Thursday, August 6, 2009

Træthed... Jet Lag

Hej. Mit navn er Kelli og jeg har træthed.
Jeg spurgde ikke for træthed.
Jeg købte ikke træthed.
Jeg har levet et godt liv og hjælper andre så jeg fortjene ikke træthed.
Men jeg har det.

Hello. My name is Kelli and I have jet lag.
I did not ask for jet lag.
I did not purchase jet lag.
And I have lived a good life and help others, so I do not deserve jet lag.
But I have it.

Der er ikke en kur for træthed.
Men det er en ÆGTE "sygdom"!
Og jeg har blevet trætheds senest offer.
Læs her:

There is not a cure for jet lag.
But it is a DOCUMENTED "illness"!
And I have become jet lag's latest victim.
Read here:

Træthed er ikke dødbringende.
Du SKAL overleve det.
Men "sygdom længde" er forskellig for hvert menneske.
Undersøgelse fortæller os at træthed bliver en dag for hver tidszone du rejser igennem.
Texas er 7 timer bagefter Danmark så jeg har 5 mere dage af min sygdom.
Bed for mig fordi jeg gik tilbage på arbejde i går! (eller bed for mine kolleger!!)

Jet lag is not fatal.
You WILL survive it.
But the disease´s length varies from person to person.
Research tells us that jeg lag lasts one day for each time zone you travel through.
Texas is 7 hours behind Denmark so I have five more days of my sickness.
Pray for me because I went back to work yesterday! (or perhaps pray for my colleagues!)

Vidste du: Hvis min familie boede på Spitsbergen, den meste nordlig punkt i Norge, ville jeg have ikke træthed fordi rejse fra syd til nord eller nord til syd giver ikke træthed! Men min mor er ikke så glad for isbjørne (som et husdyr eller mad!) så det tror jeg at dette er ikke min sidste træthed!

Did you know: If my family lived on the island of Spitsbergen, Norway's most northern point, I would not have jet lag because travel from north to south or south to north does not cause jet lag! But my mom is not so fond of polar bears (as a pet or dinner!) so I belive that this will not be my last case of jet lag!

(ja, skrevet jeg denne kl. 3!)
(and yes, I wrote this at 3am!)


Mom said...

You need to get some sleep! Your jet lag has never lasted this long before. Have you tried drinking a cup of warm milk? You're right your mom wouldn't go for polar bear climate. I hope this goes away soon. Love ya lots!!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's real alright! CA is 9 hours behind Norway. I'm still trying to acclimate! The thing is, it was just over 3 weeks ago I flew FROM CA to Norway lol!

PiNG aka Patti said...

I know exactly what you're going through - hang in there - it's almost the weekend and it WILL get better!!

Corinne said...

For some reason the jet lag from CA to Norway is the worst I've ever had. Even worse than CA to Japan. I was BEAT when I came back in June! Just get yourself back into your normal sleep cycle as soon as you can! Here's hoping, for you and your colleagues, that it passes quickly!

BABS said...

MMM, I beg to differ. I think it is the first trimester lag you are getting. From what I can remember, in those first three months we feel like we have the worst case of jeg lag ever.

Remember to eat your dark green leafy vegetables and to get enough rest. Sleep is the order of the day!

LadyFi said...

Jet lag stinks! I hate it!

Make sure you get outside and get lots of sunshine or daylight to get your body into Danish rhythm as soon as poss!

C and H Romenesko said...

Freakin' funny! No, I'm not laughing at your expense, I'm reliving my terrible JL from June. It was the WORST!

I am, however, sorry that you've got "The JL". This, too, shall pass. And, you'd think that with your new little peanut, you'd be all tuckered out and falling asleep easily. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Urgh. I know how you feel. The last time I was in Indonesia, the jet lag hit me for over 2 weeks and I was "cured" just before I had to go back to DK again.

My hometown is 6 hours forward than DK so it's almost like where you are now compared to Texas

May said...

I zonk out every time I get into a car, plane or train, so I've luckily never suffered from jet-lag.

I'm wondering if it would work to simply stay awake for one full cycle? Of course you'd miss a bedtime a be completely sleep deprived.

Otherwise a hot shower followed by a cup of warm milk or valerian tea might help (not sure if the latter is good for baby, though).

Rachel said...

Hope you're feeling better for the weekend & get back on Danish time. Maybe Albert will go with you for a walk in the park - fresh (Danish) air might help :-)

HOLMES said...

If someone offered me warm milk I'd never be able to sleep again!! LOL

Jason said...

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LadyFi said...

Are you still jetlagged?

Traveling Mama said...

I have to agree with Babs- may be the first trimester. I felt like I had been run over by a bus with each of mine. Made me wish I HAD been run over by a bus! :-) Hope you are up and running! Oh, and that festival in your other post looks like fun! The naked man tush was hysterical!
Hugs from Morocco!