Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flyvning Katte.... Flying Cats

Emmitt havde en besked til Jess før vi rejste i søndags..... "Hvis du rejser, jeg rejser også! Hvis en kat kan flyver fra Florida til Texas, er jeg sikker på at en kat kan rejse fra Denmark til Texas også!" Læs her: http://cbs3.com/watercooler/Florida.cat.suitcase.2.635324.html

Emmitt had one message for Jess before we left on Sunday... "If you go, I go, too! Because if a cat can fly from Floriday to Texas, I am certain one can fly from Denmark to Texas, too!" Read here: http://cbs3.com/watercooler/Florida.cat.suitcase.2.635324.html


LadyFi said...

Smart cat!

Skogkjerring said...

Awww, Emmitt is homesick....once an American always an American!!! :-))

Tara said...

:) Better than my cat! I left my suitcase open the night before I left somewhere and MY dumb cat peed in it! : (

I had to throw the suitcase away and re-pack washed but still wet clothes.

dumb cat. :)

Rachel said...

Slippers does the exact same thing.... hard sometimes to leave w/o her in it :-) Emmitt is a great looking cat... he looks so comfy & relaxed in the pictures. Cute post!