flasker hos købmand i Danmark.

Do you remember this picture from last summer when I first learned how to recycle bottles at the grocery stores in Denmark?

Siden sidste sommer, har jeg lært mange flere ting om "hvordan at være grøn," men i torsdags, oplevede jeg "Den ULTIMATIVA i genbrug"!

Since last summer, I have learned many more things about "how to be green," but on Thursday afternoon, I experienced "THE ULTIMATE in Recycling!"

Først-- Det er vigtigt at du forstår HVOR vi transporterer storre ting i Danmark. Det har været en sjov ting for en pige fra "TEXAS--land af de STORRE PICKUP TRUCKS" at opleve! Fordi i Texas, smider alle ting bag i bilen, men i Danmark, alle kører så små biler (som er mere grøn end Pickups!) så hvis vi har storre ting at transportere, ligner det dette:

First--it is important that you understand HOW we transport big stuff in Denmark. It has been a funny things for this girl from "TEXAS-Land of the big Pickup trucks" to experience! Because in Texas we just throw everything in the back of the truck, but in Denmark, everyone drives such small cars (which are definitely greener than Pickups!), so if we have large things to transport, it looks like this:

I torsdags oplevede "ÆGTE GENBRUG" hos Herning Genbrug Station. Jeg var improneret af hvor OMFATTENDE det var! De genbruger ALT der! Meget flere end kun aviser, aluminum dåser og plastik flasker!

On Thursday I experienced "REAL RECYCLING" at the Herning Recycle Station. I was totally impressed with how COMPREHENSIVE it was! They recycle EVERYTHING there! Much more than just newspapers, aluminum cans and plastic bottles!


Archaeogoddess said...

Almost everything in our house (with the exception of the wedding presents, which give our kitchen a hint of class) everything has been gathered from the sides of roads, the recycling plant, and former roommates. The walk-in "bin" that has working stuff that people don't want any more is awesome! I got a sewing machine there. I have no place to put it to use it, but I do have it! Every now and then we go through our piles of stuff and take things to recycling. There's also a pick-up service in Århus that will come and get your oversized items (beds!) and take them away to be recycled (which is why we ended up with so much furniture - driving around we've gotten couches, tables, desks, chairs, and drawers!).

This goes on the list of awesome things about Denmark.

Anonymous said...

I think every municipality has to have one recycle center like this. I'm also amazed the first time I see it - but let me tell you a secret LOL: it gives me a headache to take care of this genbrugspladsen business LMAO I'm handling it now in my own kommune. Arrrhhh...

Our International Blend said...

I KNOW! I think this is one of the coolest places in DK too! It is just so organized. Everyone actually does what they are supposed to... and it works!

Anonymous said...

In the city center of Århus you don't have deliver it to the recycling center yourself.
You just go to this kommune website and fill out your address and order a pickup of "storskrald" outside your address. Then you are told the date when the garbage/recycling collectors comes in your area again. And the night before this date you just put your items at the sidewalk outside your address and put a "storskrald" on it and it will be picked up.
Sometimes people passing by pick up some things to use themselves before the garbage/recycling collectors comes by. I think Århus Kommune has made this pickup service because a lot of people living in the city center doesn't own a car.
But people living outside the city center don't have a pickup service and have to deliver it themselves at their local recycling center.

Skogkjerring said...

I never thought about not seeing hangers in the states but you are right, we just toss things in the back of a pickup...hahahaha..especially in Texas..
Yeah, they have the same recycling going on here in Norway...that's probably because people in these countries believe in global warming and in the states not everyone does believe in global warming and doesn't see the need to do anything green...especially if it inconviences them.

C and H Romenesko said...

I love our recycling center in DK. I was amazed the first time we went there. There's a spot for old bricks, windows, tiles, newspapers, glass, you name it there's a special spot. And so organized. Great post!

serialblogger said...

i think it's great how recycling is so institutional in DK. For the last 3 weeks now, my husband and I have our little "dates" (i call it) to the town's junkyard and it is as everyone here describes them. It does not look like a junkyard at all. There's a container van in the yard as well where you put all your "junks" that could be "treasures" to others. My treasure is in the form of flower pots because I want to start gardening with potted flowers first. I have been collecting since I first taken the ride with my husband. He could only shake his head.