Thursday, June 4, 2009

De første 24 timer.... The first 24 hours

Vi fløj fra Herning i onsdags, og oplevede vi mange ting i vores første 24 timer....mensov var ikke en af dem!

We flew from Herning last Wednesday and experienced many things in our first 24 hours.... but sleep was not one of them!


Bemærk: Selv om flyveturen med Lufthansa er billigere end KLM, flyver du fra Frankfurt som betyder at du flyver over Grønland. Dette tilføjer 2 mere timer til flyveturen!!

Note to self: Even if the flight on Lufthansa is cheaper than KLM, flying out of Frankfurt means flying north over Greenland which adds about 2 hours to your flight!

Først prioritet efter vi ankom--18 huler!
First priority after we arrived--18 holes!

Den Viking ignorede bestiltet som sadge "Gå IKKE indtil å!!" Han var sikert at han kunne finde sin bold!
The Viking ignored the sign that said "DO NOT enter the creek!!" He was sure he could find his ball!
Samtale efter golf .... Conversation after golf
Mads: Kan vi slappe af nu? / Can we relax now?
Kelli: NEJ! Vi har et skema at følge! / NO!! We have a schedule to follow?
Mads: Jeg syntes at dette var ferie?! / I thought this was vacation?!
Kelli: Det er! Ferie med et skema for hvert timer...."lad sjov begynder!"
It is! A vacation with a schedule for each hour...."Let the fun begin!"


BABS said...

Mads in the creek - LOL, that is inspiring..if at first you don't succeed etc :)

journeyinfinite said...

Very cute pics!

No "slappe af" time on this vacation for you guys! (BTW -- my new favorite viking expression is "slappe af" -- it's WAY cooler than the word "relax".)

I can't wait for tomorrow after school so I can start my summertime slappe af!

LadyFi said...

Poor Mads! He'll need a holiday when he gets back home... ;-)

United Studies said...

We have the luxury of flying out of Dulles directly to Copenhagen on SAS, so that is what we do. It is only then an 8-hour flight. Those are great pictures of Iceland and Greenland....funny they look the same!

The thing about your schedule made me laugh...I am the same way!

Rachel said...

Your pix of Greenland & Iceland are awesome! I'm glad Mads had fun on his "scheduled" vacation... I can understand how you wanted to do a lot of things! The picture of Mads in the creek is great :-)

nettielouise said...

Do you know, when I was booking flights to Denmark, there was one that I really wanted simply because it had a layover in Iceland? I just fricken cool would that be to say, "yeah...I went to Iceland this summer".

Ever since I began this novel I'm writing about the North Pole, I've been doing a lot of extensive research on the surrounding areas and I actually REALLY want to go to Greenland and Iceland!

(Sigh)Maybe if I get published one day, I can plan a trip there...