Monday, May 4, 2009

En Klage.... A Complaint

Jeg elsker Danmark. Og jeg prøver ikke at klage om "ting som er forskellig fra Amerika". Jeg savner mange ting men jeg har lærte at leve uden de fleste af dem.

I love Denmark and I try to not complain about the "things that are different than how they are in America." I miss many things but I have learned to live without most of them.

For eksempel:
Jeg har ikke spist JIF siden februar.
Jeg har lært at du kan vaske op i køkken uden en "garbage disposal".
Jeg kan faktisk blive rent af et brusebad og jeg har lært at et bad er en luksus i stedet for en nødvendighed!

For example:
I have not eaten JIF since February.

I have learned that it is possible to clean the kitchen without a garbage disposal.

I have learned that I can get actually get clean in a shower and that a bath is really a luxury, not a necessity!

Men jeg har en klage.
En stor klage fordi jeg HADER FLUER!
Jeg synes de er ulækkere og snavset og verden behøver dem ikke!
Vi har fluer i Texas men du ligger ikke mærke til dem fordi vi har vindueskærm på hvert vindue i huset. MEN I DANMARK... de fleste huse har ikke vindueskærmer! Alle folk åbner vinduer og dører så vi kan have frisk og kold luft (husk--vi har ikke air conditioning!), så når du åbner vinduerne, skal du "hænger et skilt op som siger KOM IND FLUER".

But I have a complaint.

A big complaint because I HATE FLIES!

I think they are disgusting and dirty and the world does not have a need for them!

Yes, we have flies in Texas but you do not notice them as much because we have screens on all the windows in the house. BUT IN DENMARK...most houses do not have screens! Everyone opens their windows and doors so we can have cool fresh air (because remember--we do not have A/C), so when you open your windows, it is as if you "hang up a sign that says COME IN FLIES"!

Vi havde vores første flue i huset sidste uge....og "SKØRE KELLI" ankom. Vi har ikke set hende siden september da fluer forlod fordi efterår ankom. Men HUN ER TILBAGE! Og denne flue overlevede ikke!

We had our first fly in the house last week...and "CRAZY KELLI" arrived. We have not seen her since September, when the flies left as autumn arrived. But SHE IS BACK! And this fly did not survive!

Hver gang hun ser en flue i huset, tager hun hendes fluesmækker og skriger den samme sætning. (Jeg kan ikke skrive min sætning her fordi min mor kan ikke lidt når jeg skrive den "F ord". LOL) Men hvis Danmark havde vindueskærmer, ville det ikke være nødvendigt for mig at sige disse "F ord" mere!!! Jeg elsker Danmark..... men jeg hader fluer!

Every time she sees a fly in the house, she grabs her flyswatter and screams the same phrase. (I cannot write the phrase here because my mother does not like it when I write the "F" word ! LOL) But if Denmark would just get screens on the windows, I would not have to say the "F word" anymore!!! I love Denmark....but I hate flies!


Skogkjerring said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I have that same complaint!!! It's the same every year...we have double paned windows also and every winter you see all the dead flies in between the have to open them and out drop THOUSANDS of dead flies..nasty...and those little flies are very active all summer long and some how get themselves into the yes, we have a HUGE fly problem here also. But the former owner of this house made screens for the bedroom we can pop a screen's like four pieces of wood with netting over it and you just stick it in the window...very nice!!! But not all the windows have these so they still get in, but not in the numbers they could. I miss screened porches also...have you seen these new things for your porch which look like a little cabana or something made of metal with four sides and a top..almost like a tent but more sturdy. Some of the newer ones are coming with netting on the you can sit in there, see out but be protected from flying insects...will see if we can get something like that before you guys get here in July!!! ;-))

Tara said...

I hate the flies too! :) I hate the bees and the yellow-jackets and the spiders that make their webs across my stairway outside so I can walk through them every morning.

This is one good thing about winter time I guess!

I bought screen material last year at Lidl, but haven't seen it since... Your windows will look ghetto like mine, but maybe crazy Kelli won't mind. :)

good luck with your fly friends!!!

Unknown said...

They make me CRAZY as well.. have to tell you...I have a garbage disposal & air conditioner... (you can get them if you want...)

Archaeogoddess said...

Pete's comment at Happy Adventures had a really good link -


I really want all the windows in my apartment to be replaced, so that I can get screens. I just don't understand why, in a country that has some of the largest horse flies I've ever seen, would not have screens come standard in homes. Erk!

May said...

Oh, you can get fly screens here as well. We have them on about half our windows (the ones we open in summer). We live in the country and it would be absolutely horrible to not have them, even with the dog and cats finishing off every insect they find. :)

BABS said...

I know the feeling. I am so used to the flies here (there must be more because of the pigs maybe??) that I had got used to it.

My first few seasons here I was miserable about them.

Screens are the way to go, but then the flies still get in somehow don't they?

That's why I don't kill all the spiders we have in our house, because I hope they will get the flies....

United Studies said...

I totally understand where you are coming from!!! I really missed screens when I lived in Denmark.

When I was a teenager and we lived in Scotland, my Dad had his parents send him a huge roll of screen, and he made removable screen windows for our windows. It was expensive to ship it over, but it was so worth it.

Oh girl, my parents would ship Jif to me, too!

LadyFi said...

Ha ha! However, I think that the ticks and the mosquitoes are much worse! Oh - and don't get me started on those wasps...

Lisa said...

I am bringing a roll of screen and Kraig will have his first honey do list!

Nichole said...

Last year the flies didn't come out in full force as we had seen previously, but we got bees... lots and lots of bees....

Either way, having flying insets inside isn't so nice.

And no JIF since February! WOW!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Get this girl some Jif!

The fly thing - I'm with you - I just cannot understand why the windows do not come with screens! I know I can get them but they are not cheap to have made, and I know you can buy screen material at Bauhaus but that isn't the prettiest solution. Ugh!

N said...

Does your dog or cat runs after the flies? Mine do and they try to eat the insects:p

Rachel said...

I'm catching up with my blog reading... and this post made me laugh. Thanks, Kelli (sry for your frustrations tho)
For the F-word I think you should say, "frikedeller." lol It was so funny when I first learned this word. Sure it means, danish meatballs, but the flies don't know one F-word from the other and "frikedeller" is mother-approved. lol