Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Imens vi er i Texas ... While we´re in Texas

Jeg er sikker på at alle er nysgerrig at finde ud hvad ting jeg har skrevet på min "imens vi er i Texas" shoppinglist! Du spørger dig selv, "hvilke amerikanske ting kan Kelli ikke leve uden? OG hvor vil Kelli købe ind??"

I am sure that all of you are curious about what things I have written on my "while we are in Texas" shopping list! You are asking yourself, "what American products can Kelli just not live without? AND where will Kelli do her shopping??"

Spørgsmål 2 er MEGET NEM.... SUPER TARGET.... faktisk, har de bygget lige en ny SUPER TARGET mindre en 1 km fra mit mors hus!!

Question #2 is VERY EASY....SUPER TARGET, and in fact, they have just built a new SUPER TARGET less than 1 mile from my mom´s house!!

Kelli´s SUPER TARGET List:

3 ting for Amys familie, som vi vil besøge i Norge i juli!!
3 things for Amy´s family, who we are visiting in Norway in July!!

for Patti så hun kan bage for mig! / For Patti so she can bake for me!

og for mig / and for mig:

De små ting at lave livet nemmere!!!
The little things that make life easier!!

Mads har en list også men hans list har mange "sted navn" på det i stedet for "ting"...
Mads has a list too, but his list has "place names" on it instead of "things".....

Mads´ LIST:
Tommy Hilfiger Outlet
Old Navy
PGA Pro Store

og selvfølgelig har vi en restaurant "hit list" også!
And of course, we have a restaurant "hit list" too!

Macaroni Grill (så Mads kan have en "Ultimate Bellini" ... so Mads can have an "Ultimate Bellini"!)
Sonic (kl 14 for en 99 cents drik med sonic is! / at 2pm for a 99cent drink with sonic ice!
Larry´s Cajun Market in Port Neches, Texas
Pei Wei

I morgen kl. 650 flyver vi fra Billund Lufthavn og ankommer i Dallas Lufthavn kl. 1430, kun 8 timer senere....lol! Vores skema er utrolig fuldt med familien og venner men du kan være sikker på at jeg vil have tid at blog!

Tomorrow at 650am we fly from Billund Airport and arrive in Dallas at 2.30pm....only 8 hours later....lol! Our schedule is incredibly full with friends and family, but you can be certain that I will find the time to blog while we are there!


May said...

I know none of the things on your list. :)

Isn't Advil similar to Ipren, though?

Jesper said...

Awesome, but I have a question...are you gonna go to a Starbucks???

Anonymous said...

Say hi to DFW for me. That airport is the sole reason for me being a Texan in the first place (pilot dad, and stewardess mom).

I'm getting more and more curious about this slap ya mama stuff. Must ask my mom to bring me some!!

Mom said...

I don't think you will have room for all this stuff. Your closet is full of your mail orders. This should be fun watching you try to pack for the return to Denmark.

nettielouise said...

Six Flags? If you go on Thursday, you'll run into a lot of old faces. We have our annual trip there this week.

Also, if there is anything you forget on your shopping list, take comfort in knowing that I can bring it to you two weeks later :D

Nichole said...

I think you forgot about Starbucks!!

Have a safe trip and wave at LA fitness at Spring Creek & 75 as you drive by because that's where I'll be about the time you are passing.

HOLMES said...


Gutsy Living said...

Don't they have Starbucks in Denmark? I now prefer Peet's coffee. Have you got one in Texas? Glad you had a good time and did some necessary shopping.

KCLC said...

My sister and brother and all their family just went to Six Flags thi spast Saturday. The kids had their picture taken with that scary old dude.
Awwwww , You and Mads have great fun in Texas!!!

Rachel said...

I hope you have a great trip to Texas and get everything on your list.... Mads, too! It's like Christmas in Texas in May! lol Have fun!

Paula said...

Oooh it all sounds so amazing! Next time I want to tag along to Texas!

LadyFi said...

That's quite a list you've got... most of which I've never heard of! We just don't get these things in the UK...

I'm intrigued by the 'Slap ya mama!' - is this some kind of hot hot chilli?

Pete said...

I saw Velveeta in SuperBest in Århus recently. But it's probaby a lot cheaper in the US.

United Studies said...

We love so many of the same things, it's funny. :-)

BABS said...

Have a lovely time and we'll see you when you get back :)

PiNG aka Patti said...

I have to laugh because I have that exact little jar of cream of tartar in my house! Can't wait for my chocolate chips!!