Tuesday, July 14, 2009

En ny virksomhed... A new business

Flere hundrede brev sendes ud i Herning området for at introduce en ny virksomhed i Danmark. (og mange mere brev vil blive sendt til andre område senere..) Den nye virksomhed kaldes "Nørgaard Consulting" og var startet i forbindelse med firmaet som havde spurgt mig at hjælpe dem med deres engelsk grammatik og oversættelser.

Hundreds of letters are in the process of being mailed out in the Herning area to introduce a new company in Denmark. (Many more letters will follow to other post codes.) The new company is called "Nørgaard Consulting" and was started in response to the number of companies which have asked me for help with their English grammar and translations.

Jeg har rettet mange dokumenter og hjemmesider siden jeg flyttede til Danmark og jeg er glad at hjælpe men Mads og jeg besluttede at det var tid at jeg får penge for det. Så vi åbnede Nørgaard Consulting! Det håber vi at du vil tjekke ud vores hjemmeside-- http://www.norgaardconsulting.com/ og hvis du kender nogen som har brug for vores service, lad os høre fra dig! Tak!

I have edited many documents and webpages since I moved to Denmark, and I am glad to help, but Mads and I decided it was time that I receive payment for my work. Because of this, we opened Nørgaard Consulting! We hope that you will check out our homepage-- http://www.norgaardconsulting.com/ , and if you know someone who might need our services, let us know! Thanks!


Lynne said...

Kelli -

Hi - I'm not one of those anonymous people who get all critical. And I loved your new venture, so I went to check out your website. I think there's an error on your About Us page... customization with an s? Unless that is a British spelling. Just thought I'd mention it, since... I'm one of those that would like to know if I have spinach in my teeth!! Your blog is great, BTW and via you I've found some other blogs I like.

BEST WISHES!!! Lynne in MA (blogless for the moment!)

Anonymous said...

good luck Kelli and Mads! I will definitely will let people know about your company!

MoMo 2.0 said...

Thanks Lynne for the comment, and yes, I am glad you mentioned it.. .however, in Europe, the Z is rarely ever used... organisation, specialise, etc... they all adopt the British English so that is why we use British spellings...
but thanks anyway!
I do appreciate the help because I am great at editing other people´s work, but it is always harder to do your own! :o)

LadyFi said...

I've already checked you out via FB!

I get a lot of freelance work to help people in Sweden too.. and yes - I definitely get paid for it!

May I add a comment to the s versus z debate going on up there?

Although it is perceived as very very British to have an s - e.g. organization... this is what I would call: BBC English.

If you look at the Cambridge International Dictionary of English for example, or other dictionaries where you can see which spelling is most frequently used in Britain, you'll see that 'organization' is, in fact, the most frequent spelling - even by us Brits!

I usually advise my clients to use International English - which, in effect, means British spelling (favourite, colour etc..) but using the 'z' - organization, customize instead of the more traditional 's'.

Pete said...

Congrats with your new business.

Regarding the spelling of "customization" I just noticed at one page at your website you spell it with a 'z', but at another page you spell it with an 's':

Quote: "His vast business knowledge and experience in Denmark provide the customisation to the products we create for your company".

Quote: "Nørgaard Consulting customizes each product based on individual client needs".

It would be much easier if American spelling was like British spelling so there would be no color/colour, tire/tyre etc.

And at the Danish page http://www.norgaardconsulting.com/Dansk.html you wrote "service funktioner", but actually that is one word in Danish so the correct spelling is "servicefunktioner".

Rachel said...

Tillykke og bedste ønsker, Kelli & Mads! :-)

BABS said...

I speak a lazy pigeon English to the Danes (no point in using shiny grammar or full words) but I am still asked time and time again to translate brochures and articles etc into English, or to correct English attempts for business and private ventures alike.

I've always wondered why I've never gotten paid for that kind of kindness (even when the corrected articles are then used for commercial or academic gain), but it's never been forthcoming. There has been the awkward moments when someone comes and begs me to help with the translation/corrections/rewriting and I have been unable to say no, then after hours of dedicated wordsmithing I hand the finished article back and they just take it with nary so much as a box of chocolates in return. I don't know why they do that as Danes can often be very fond of saying thankyou.

Speaking to other English speakers here I find that it is a thing, that this translation and correction business does happen without being reimbursed. *shrugs*

So good for you for being assertive! I get a really good feeling about your new business.

You are well situated and qualified. I have a hunch that your timing is exact too. If you want more fliers distributed get in touch and I'll distribute them over a wider area when I am on one of my walks. I distribute other pamphlets from time to time so it wouldn't be any trouble.

Can you make a banner so we can advertise you on our blogs and web pages?

And the very next time a Dane sidles up to me with thoughts of a freemfavor and a twelve chapter volume to be corrected or rewritten I will refer them to you and suggest they pay someone professional to do the job!

Jesper said...

Good luck - the site looks great :-)

kelly said...

Thank Goodness! What a great idea. Would you give up teaching if this got really big?

United Studies said...

Best of luck to you both! I hope your business is a success! And if you ever find that you need to hire people, you know where to holler. :-)

But seriously, what an awesome business opportunity for you.

Unknown said...

what a great idea! no doubt you will be successful :)
love ya! krys

Kevin said...

WOWIE ZOWIE! How impressive! I would never have thought of this in a zillion years, but this is PERFECT for you guys! Congratulations! I'm very impressed with your new website and wish you a mucho dinero result.

Fuzzy said...

Congratulations! It's a great idea, and even nicer to know your skills are in demand.

journeyinfinite said...

Very cool! Best wishes on your new veture!

May said...

And good luck!

Nichole said...

Congratulations on this new venture! You guys will be great!!

June said...

Congratulations and good luck! Exciting!
Ans umm..nice corporate picture ;)

HOLMES said...

Glad the site is finally up and running and this thing is one step closer to becoming real! If your company ever has shirts or drink koozies made, I'd like one or both. Love you!

nettielouise said...

Hmm...I remember you telling me how much you like the turquoise/brown color combination when we were browsing in a store...is it any wonder your business cards are turquoise and brown? He he...nice card!

Oh...and you look very sexy stuffing those envelopes!

KCLC said...

5 years ago would you have ever thought you would have your own business in Denmark ??

Your life really is a fairy tale, and I love reading about it !!!!