Monday, August 24, 2009

Først besøg til læge.... First visit to the dr.

Jeg lærte mange ting i dag hos læge! De var ikke dårlige eller mæ en smule forskellige!
I learned many things today at the doctor´s office! They were not bad or strange.....but just a little bit different!

1. Jeg vil se kun læge 3 gange-- men han vil ikke aflevere babyet.
1. I will only see the doctor three times---but he will not actually deliver the baby.

2. Jeg vil møde min jordmoder i oktober og vil se hende til de fleste af mine andre aftaler.
2. I will meet my midwife in October and will see her for the majority of my other appointments.

3. Min jordmoder vil aflevere babyet.
3. My midwife will deliver the baby.

4. Min første scanning bliver i uge 12. (Jeg er i uge 10 nu.)
4. My first ultrasound will be in week 12. (I am in week 10 now.)

5. Siden jeg havde en "thyroidectomy" i 2001, vil de tjekke på mine blød-niveau ofte (som lavede mig meget lykkelig at høre).
5. Since I had a thyroidectomy in 2001, they will regularly check my blood levels (which made me very happy to hear).

6. Min aftale kostede ikke.
6. My appointment did not cost anything.

Adværsel mænd.... du må ikke ville at læse nr. 7!
Warning may not want to read #7!

7. Da du har eskamen, tager du tøj ud i kontor (med læge i rummet), du modtager ikke en "gown" med bamser på det at klade på, og de bruger ikke en lagen for at dække op. Mads foregav at læse et blad under eksamen... LOL. Jeg var gravid 19 år siden og nu husker jeg den MEST VIGTIG TING... når du er gravid, har du ikke tid at være pinlig!

7. When you have your exam, you undress in the office (with the doctor in the room), you do not receive a cute gown with teddy bears on it to wear, and they do not use a sheet to cover you up. Mads pretended to read a magazine during the exam...LOL I may have been pregnant 19 years ago, but now I remember the MOST IMPORTANT THING...when you are pregnant, there is no room for being embarrassed!

Det var faktisk en god oplevelse i dag. Lægen sagde at alle ser alle tiders!
It was actually a good experience today. The doctor said that everything looks great!

FØDSEL- 27. marts
DUE DATE- March 27


Caution/Lisa said...

Congratulations again!!! A midwife should be interesting. Can't wait to learn more. Will the delivery be in a hospital or birthing center or elsewhere?

Kelly said...

I've been MIA for a bit this is the first I've read the news....CONGRATS to you exciting!!

Mom said...

Too late for getting embarrassed. Remember you are now part of a culture is very "open" so they don't expect you will be bothered by undressing in front of people...ha!

LJensen said...

I just might bring a little sheet of my own then...Blame it on the chilly nordic air, LOL!

Khawaga said...

YOur point 7, Kelli: I find this difficult. I went for a mammogram today, and again, the attitude to privacy and nudity is totally different. They expect you to walk completely naked to the waist into an office with two technicians you have never seen, and have a normal conversation with them. I found this horrid. We would not do this in the UK. Let alone in southern Europe, or in the Middle East, which is what I have become culturally accustomed to. Ugh. Next time I'll say, We do this a little differently chez nous.

PiNG aka Patti said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you and all should prove to be very exciting - in a good way!

I too find the stripping down a bit odd. Every appointment I've been to, for anything, the doctor has always talked to me first while I'm still dressed and then told me to take my clothes off so that he/she could examine me. I have to say, I much prefer it over being left in a small room wearing a gown and wondering when the doctor may appear.

Stephanie said...

Om Sweden you never see a doctor in a normal pregnancy, no ultrasound until week 24, and only a few midwife visits. Denmark has it made. So happy to be over here. In Sweden you also strip in front of the doctor, but that doesn't bother me. They've seen one they've seen them all!

kelly said...

Once I had a breast ultrasound in London and they sent me into a special room to change into a gown. I put on my gown and went in to the lab.
"It's the wrong way round"
I turned it the right way round in front of them.
"Good. Now, take it off and lie on this couch."

I lol'd.

The team you have behind you sound great, I am crossing my fingers that your midwife is as awesome as you!

DreaminginDanish said...

Congratulations! Thanks for letting us know how it will be when we get pregnant here. I know not to have Benja in the exam room ;)

BABS said...

March is a wonderful time for you and Mads to meet your baby! The weather will be warming up and all the trees will be in bud :)

I found that a soft pasmina scarf was invaluable for visits to doctors that might involve naked stuff. It can get quite chilly on those exam beds!

But if you are okay with it then it doesn't matter. The main thing is that you are okay with what happens, and it doesn't matter if it might seem a little odd from the outside (the way people get nekked here!), so long as you are alright with it.

Otherwise, PASMINA! (The scarf doubles as an impromptu skirt/apron type thing.)

Week ten!!!!!




HOLMES said...

Loved this post-- and glad they are being proactive about your thyroid situation. March 27 is not that far away!!

I wonder why we have those silly gowns to cover up with at the doctor's office, though-- I mean, if you think about it, it is kind of silly to be wrapped up in a Snuggie with just your vajayjay exposed.

Gutsy Living said...

It's so much fun for me to hear the Danish way of doing things. As a kid when we swam at the local pool, a woman would make sure we washed with a sopa sponge before getting our bathing suits on. I thought that was so cleanly. Never bothered me. I wonder if it's still that way today.

Archaeogoddess said...

After my gyno appointment, having stripped for the doc and reclined sans sheet, she (requested woman doctor, thank GOD) hands me a wad of towels and then saunters back over to the desk. I'm like... ooookaaaay, I'll just uh, clean myself up then while YOU ARE STANDING IN THE ROOM! (In my head, of course, since at this point I just want outta there!!) There's "open" and "dear god can I just keep a shred of decency!"

LadyFi said...

Great to hear that all is well. I don't think the Scandinavians feel any need to cover up, so I'm guessing you'll soon be comfortable with everyone seeing you half naked! ? ;-)

Garkbit said...

When we had our second child here in Denmark, the one thing I thought a little strange about the birth was that from when we arrived at Skejby Sygehus at 7pm (scared into quick action by a severe snow-storm warning) until we tramped out into the snowdrifts thirteen hours later with our new baby daughter, we had precisely zero contact with any doctor. I thought at least they'd insist on a token inspection of the goods before release.

We didn't have the "your own midwife" thing either - maybe Skejby is too much of a baby-factory for that. We just got whoever was in duty - but actually the care during the birth was excellent - much better than we experienced in Norway, at any rate.

Skogkjerring said...

Hahaha, it's like I said on Facebook, just get use to this..they aren't thinking about it a tenth of what you are..March 27th!! My dad's birthday is March 25th, My nephew is March 27th, and Thomas is March 31st. All great guys...hope your little Dane/American will be as special as these guys are..

Unknown said...

So excited for you... cool you are ok about the nakked thing... I am such a prude...LOL

C and H Romenesko said...

Yippeee! We get to add another little one to the list of March birthdays!

Congrats and you're handling the whole nakedness much better than I would. Speaking of, I was fortunate enough to see matching father/son wieners just 1 meter off the road on my way to Billund Monday. And, BTW, both circumsized. Seriously. That close!