Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jeg gjort det! I did it!

Jeg har mange historier og billeder fra Lucy og Netties tur i Danmark men før jeg fortæller om det, har jeg noget STOR at dele! Måske er det ikke stort for alle men det er en kæmpestor sejre for mig!

I have many stories and photos from Lucy and Nettie´s trip in Denmark, but before I tell about those, I have something BIG to share! Maybe this is not a big thing for everyone, but it is a huge accomplishment for me!

Mads kunne ikke være fri fra arbejde sidste uge så i fredags kørte jeg Lucy og Nettie til København.... over Storebælt Bro! København er 300 kilometre fra Herning, på øen af Sjælland så du kører over 3 broer på vej--en lille normal bro over Vejlefjord, en lille suspension bro fra Jylland til Fyn, og Storebælt Bro, den trejde længst suspension bro i verden! 19 km fra side til side! Jeg har kørt over Storebælt mange gange med Mads og på toget, men i fredags, kørte jeg mig selv!

Mads could not take off work last week so on Friday I drove Lucy and Nettie to Copenhagen... over the Storebælt Bridge! Copenhagen is 300 kilometre from Herning, on the island of Zealand so you drive over 3 bridges on the way--one small normal bridge over the Vejle fjord, a small suspension bridge from Jutland to the island of Funen, and Storebælt Bridge, the third longest suspension bridge in the world! 19 kilometre from end to end! I have, of course, driven over Storebælt many times with Mads and on the train, but on Friday, I drove it myself!

og ja, tog jeg billeder før det blev for farlig! :o)
and yes, I took pictures before it got too dangerous! :o)

Denne weekend var også min første gang at navigere omkring København (på fod) uden Mads. Vi havde en list af alle ting pigerne ønskede at se og vi så alle af dem....... og blev aldrig faret vild! Jeg er meget stolt af mig selv og føler mere og mere ligesom Danmark er "mit land" .... Geografi er vigtig til mig og hver gang jeg "sejrer en mere stykke", føler jeg mere og mere selvsikker! Det tror jeg at det er meget vigtig at du opdager dit nye by OG land så meget som muligt så landet bliver din!

This weekend was also my first time to navigate Copenhagen (on foot) without Mads. We had a list of the things the girls wanted to see and we saw them all... and never got lost! I am pretty proud of myself and feel more and more like Denmark is "my country". Geography is very important to me and each time I "conquer one more piece" of it, I feel more and more confident! I believe it is so important that you explore your new city AND country as much as possible so the country becomes yours!


Rachel said...

Tillykke, Kelli! I feel the same way when I visit Mac and bike all around Copenhagen.... and the last trip I didn't have to sneak a peak at the map when I ventured outside my comfort zone.

I'm looking fwd to our bike meetup via train somewhere in Denmark.... somewhere in the middle of Herning and København. That was such a good idea! :-)

It's awesome how comfortable you are driving around Denmark.... I was impressed when we met @ Århus and you drive around. :-)

Corinne said...

Good job! It can seem like such a small thing, but each time I realize I KNOW where I am, and know EXACTLY where I need to go to get to my destination, I feel like it's a little triumph. It's hard to learn a whole new city or town, much less a new country!

June said...

I completely realte to this post! The fiance is very comfortable in India and knows bombay well. When i go to dk, each time I go out alone, I feel like I should get a medal.

HOLMES said...

Good job, travel guide!

LadyFi said...

Well done you! That is indeed a big milestone!

United Studies said...


I remember driving over that bridge and even though I am not scared of heights, I was a little concerned for a while.

Also, I can totally understand your feeling of accomplishment! The first time I ventured out alone in Denmark without getting lost (riding the bus to/from my house to get to a friend's house) I was so excited!

Gutsy Living said...

Well done Kelli. I would have been scared to drive across the 19 km. bridge, especially if it's very high up. Do you have to pay a toll fee? Now you'll be the tourist guide for all your US friends.

Our International Blend said...

Way to go Kelli! I am still nervous when I get on the highway...I am not really sure where we will end up! :)

Ellen and Sharon said...

Congratulations, Kelli! You did all right for a Texas girl. We know that you are proud of yourself.

nettielouise said...

Kelli - you are the best chauffer/driver and tour guide EVER!

You all should also know that when you visit her, she cooks for you like you are a member of the royal family!