Thursday, June 25, 2009


I går tog vi til den originale Legoland i Billund (ca. 35 minutter fra Herning) og jeg opdagede at jeg synes at LEGO er forbløffende!! Ordet "LEGO" betyder "leg godt" og firmaer begyndte i Billund, Danmark i 1934.

Yesterday we went to the original Legoland in Billund (about 35 minutes from Herning) and I discovered that I think LEGO is AMAZING! The word "LEGO" means "play good/well" and the company began in Billund, Denmark in 1934.

Jeg tog så mange billeder af alle ting de har lavet fra LEGO og jeg er sikker på at du har brug for mere end 1 dag for at se alle! Hver ting og hvert sted som de har skabet viser hvordan KREATISK du kan være med LEGO! Hvert barn skulle har dem!

I took so many pictures of all the things that they have created from LEGO and I am certain that you need more than just one day to see it all! Each thing and each place they created shows how CREATIVE you can be with LEGO! Every child should have them!

En vindmølle i "LEGO Amsterdam".... A windmill in "LEGO Amsterdam"

Selvfølgelig har vi VIKING skabes fra LEGO!!
Of course we have VIKINGS made from LEGO!!

Ny Havn ligner utrolig realistisk!
Ny Havn looks totally realistic!

Jeg elsker at hver ride/aktivitet har et LEGO bord at børne kan spille med imens du venter!
I love that each ride/attraction has a LEGO table that the kids can play with while you wait!
Min yndlingsting var H.C. Andersen!
My favorite thing was Hans Christian Andersen!

Nancy og Nick (og deres familie) har lige besøgt Mt. Rushmore i South Dakota, USA før de rejste til Danmark! Faktisk havde Nancy sin Mt. Rushmore tshirt på i går!

Nancy and Nick (and their family) had just visited Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, USA just before they came to Denmark! In fact, Nancy was wearing her Mt. Rushmore tshirt yesterday!

LEGO Safari var MEGET FLOT! Afrikanske dyr overalt!
LEGO Safari was AWESOME! African animals everywhere!

Og jeg var ganske spændt at finde "floss" i Legoland!
And I was quite excited to find cotton candy in Legoland!
Hvis du har små børn, bring dem til Legoland! Det er en vidunderlig oplevelse for små børn! Så mange ting at gøre og opleve! Det er et sted hvor de kan "lege godt"!
If you have little children, bring them to Legoland! It is a wonderful experience for little guys! So much to do and to experience! It is a place where they can "play good/well"!


PiNG aka Patti said...

I've been there 2 times so far and can't wait to go back - I love that place!

Stephanie said...

Kjartan and I have wanted to go there for years - maybe next year we'll finally make it over! A girl I went to high school's dad is the world's only full-time lego model designer, I bet he worked on the statues there!

Corinne said...

How cool! Though Hans was kind of giving you the eye....ifyannowhatimean. All I could build with Lego were little square cabins...and whatever was on the picture of the box. The artistry it takes to create those exhibits is absolutely incredible.

Unknown said...

Seconded, but remember to buy print-self tickets on the web before you go as you can save a lot of time queuing to get in.

BABS said...

I vote the picture of you with Hans to be my all time favorite!

Legoland rocks. It's actually the law in Denmark that people have to go at least once a year ;)

And it is best to do it in two days, there are some good hotels in the area..I wouldn't recommend the Legoland Hotel, but the others within short distances of Legoland are great.

Mom said...

OMG - that is an awesome place. I need to add that to my list of things to do next trip. Maybe we can bring Michael with us. Looks like fun.

LadyFi said...

That looks like great fun!

I once spent a couple of weeks one winter writing some stuff for LEGO and they put us up at the LEGOland Hotel overlooking the park. Unfortunately, everything was shut...

Ellen and Sharon said...

We don't use the word awesome very much, Kelli, but this place must be AWESOME!

HOLMES said...

OK, those Lego zebras are bad ass!

United Studies said...

That is on our list this year to do while in Denmark!!

Rachel said...

Kelli, you look so happy with that cotton candy lol

I'm glad you had such a great time @ Legoland... great pix you shared. I really liked the zebras and Nyhavn was perfect! :-)

The picture of you reading w/ Hans Christian Andersen is perfect, too! How did they make a Lego Kelli that fast? ;-)

Jesper said...

Amazing, so glad y'all enjoyed it. Hope I can bring Jim one day!

p.s. love all the pics

HOLMES said...

I just looked through the pics on this post again. Where's the Lego six pack of booze in recyclable bottles? I mean, this is Denmark.