Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tivoli v. Six Flags

Danmark er hjem til Dyrehavsbakken og Tivoli.... verdens 2 ældste forlystelsesparker. Dyrehavsbakken og Tivoli er sjove og flotte og Mads har besøgt begge to mange gang og havde rigtigt godt tider hver gang!

Denmark is home to Dyrehavsbakken and Tivoli...the world´s 2 oldest amusement parks. Both are fun and pretty places to visit, and in fact, Mads has been to both many times and had great times during each visit!

Men sidste uge, oplevede Mads en forlystelsespark....TEXAS STIL!
But last week, Mads experienced an amusement part...TEXAS STYLE!

Før vi tog til SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS, spurgte Mads mig hvis det er ligesom Tivoli men jeg svarede ham ikke.... jeg smilede lige.

Before we went to SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS, Mads asked me if it was like Tivoli, but I did not answer him... I just smiled.

Og jeg sagde til ham:
Jeg ved at Tivoli har dejlig Nissemænd under juletid men har Tivoli en rutschebane som er 245 feet høj og kører 85 mph?! Six Flags over Texas har!

And I said to him:
I know that Tivoli has those cute elves during Christmas time, but does Tivoli have a roller coaster that is 245 feet (75 metres) tall that runs 85 mph? Six Flags over Texas does!

Og jeg ved at Tivoli har verdens højest karrusel hedder Himmelskibet som er 80 metres høj men har Tivoli verdens højeste "Freefall" Tårn i verden? Six Flags har....Det er Superman Tower of Power og det er 325 feet (100 metres) høj!

And I know that Tivoli has the world´s highest carousel called "Himmelskibet" which is 80 metres (262 feet) tall, but does Tivoli have the world´s highest Freefall Tower? Six Flags does....it is called Superman Tower of Power and it is 325 feet tall!

Og jeg ved at Tivoli har sommetider sne under juletid men har Tivoli en "Cool Zone" så du får ikke "hedeslag"?! Six Flags har!

And I know that Tivoli sometimes has snow during Christmas time, but does it have a "Cool Zone" so you do not get heat stroke?! Six Flags does!
Og jeg ved at Tivoli har en ny sjov forlystelses hedder "Vertigo" men kan børn kører biler der?! De kan i Six Flags!
And I know that Tivoli has this new, really fun ride called "Vertigo", but can kids drive cars there!? They can in Six Flags!
Og TRO MIG... Jeg ved at Tivoli har æbleskiver og glogg under jule og jeg ELSKER dem...men Six Flags har noget bedre............"FUNNEL" KAGER!

And BELIEVE ME... I know that Tivoli has æbleskiver and glogg during Christmas and I LOVE them....but Six Flags has something better.... FUNNEL CAKES!

Og jeg ved at vi har en stor problem med stoffer i verden..... men jeg er SIKKER PÅ at mennesker IKKE ville behøver stoffer for at blive "høj" hvis de prøver dette...det er den bedste "høj"!!!! REN ADRENELIN!

And I know that we have a big drug problem in the world...but I am CERTAIN that people would NOT need drugs to get high if they would just try this....it is the greatest high!!! PURE ADRENALINE!

Jeg er glad at Mads fik at opleve en forlystelsespark Texas-stil men hvis vi har konkurrence for "mest hyggelig" park....TIVOLI vinder....uden sammenligning!!
I am glad that Mads got to experience an amusement park Texas-style, but if we have a competition for the "coziest" park....TIVOLI wins....hands down!


Paula said...

I am absolutely loving these posts you are doing about Texas. Please share more!

Stephanie said...

Tivoli does let kids drive cars there too - but no fried dough - Mmmmmm!

nettielouise said...

I can't believe you did that thing again! Brock tried to get me to do it with him when we went with the school, but I was like..."Uhm...maybe next time..."

You got guts girl!

HOLMES said...

These pictures are great!!

Corinne said...

Sverre and I went to Tivoli last November, and I loved it! It's so cute, but you're right...nothing beats a Six Flags for pure adrenaline!

Mom said...

Six Flags is definitely NOT cozy. hee hee - glad Mads had fun at Six Flags over Texas. It is a fun place to act like a kid again!

LadyFi said...

Wow - I've got vertigo just looking at all these pictures!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Oooohhhhh I want funnel cake!

May said...

Ooooh very cool indeed! :)

United Studies said...

Your last sentence summed it up completely, the differences between something in Denmark and something in the US. In Denmark, things are more "cozy" whereas here we have the "bigger is better" mentality.

Peter has yet to visit an American amusement park, I think he'd be in for a surprise. But he isn't a fan of heights...

Our International Blend said...

OMG - I love this post!!! IT looks like you had sooo much fun! I had actually forgotten about funnelcakes!! The horror! :)
Can't wait to see you Friday!

Jesper said...

Wow...I am impressed - you guys are so brave!!!

Unknown said...

Apparently one other significant difference is that Tivoli isn't bankrupt!