Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hvor mange lastbiler?!?! How many trucks?!?

Jeg lærte engelsk til en mand denne sommer som arbejder med en firma for at konstrukter vindmøller i hele verden fra det første trin til det sidste og imens jeg lærte ham engelsk, lærte han mig MANGE interessante ting om vindmøller!

I taught English to a man this summer who works with a company who constructs windmills across the world from the first step to the last. While I was teaching him English, he was teaching me MANY interesting things about windmills!

Sådan har jeg et spørgsmål til jer!
Hvor mange lastbiler synes du det tager for at transportere EN VINDMØLLE?
Svaret kommer snart!

So now I have a question for you!
How many trucks (18 wheeler types) does it take to transport ONE WINDMILL?
The answer is coming soon!


Kevin said...

I'll bite. Six?

Think how many jobless people could be put to work if this country would finally get smart and utilize wind energy!

Archaeogoddess said...

15? I mean I know it takes one truck to carry one blade and there are three blades... but how many parts do those things come in? I'm guessing at LEAST 15 if not more. And that's not counting the truck that comes first with the sign saying "wide load" or the truck that follows that indicates that you are a complete ass if you try to pass this SOB on a curve.

Skogkjerring said...

I'll guess four?? No...five..yeah...five..never would have thought of this had you not posted it but I'll be very well prepared if I ever run into a Dane up here, we can talk windmills..
How is the house hunting going and have you had any experience with the Danish health care system now with your pregnancy? What do you think??
I'm getting better here but have to stay away from people until Tuesday-
Have a great weekend my friend! :-)

LadyFi said...

Gosh.. mmm... at least four? Maybe even six...?

Archaeogoddess said...

My husband says 8. No, 7. No, 8. Maybe 7.

Rachel said...

Great post, Kelli! :-)
Danes are smart... I'm sure they have this all figured out by now. But I'm sure it still takes more than one truck lol. How about just a simple 2... one for base and one for all the blades strategically stacked on one truck. Btw, I'm not cheating & phoning-a-friend (Mac). Two, final answer. :-)

Tara said...

Seven or eight... depending on the size on the turbine. :)

C and H Romenesko said...

Hmmm, 10? I probably should have paid more attention to the number of trucks with 'windmill parts' located at a reststop just north of hamburg.

LJensen said...

I'm thinking 6..Three for the blades, 2 for the long poles, and one for the extra stuff. I just don't know how much extra stuff there is.