Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Næste uge vil jeg have min første "årsdag" i Danmark fordi jeg flyttede fra Texas den 17. juni 2008. Jeg vil gerne skrive en blog af "Spørgsmål og svar om min første år i mit nye land" på min årsdag så hvis du har et "brændende spørgsmål" til mig, skriv en komment og jeg vil svare alle næste onsdag!

Next week I will have my first "anniversary" in Denmark because I moved from Texas on June 17, 2008. I would like to write a blog of "questions and answers about my first year in my new country" on my anniversary day so if you have a "burning question" for me, leave a comment and I will answer them all next Wednesday!


LadyFi said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Mmm.. what would I like to know? What has been the hardest adjustment you have had to make since your move to Denmark?

And what are the most positive bits about being in Denmark?

Paula said...

Have you ever experienced a panick attack when living in Denmark- the 'what am I doing here, gasp, gasp syndrome'..

Mom said...

Do you miss you mom?

Stephanie said...

How did you and Mads meet? If this has already been written, direct me to the post!

Lisa said...

Congrats! Do you two ever think you might be better off in the States?

nettielouise said...

Who is your favorite Danish celebrity and what is their claim to fame?

June said...

Ok my questions are rather personal:
Do you eat rye bread or white bread?
Any hair and nail tips for someone moving to a country where going to a salon is expensive?
Do you think you will retire/ live the rest of your life in Dk?

HOLMES said...

My biggest question is, as you look back at this blog archive, what things about DK were you totally focused on before you moved there that now, after living there a year, aren't so much things you focus on now? What do you look back on and laugh at?

Other questions:

What Danish things would you miss if you had to move back to the US?

What things about the US do you not miss at all?

Have you developed any allergies or medical problems since moving to DK?

If you hadn't learned Danish before you moved, would it have made that much of a difference in how you acclimated to the culture?

How has experiencing your husband's native land and language impacted your relationship?

What assumptions did you make about DK that actually turned out to be true?

Sarah said...

What are three things you must buy every time you are back in the U.S?

When you are back in the U.S what are three things you miss about Denmark?

What is your advice/tips to learning Danish?

How do you see your life in Denmark a year from now?

Looking back at the last year, what are some things you are proud of?

Can't wait for the post :)

journeyinfinite said...

Burning question from Dave:

Do Danes wear Speedos when they go to the beach as so many other European men do?

Jesper said...

Congrats Kelli :-)

My questions are:

Do you think you will ever prefere Nutella to peanut butter?

The Mavs or Ulvene fra Midtjylland...or should I say NBA or danish scoccer?

Who is your favorite...

- danish author/book?

- danish movie

- danish band or song

If you have one word to define Denmark, what would it be?