Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Texan og Dansk udtryk.. Texan & Danish sayings

I Texas, når koerne lægger ned på græsset, siger vi at "fiskene bider ikke".... Jeg undrer mig hvad danskerne siger når de ser koerne lægger i marken???

In Texas when the cows are laying down on the grass, we say that "the fish are not biting"... I wonder what the Danes say when they see the same thing in their fields??

I Danmark når du har 6 mennesker (hvilke 5 er Texans) sover i et hus som 105 kvartmetre, siger vi "det er meget hyggelig"..... og jeg elsker at vi kalder noget "hyggelig" i stedet for "lille". Hvert sted har en speciel måde at sige ting.... som laver hvert sted unik!

In Denmark when you have 6 people (of which 5 are Texans) sleeping in a 105 square meter house, we call it "very cosy"... and I love that we use cosy instead of small! Each place has its own special way of saying things....which makes that place unique!

Undrer du hvorfor vi har 5 Texans nu? Fordi min veninder Nancy og hendes søn Nick ankom i Danmark i dag. De er på en "europæiske mor-søn tur" og stoppede i Danmark for at besøge os! Det føler meget dejligt at have et hus fyld med venner!

Are you wondering why there are 5 Texans here now? It is because my friend Nancy and her son Nick arrived in Denmark today. They are on a "mother-son Euro trip" and stopped in Denmark to visit us! It feels great to have a house filled with friends!


Mom said...

Sounds like things are cosy at your house - give everyone a hug for me.

LadyFi said...

The Swedes also use the word cozy!

Sounds like great fun... enjoy!

Lisbeth said...

How lovely that so many of your friends are visiting!

Having never heard of the 'the fish are not biting' expression, I wonder what is meant by it?!

Danish - not just a breakfast food said...

Have a wonderful time!! :)