Monday, July 13, 2009

Danske butikker .... Danish shops

Danmark er et dyrt land. /Denmark is an expensive country.

Du kan købe noget i Amerika for næsten halv prisen i Danmark. For eksempel--den samme Tommy Hilfiger sweater koster 700kr i Danmark men koster 200kr i Amerika! /
You can buy something in America for almost half the price in Denmark. For example--the same Tommy Hilfiger sweater costs 120 dollars in Denmark, but costs 40 dollars in America!

Jeg shopper MEGET MINDRE i Danmark end jeg shoppede da jeg boede i Amerika (så jeg spår theoretisk penge....ikke?!) /
I shop MUCH LESS in Denmark than I shopped when I lived in America (so I am theoretically saving money, right?!)

Selv om Danmark er MEGET MERE DYRT end de fleste lande i verden, tilbyder de danske butikker noget for gratis som jeg tror er vidunderlig! /
Even though Denmark is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than most other countries in the world. the Danish shops offer something for free that I think is wonderful!

Jeg arbejdede som en "pakke ind pige" hos Dillards magasin i 1 år, og jeg kan huske hvor mange mennesker betalte så meget for at have deres gaver pakkede ind... Men i Danmark, hver gang køber du noget, spørger eskpedienten dig "Er det til en gave?" Og hvis du siger "JA, det er til en gave", pakker ind de gaven FOR GRATIS!!

I worked as a "gift wrap girl" at Dillards department store for a year, and I can remember how many people paid so much money just to have their gifts wrapped...But in Denmark, each time you buy something, the salesperson asks you, "Is this a gift?" And if you say "YES, this is a gift," they giftwrap it for you FOR FREE!!


HOLMES said...

As it should be. I think all stores should offer this service at no charge. Way to go, DK!

Pete said...

I think I read you are going on vacation in Norway.
You will be in for a chock when you see their supermarket and resturant prices. Compared to this Danish food and drinks are very cheap.

PiNG aka Patti said...

I love the gift wrap thing - unless I'm the next person in line!

Corinne said...

I said "no thanks" all through Christmas because I thought gift wrapping would be charged. Silly me! Now I've learned to say "Yes, it is a gift!" and let someone else do the wrapping!

LadyFi said...

I think that Sweden is more expensive than Denmark... and wait until you get to Norway - even more expensive!!

We get free giftwrapping over here too. Brilliant!!

United Studies said...

Even if what I bought was for me, I would still say yes to the gift wrapping! Just so I could go home and unwrap it.

However, one time we went to Denmark right after Christmas, and I had all the gifts for my family wrapped, and the customs agents here in the US unwrapped them!!