Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mads´ yndlingsting i Texas... Mads´ favorite things about Texas

Samtale imellem Kelli og Mads imens vi var i Texas:

Conversation between Kelli and Mads while we were in Texas:

Mads: Skat, kan vi flytte til Texas?
Honey, can we move to Texas?

Kelli: Du har boet i Skandinavia dit hele liv. Hvorfor ønsker du at bo i Texas?
You have lived in Scandinavia your entire life. Why do you want to live in Texas?

Mads: Fordi Texas har.....
Because Texas has.......

1. Masser, masser billige, flotte tøj! Især hos "Old Navy" og Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Butik!
1. Lots and lots of cheap, nice clothes! Especially at Old Navy and the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Store!

2. Lækre, billige is i poser! 5.5kg koster kun 9kr!
2. Yummy, cheap ice in bags to buy! Only 1.75 for 10 pounds!

3. 5kr. DVDs at leje udenfor butik ligesom Walmart og McDonalds!
3. $1 DDVs to rent outside of shops like Walmart and McDonalds!
4. Lavpriser for vejafgift i Dallas! De koster kun 5kr og vi er vant til 240kr for at køre over Storebælt!
4. Cheap tolls on the highways in Dallas! They cost only $1 and we are used to $45 to drive over Storebælt!

5. "Æg McMuffins"! Fordi McDonalds i Danmark tilbyde ikke morgenmad!
5. Egg McMuffins! Because McDonalds in Denmark do not serve breakfast!
6. BILLIGE Lejebiler! Vi lejede en Nissan Pathfinder i 1 uge for mindre end 1000kr!
6. CHEAP rental cars! We rented a Nissan Pathfinder for 1 week for less than $200!

7. Venner som synes at Mads er FORBLØFFENDE fordi han kan åben en øl med anden øl!
7. Friends who think Mads is COOL because he can open 1 beer with another!
8. Gratis genopfyldninger!
8. Free refills!!

9. og hans YNDLINGSTING.... "Happy Hour" hos Sonic! Han elsker halv-pris drikke fordi hans "Route 44" Coca-cola koster kun 5kr!

9. and his FAVORITE THING....Happy Hour at Sonic! He loves half-price drinks because his Route 44 Coke only costs a dollar!

Kelli: Skat, du kan ikke bestemme hvor du bor på disse grunde! Du har brug for en "ægte grund"!
Honey, you cannot decide where to live based on these reasons! You need a "real reason"!

Mads: Ligesom??

Kelli: Jeg flyttede til Danmark på grunden af KÆRLIGHED.... den er en ÆGTE grund!
I moved to Denmark because af that is a REAL reason!

Mads: Men jeg elsker Sonics Happy Hour! Er det godt nok?!
But I love Sonic´s Happy Hour! Is that good enough?!

Kelli: (synes til hende selv) MÆND.... Jeg mener DRENGE!! :o)
Kelli: (thinking to herself) MEN.... I mean BOYS!! :o)


HOLMES said...

I think those are all great reasons to move to Texas!!

(But I think Mads might change his mind after a summer of 1,000º heat here!!)

Caution/Lisa said...

His logic is foolproof. You have to move. End of discussion.

May said...

They are such boys. My husband's only real regret moving from Switzerland to Denmark was having to give up his cars and get one Ford Mondeo (Oh! The HORROR!) instead.

He completely agrees with Mads and the clothes in the U.S. as well. :)

Paula said...

Ok now I want to move to Texas! Cheap cola, dvds, cars- its a paradise! Plenty reason to move in my opinion!!!

BABS said...

Precisely the reasons my man wants to go back to the U.S.

It looks like fun!

Kevin said...

Hey, I'd vote for your return to The States. Maybe then Doug and I could actually make a trip to Dallas one day and see you both!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Noooooo... don't go back! Denmark wouldn't be the same without you :)

Pete said...

From that picture you can easily spot that's not a Dane trying to open that bottle. He got his right hand placed all wrong, it should be placed at the bottom of the bottle you use to open the other bottle.
A true Dane can open a beer bottle with everyting at hand, another, a lighter - or even a single piece of paper just fold it 7-8 times and you can open a beer with it.

HOLMES said...

By the way I cracked up when I went to Sonic just now, thinking about how excited Mads got at the cheap drinks!

journeyinfinite said...

Not only do you have friends that think Mads is cool because he can do the bottle-to-bottle-resuscitation-opening move, but we think he's cool because he loves you and so do we!

Jesper said...

LOL, that is funny! I also agree with Mads - it is awesome buying clothes in the US compared to DK...but I will bet that he would miss real rye bread, leverpostej, and "Ulvene fra Midtjylland" if you guys moved to Texas ;-)

LadyFi said...

Now that is really funny! Boys...

jen said...

I definitely think it's nice that videos are cheaper, just rented my first movie here in copenhagen and it was almost 50 kroner for one, crazy!

but tell Mads that he can get eggmcmuffins in germany :-)

Corinne said...

There's not breakfast at McDonald's in Denmark??? Weird, I have to take a look around here sometime. Sverre LOVES buying clothes in the States. Normally I have to drag him into a store just to look for socks, but the minute we get to CA and start nearing the outlet centers he's practically quivering on the edge of the seat in anticipation. And Double Quarter Pounders from McD's...I think he'd live on those if he could. You're right, boys!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh. I want to move to Texas too, but can I still have the Danish weather? LOL

Skogkjerring said...

We are experiencing all the wonders of a cheap society as well and have made the comment several times, "shouldn't we just move back here and live like kings?" but the truth is, it's too much. You can't possibly appreciate all this stuff if you live here and can get it all the time. With that said, our bags are going to be stuffed coming home and we are having to buy one more suitcase...Trying to make this a yearly trip will certainly satisfy the yearnings for all this cheap STUFF is our final conclusion..but I read this and could totally relate to everything Mads thinks..and I miss Breakfasts at McDonalds also- will make you guys some biscuits, eggs and bacon sandwiches when you guys come ok..;-))