Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mit Eventyr..... My Fairy Tale

Der var engang flyttede en prinsess til Danmark. Hun var meget glad for sit nye hjem og meget forelsket i sin danske mand men noget manglede.

Once upon a time a princess moved to Denmark. She was so happy in her new home and so in love with her Danish husband, but something was missing.

Prinsessen elskede FACEBOOK fordi hun har fandt så mange af sine gamle venner siden på det. Hun snakkede med dem og lærte om deres liv og familier. Det var så sjovt at få forbindet til så mange venner selv om de boede i forskellige dele i verden.

The princess loved FACEBOOK because she had found so many of her old friends on it. She talked with them and learned about their lives and their families. It was so fun to get connected to so many old friends although they all lived in different parts of the world.

En dag, på Facebook, fundet prinsessen et navn som genkendte fra da hun var en teenager. Det var navnet af en pige som hun gik til kirke med i mange år. Hun huskede at pigen har blevet gift og flyttet til Holland efter gymnasium men de har ikke snakket sammen med i næsten 20 år!

One day on Facebook the princess found a name that she recognized from when she was a teenager. It was the name of a girl that she went to church with for many years. She remembered that the girl had gotten married and moved to Holland after high school, but they had not talked to each other for almost 20 years!

Prinsessen og sin gammel veninde begyndte at snakke sammen på Facebook og lære om hinandens liv. Det troede prinsessen at det var rigtigt godt at have en gammel veninde fra Texas som også boede i Europa. De snakkede om besøgender til Danmark og Holland i fremtiden.

The princess and her old friend began to talk with each other on Facebook and learn about each other´s lives. The princess thought it was great to have an old friend from Texas who was also living in Europe. They even talked about future visits to Denmark and Holland.

En dag begyndte veninden at læse en blog at prinsessen skrev på hver dage. Hun lærte mange ting om prinsessen fra den blog, inklusiv af den eneste ting som var manglede i prinsess´s liv. Efter hun læste om denne ting, skrev hun til prinsessen og tilbød at hjælp. Hun fortalt prinsessen at hun har fandt tingen prinsessen ønskede efter i hendes kongerige af Holland!

One day the friend began to read a blog that the princess wrote in everyday. She learned quite a bit about the princess from the blog, including the one thing that was missing in the princess´ life. After she had read about this thing, she wrote to the princess and offered to help. She told the princess that she had found the thing the princess wished for in her kingdom of Holland!

Prinsessen blev MEGET LYKKELIG da hun hørte nyhederne! Hun kunne ikke tro det! Kunne hendes liv bliver hel nu?

The princess was VERY HAPPY when she heard the news! She just could not believe it! Could her life be complete now?

En pakke afleveres til prinsessen i går... en pakke fra kongerige af Holland... en pakke som holdte den eneste ting manglede fra prinsessens liv i Danmark...

A package was delivered to the princess yesterday...a package from the kingdom of Holland...a package that contained the one thing that had been missing from the princess´ life in Denmark....

Og moralen af historien? Drømmer går i opfyldelse på Facebook!
And the moral of the story? Dreams come true on Facebook!

Tak til min gamle veninde, Kathy Bijdevaate! Mit danske køkken er nu komplet! Jeg håber at vi kan se hinanden snart så jeg kan give dig et STORT knus!

Thank you to my old friend, Kathy Bijdevaate! My Danish kitchen is now complete! I hope we can see each other soon so I can give you a HUGE hug!!


Mom said...

OMG - you life is now complete. I think it is wonderful that you & Kathy have reconnected after all these years. Hopefully you will get to see her someday soon.

NotQuiteDanish said...

ROFL! that is very funny. I wonder if Mary got one too? Anyway, sounds like you have a 'true blue' friend, as we say D.U.

LadyFi said...

There I was thinking she had found Iced Tea to send you or that Velveeta stuff... I thought you already had a slow cooker?!..

I'm very slow - you can hire me! ;-)

Rachel said...

Great post...and Tillykke! That was so nice of Kathy and so glad you two reconnected :-)

Corinne said...

Oooo, get to crock-pottin, girl! LOL, those things intimidate me a little. Does Mads know the goodness that is coming his way out of that thing??

Pete said...

And she lived happily ever after.

Nice. You can also order the Morphy Richards slow cookers from UK and German eBay stores.
Here's one from an eBay UK store for £24.85 http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/Dusk2Dawn-uk_Other-Kitchen-Appliances_W0QQ_fsubZ890520010QQ_sopZ2QQ_scZ1

Eve said...

OHHHH you are so lucky!! I have been yearnin for one of those for ever! It is so odd they don't sell them here. I need to find a friend from Holland to send me one also! LOL

Jesper said...

How funny, but is it really impossible to find those in DK???

Great that you guys have found each other again :-)

HOLMES said...

Thank God you have a Crock Pot. I thought the day would never come. Time for some red beans and rice.

United Studies said...

Slow cookers are the best! I love mine....especially in the winter. And now that you mention it, I don't remember seeing them in Denmark. Peter had no idea what it was when he first saw mine, but after seeing what all you can cook in it, and how easy it is, he is a huge fan.

KCLC said...

I want to toss mine out and get THAT one!!! There is nothing like coming home, opening your door, and being greeted by the smell of stew, roast or chili cooking .

Oh! And is that boobie cleavage I see reflecting off the crock pot? HAHA!

Glennis said...

Wonderful fairy story, I also made a blog about my wonderful slow cooker a couple of weeks ago, it shows my Husband proudly showing off his first lovely meal cooked in the exact same type of cooker.
I trust you get as much fun and yummy meals from your gift as we have.

PiNG aka Patti said...

Waa - I want one too!!

I brought mine from the US, and I've used it with a converter, but I never really feel safe about using it or leaving it, which really kind of misses the point!

Alex said...

Oh wow. I was just thinking about this, wondering if crockpots were easily available in Europe, particularly Scandinavia. I love my crock. Even more, I love the fact that I got it very cheaply at a garage sale.