Sunday, August 16, 2009


Jeg modtager mange spørgsmål om det danske offentlige sundheldssytem. Mennesker kan ikke forstå hvordan Danmarks velfærd system arbejder fordi de forstår ikke socialism. (For eksempel- Da jeg var i højskole, kan jeg huske at de lærte os at Socialism og Kommunism er i den samme gruppe! Kan du tro det?!)

I receive many questions about the Danish health care system. People do not understand how Denmark´s welfare system works because they do not understand socialism and they have a different meaning for the word "welfare" if they live in America. (For Example- when I was in high school, I had a teacher who taught us that socialism and communism were in the same category! Can you believe that?!)

Det ved jeg at USA prøver at skifte deres sundheldssystem og hvis de vil kigge til Danmarks system, det tror jeg at noget god kunne komme til de amerikanske mennesker.

I know that that US is trying to reform its healthcare system and if they would just look at Denmark´s system, I believe that something good could come to all the American people.

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LadyFi said...

I agree. Here in Sweden we have subsidized healthcare. Can't believe that in the US there are so many who just cannot afford healthcare!! Seems almost primitive!

Mom said...

I'm not sure those of us in the US with great healthcare would welcome the taxation that it takes to provde healthcare for everyone. It would be a huge increase for Americans and they already hate paying taxes. Glad that Denmark has a good system to take care of my daughter and new grandbaby.

BABS said...

It's amazing to see a lot of comfortable people (our relatives have been so worried) in America getting very upset about the reforms on the table. I wonder if their fears are well founded or not, but do not know enough about the American options to decide.

The Danish health system (like the British) has been well constructed, and it's all relative. Compared to some other healthcare systems it runs well. But many people in Denmark are paying for health care (going private) and the system is far from perfect. There isn't a lot of choice and the system is being crippled by more and more budget cuts.

On a European scale the Danish system does not rank particularly high in terms of survival from certain treatable illnesses.

There are plenty of costs associated with being sick in Denmark, there are hidden costs and getting sick here can be very expensive.

One of my family members on a low income fell sick and had to pay the equivalent of 160 dollars on one month on his meds, which may not be a lot but when you consider he's already paid a whacking amount of tax....mmmm, all adds up. There is a reduced expenses ride here with healthcare, but there are costs.

I won't get into the standards of service and care provided, because it would really depend on what a person expected from a healthcare provider. The hospitals here are under a lot of stress right now. *shrugs*

If I needed an operation I wouldn't be confident enough to have it here and I sure hope it never comes to that, but that is down to personal experience of the system messing up due to cost cutting and lack of choice.

Having said that, a financially challenged person needing an operation would be better off if they were in Denmark than if they were in the US (it certainly seems that way).

Healthcare is all relative LOL :)

Our International Blend said...

Really interesting post! Finn and I were just talking about this on Thursday, because he saw US coverage regarding the angry outbursts surrounding the Healthcare reform issues. He said he finally understood what I meant when I told him that to the typical American, Socialism is one step away from Communism. He had no idea that some American people feel so passionately that Socialism can only be considered in a negative light!

Michael said...

Virkelig en interessant blog.
Jeg syntes lige jeg ville give en lille god ide til jer der smager godt.

Der er lige kommet en SUND CHOKOLADE til Danmark fra USA. Den hedder Xocai og den smager skønt og så er den rigtig sund. Læs evt. mere om chokoladen og mig på

Greetings MICHAEL

LJensen said...

Denmark does a great job with health care, but it is only 5.5 million people. I worry that the US, with it's vast population, won't do such a good job.

BABS said...

Okay, I feel I have to set the record straight because the article was misleading in some ways. I just watched the film, and I think what is misleading is the fact that the system here functions better because the doctors are not using defensive measures and that litigation is low, almost unheard of.

Sadly, Denmark spends less but you do get what you pay for.

People do not sue because this isn't a culture where people question authority. It is very rare to find cases of legal action being taken because that is just not what is done here.

But that isn't to say it should not happen, because most of the time people are just not aware of their rights.

I have known two people very closely who were severely damaged by hospital malpractice and neither of them wanted to cause trouble by taking action. It's weird when you consider that they should.

Healthcare is cheap in Denmark but you get what you pay for. More and more people are choosing to go private. We have used private doctors here but our next step would be to go abroad if we needed an operation. That may not be possible and we'd be stuck with the standard treatments.

I am sorry to be a nay sayer, but these are important issues and it would be misleading to suggest that Danish healthcare is better than any other in any way.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Everyone makes great points, but until you have students in your classes and your school who have no health care so their families must sit in the county hospital at all hours of the night (which is NOT A PLACE I would take Albert, moreless Jess!) just to get an antibiotic for their baby, you just do not realize how inequitable our system is. It is great for the "haves", but the "have nots" who have a dad who work for hourly jobs like McDonalds or the local car wash will NEVER get to move to that other side... I saw the effects of the American system for many years in Wichita Falls, Texas and it broke my heart over and over... Forget the free university opps we have in DK... these kids just need proper healthcare.

BABS said...

Point taken :)

Denmark is definitely the place to be if one is poor and in need of medical aid. One of the things that has freaked us out for years in our big plan to go 'back' to the US is the fear of being poor there.

At least here people can be poor and not utterly destitute.

Depending on their right to be here that is ;)

Lynne said...

As an American nurse, I completely agree with what Kelli just wrote. It is heartbreaking - not just children, but take for example grown adults very sick whose children are taken because they are single parents with no one to care for the children. Sad sad... with earlier care, more preventive care... it could be a different story.

In response to the increase in taxes... lot a nonsense... PBS had a great special a while ago, and when you look at how much the US spends PER PERSON... and how much other countries with national healthcare spend PER PERSON... we actually spend MORE right NOW!! And it's crazy... we spend more than them, but not everyone is covered. It's sad.

So, yes, I believe we should all have national healthcare. No one should lose their house or children's college funds because of a health care crisis.

Way to go Denmark and all other countries with socialised or national healthcare!!