Saturday, July 25, 2009

De næste 48 timer.... The next 48 hours

Jess og jeg har MEGET TRAVLT 48 timer foran os i dag....
Jess and I have a VERY BUSY 48 hours ahead of us today....

kl. 6.30 / 6:30am
Flyvetur begynder i Billund Danmark / Our trip begins in Billund, Denmark

kl. 13.20 (CST) / 1:20pm
14 timer senere ankom vi DFW Lufthavn / 14 hours later we arrive at DFW Airport

kl. 13.45 / 1:45pm
Mine forældre henter os og kører os til "UHaul" for at leje en "moving truck" /
My parents pick us up and drive us to UHaul to rent the moving truck

kl. 14.30 / 2:30pm
På vej til Stephenville TX kører til Ft. Worth og henter sofaen som Jess´s onkel vil give hende /
On the way to Stephenville TX drive to Ft. Worth and pick up the sofa Jess´ uncle is giving her

kl. 16.30 / 4:30pm
Vi ankommer i Stephenville, henter Jess´ bil og møder hendes far så han kan hjælpe os pakker ind alle hendes ting i "moving truck"

We arrive in Stephenville, pick up Jess´car, and meet her dad so he can help us to load all of her things into the moving truck

kl. 19.00 / 7:00pm
(Det håber jeg fordi kl. 19.00 i Texas er kl. 2 på mandag i Danmark!! /
I hope because 7pm in Texas is 2am Monday morning in Denmark!! )

Vi er færdig! Jess vil besøge venner som bor i Stephenville før vi flytter hende i morgen....og jeg vil hvile mig!

We are done! Jess will go and visit friends who live in Stephenville before we move her tomorrow... and I will rest!

mandag kl 10.00 / Monday, 10:00am
3 biler (Jess´ bil, "moving truck" og hendes far) kører til College Station Texas (3.5 timer syd) hvor Jess vil bo og gå på universitet de næste 4 år /

3 cars (Jess´, the moving truck, and her dad) will drive to College Station, Texas (3.5 hours south) where Jess will live and go to college the next 4 years

mandag kl. 17.00 / Monday, 5:00pm (Det håber jeg! / I hope!)
Den "moving truck" er tom, alt er I Jess´ lejlighed, og jeg kan bringe truck tilbage til UHaul i College Station /

The moving truck is empty, everything is IN Jess´ apartment, and I can return the moving truck back to UHaul in College Station


Jeg har 6 dage i College Station for at hjælpe Jess pakker ud, dekorerer lejligheden,
køber mad til hende, og køger mad for at sætte i hendes fryse.
Hvis vi kan overleve de første 48 timer, kan vi slappe af og morer os!

I have 6 days in College Station to help Jess unpack, decorate the apartment, buy groceries for her, and cook lots of stuff to put in the freezer for her.
If we can survive the first 48 hours, we can relax and enjoy ourselves!!


Lynne said...

Wishing Jess the very best in her new adventure!!

Skogkjerring said...

I'm exhausted girl just reading this and I'm not even travelling! Like I said, you're going to need another weekend in the woods when you are done with this whirlwind trip!! Ok ok...the quiet (outside of the Silence of the Pig moments y'all experience) areas of where you live in Denmark might work also- have a safe and productive trip and all the best to Jess in her new place and new college life!! That girl is definitely going places!!

Corinne said...

What a busy schedule! I hope you're able to pack in some sleep on the ride over. Good luck, Jess, with the move and with starting college!

Tara said...

Hi!!! I sadly admit this is the first time I've gotten to look at your blog since we left DK. It's great to see Danish again. :) Hope all is well!!

BABS said...


That is a jam packed week ahead!

Have fun and remember to eat your green vegetables for energy :)

nettielouise said...


They have a nice Hobby Lobby there if you are doing decorating...

Rachel said...

I hope you and Jess have a great trip. Enjoy getting her ready for college... and best wishes to Jess for a successful college start! :-)

LadyFi said...

Goodness me - I'm exhausted just reading this!

Jess is very lucky to have such a wonderful mum!