Saturday, July 11, 2009

En "plukker" dag... A "picking" day

I torsdags oplevede jeg noget nyt! Noget jeg har aldrig gjort før.... men noget jeg planlægger at gøre igen og igen!! PLUKKER-DAG! (ja, jeg skabede dette ord...)

On Thursday I experienced something brand-new! Something I have never done before...but something that I will plan to do again and again!! PICKING-DAY!! (and yes, I made that term up....)

Min svigermor så denne reklame i avisen og spurgde mig hvis jeg havde lyst at tage med og plukker jordbær... og siden jeg elsker jordbær og de er dyre at købe hos købmand og jeg har alridg plukkede noget fra en gård før, svarede jeg en stor "JA TAK!"

My mother-in-law saw this advertisement in the paper and asked me if I wanted to go with her to pick strawberries ....and since I love strawberries and they are so expensive to buy at the grocery store and I have never picked something from a farm before, I answered a big "YES, THANK YOU!!"

Gård ligesom "Fuglsang Bær" er overalt i Danmark.... hvor du kan selv-plukke eller køber "allerede plukkede" frugt og grøntsager...for en rigtig god pris!

Farms like "Fuglsang Bær" are everywhere in Denmark...where you can pick things yourself or buy "already picked" fruit and veggies...for a really great price!

Plukker jordbær er ikke nemt arbejde men det er sjov hvis du plukker med nogen! Vi forklarede til landmands kone hvorfor jeg bragte et kamera ind til jordbær marker..... Hun smilede lige... (Åh OG hun sagde at jeg taler flot dansk!!)

Picking strawberries is not easy work, but it is fun when you pick with someone! We had to explain to the farmer´s wife why I was bringing a camera into the strawberry fields....She just smiled....(Oh, AND she said that I spoke lovely Danish!!)
Vi plukkede 16 kg af jordbær samt ærter! Danskerne elsker at spise friske ærter så en snack! Jeg kan ikke lide dem men jeg plukkede dem så en overraskelse til Mads! Nu har jeg mange poser af jordbær i fryseren, klar at bruge alle vinter.

We picked 16kg of strawberries as well as peas! Danes love to eat fresh peas for a snack! I do not like them at all, but I picked them as a surprise for Mads! Now I have lots of bags of strawberries in the freezer, ready to use all winter!

Efter vores tur til den jordbær gård, foreslog min svigermor at vi tager til skoven og se hvis blåbær var klar.... igen, har jeg aldrig plukkede bær i skoven før så jeg sagde en stor "JA!"

After our trip to the strawberry farm, my mother-in-law suggested that we go to the forest and see if the blueberries were ready...and again, I have never picked berries in the forest before so I said a big YES!

Blåbær var klar...og efter et time, BLÅ FINGRE og kun en small poser-fuld, kan jeg forestår hvorfor friske blåbær er så dyr at købe!!

The blueberries were ready...and after one hour, BLUE FINGERS and one small bag-full, I can understand why fresh blueberries cost so much!!

Efter jeg rensede alle jordbær og blåbær (og mine fingre), gjorde jeg den eneste ting du skulle gøre efter du har været i skoven at plukke blåbær.... Jeg lavede Kernemælk Blåbær Pandekager for aftensmad! (Mads var ikke hjemme til aftensmad i torsdags..... så Albert og jeg spiste dem.... men vi sparret 3 små pandekager så han kunne smage dem!)

After I had cleaned all the berries (and my fingers), I did the only thing you should do after you have been to the forest to pick blueberries... I made Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes for dinner! (Mads was not home for diner that night, so Albert and I ate them all....well, we did save 3 small ones for him to taste them later that night!)

Jeg planlægger at bringe Jess til skoven hvor vi fandt blåbær så hun kan opleve det også fordi mad at du laver med ting at du har selv-plukket eller selv-dyrket smager SÅ MEGET BEDRE! Tak til min svigermor for en rigtig god oplevelse! Næste---brombær og æbler!

I plan to bring Jess to the forest where we found the blueberries so she can experience this too because food that you prepare with things you have either picked or grown yourself just tastes SO MUCH BETTER! Thanks to my mother in law for a great experience! Next---blackberries and apples!


Anonymous said...

My mother in law told me that when she was still a kid and living in Samsø she often took up this kind of work in the summer - and when you are plucking the strawberries, you have to whistle continuously so they would know that you're not eating them while plucking LOL

Archaeogoddess said...

When I lived back in the states I LOVED going apple picking! But then I love apples and all the things you can make with apples. Berries, not so much. But I love the idea of going out and picking berries anyway!

MoMo 2.0 said...

The Writer CRACKS ME UP!! Because there is no way I could have whistled...because I was eating the whole time! LOL

Mads said they told him that when he was a little kid... no eating, just whistling! Wonder what you do if you did not know how to whistle?!?

May said...

It's all a matter of knowing where to look. There'll be wild raspberries and blackberries as well soon.

Our cherries and currants are ripe now, so we're busy picking here on the farm. :)

I used to have a summer job plucking strawberries when I was a kid. We were allowed to eat them, though. :p

Rachel said...

Everything looks delicious - berries, peas & the pancakes! I'm glad you had fun... thanks for sharing your adventure. Great pictures :-)

HOLMES said...

Greatest picture of you EVER.

Mom said...

This post warms my soul. One thing good about your move to Denmark - you have become downright domesticated and I love it! We do have fields with berries for picking in Texas, but you were way to cool to do that when you were here...enjoy!

Jennifer said...

Those pancakes look so yummy! That sounds like a great day!

LadyFi said...

Those pancakes look great!

I love the fact that we can just go into the woods here in Sweden and pick wild raspberries, blueberries, lingon berries, redcurrants and all kinds of mushrooms! The only picking I did in the UK was at Pick-your-own farms...

journeyinfinite said...

Love this post -- makes me feel all nature-girly.

And peas rock!

Corinne said...

We visited family friends at their hytta yesterday, and their property is awash with blueberries. We had homemade blueberry tart for dessert and it was divine! The currants around here are ripening and they are lovely! Can't wait for the cherries, it's getting close!

nettielouise said...

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a lakehouse in East Texas near Tyler and we would go and pick blueberries and peaches when they were in season and make a TON of blueberry pancakes. The are the BEST! You are seriously making me hungry!

Our International Blend said...

That looks like a wonderful way to spend a summer day! I hope you are having a great summer...we are all over the world today. The White kids are in Upper MI, Finn and kids are in Turkey, and I am in Cuernavaca, Mexico! Yesterday I visited an amazing Cortez' palace this afternoon! Miss you bunches! :) Hils Mads og Albert!


Hii Mads &Kelli...

Very nice to see ur blog...:-)
I have found your blog while i'm searching for fruit picking activity in copenhagen area.

This is MalathiHari .
We live in copenhagen and we are very much interested in fruitpicking(cherry picking, apple picking etc) I want to know the exact address of the place where u hav gone for strawberry picking on 11/july/09.

So could u please give me the address and phone num of the places where we can go for fruit picking in weekends.

Thnk u in advance :)

Hav a nice day


Tara said...

I want to go to a picking day... let me know if they still do these. My kids would love it!!