Tuesday, May 19, 2009

En "tagfat" fra 2 veninder.... A "tag" from 2 girlfriends

Jeg modtog en "tagfat" fra THE WRITER og MUSING I DK i går. Jeg elsker alle "tagfat" at vi har omkring bloggerverden fordi de fortæller mange interessante ting om vores "blog naboer"....men denne tagfat er lidt svær.... fordi vi skal skrive "7 grunde at jeg er forbløffende".
I stedet for, kan jeg sige hvorfor mine blogger veninder er forbløffende? :o)

I received a "tag" from THE WRITER og MUSING in DK yesterday. I love all the tags that are floating around the blogger world because they tell us so many interesting things about our blogger neighbors...but this tage is a little difficult....because we must write "7 reasons why I am awesome". Instead, couldn´t I just write about why my blogger friends are awesome? :o)

Ok, Ok...det gøre jeg.... Ok, Ok... I´ll do it....

1. Der er en utrolig vidunderlig ung dame i midten Texas lige nu som jeg hjalp at skabe.
1. There is an incredibly amazing young lady in the middle of Texas right now that I helped to create.
2. Jeg gør hvad jeg siger jeg vil gør. Punktum.
2. I do what I say I will do. Period.
3. Da jeg var i skole inspektør, havde vi ca. 1200 nye elever i vores skole hvert år... og jeg lærte HVER ELEVS NAVN før Jul. Jeg syntes at det var meget vigtig at de vidste at jeg kendte hvem de var.

3. When I was a principal, we had around 1200 new students every year... and I learned EVERY SINGLE STUDENT´S NAME before Christmas. I thought it was very important that they knew that I knew who they were.
4. Jeg har en utrolig blød hjerte selv om fortæller jeg at jeg er stærk (Stacy- jeg kan faktisk lidt at knus..... SHHHH!! Det er en hemmelighed!) og min "blød hjerte" laver mig en rigtig god ven...det synes jeg.

4. I have an incredibly soft heart although I like people to think I am tough (Stacy-- I actually like to hug.....but SHHHH!!! It is a secret!) and my "soft heart" makes me a pretty good friend, I think.
5. Da jeg var en skole inspektør, begyndte jeg en "skateboard klub" for elever som kan ikke lide skole så meget som de kan lide deres skateboarde. Jeg er stadig meget stolt af denne......Du kan læse historien her.

5. When I was a principal, I began a "skateboard club" for students who would rather skateboard than come to school. I am still, today, incredibly proud of this.... You can read a story about it here.

6. Jeg er en rigtig god kok.... Vent... Jeg er en UTROLIG FORBLØFFENDE kok! MoMo ville være stolt af mig!
6. I am a good cook.... Wait... I am a FREAKING AMAZING cook! MoMo would be proud of me!
7. Som en 38 årig kvinde, flyttede jeg til et land af sild, leverpostej, et sprog med 62 dialekter, og Pia Kjærsgaard men HVER DAG jeg kan finde noget god om Danmark. Jeg vælger at blive her og jeg tror at Danmark er heldig at have mig.

7. As a 38 year old woman, I moved to a country of herring (in 99 flavors), liver pate (sold by the ton and smeared on bread on a regular basis), a language with 62 dialects and Pia Kjærsgaard, but EVERYDAY I can find something good about Denmark. I choose to be here and I believe Denmark is fortunate to have me.

Nu skal jeg give en "tagfat" til 7 venner som jeg tror er forbløffende og de er:
Now I must tag 7 friends who I think are awesome and they are:

Jesper, Amy, Monica, Shelly, Jennifer (yes, sis, that is you!), Holly and Lady Fi.


Meredith said...

I so miss liverpostej!!!!

Archaeogoddess said...

You definitely impress me with #7, and you are right, Denmark is DARNED LUCKY to have you!!

June said...

Loved the skate boarding story! great job!
And yes, denmark is fortunate to have you. From the small circle of expat blogs I read, you are one of very few..OK the only one who is a volunteer goodwill ambassador of Dk.

Jacki said...

Denmark is fortunate to have you!! They need to spice things up a bit!

But sniff...you don't think I am awesome? ;-)

Mom said...

WOW - I learned a couple of new things about you and I've known you the longest....that was a good exercise to find 7 reasons why you are awesome - I could have given you 70! 1 week...but who's counting?

Anonymous said...

That is sooo cool about the skateboarding!!! Man, I wish Ryan High in Denton had a principal like you. Those guys were so rigid! We are glad you are here though :-)

LadyFi said...

Wow - you are truly awesome! I'm so amazed by how you got that skateboard park built. Wow!

Fuzzy said...

#3 and 5 are heartwarming, and very exceptional!

Caution/Lisa said...

I love your mom's comment best of all! Sounds like you were a fantastic principal. We need one like you here.

Jesper said...

Spaendende post indtil jeg saa mit navn! Du kan da ikke forvente at en simpel nordjyde, der er vokset op med janteloven haengende over hovedet, skal finde 7 gode ting om sig selv...maa man finde 7 daarlige? Det vil vaere meget lettere ;-)

P,s. I also love the skateboard-story and think Denmark is lucky to have you...and I think you are awesome in every way!

PiNG aka Patti said...

I will tell you why I think you're awesome. We had met just one time in person although we had communicated several times on the web and yet there you were to hold my hand and keep my husband sane while I had surgery, and you're still keeping tabs on me, and that, to me, is awesome!

HOLMES said...

I'm going to agree with Dee that I could also find 70 reasons you are awesome! I think an 8th reason that you are awesome is that you used to be pretty low-maintenance to travel with. ROFL