Monday, September 21, 2009

At være eller ikke.... To be or not to be

Dette er spørgsmålet!
That is the question!

Og nu detaljerne... And now, the details

Hvem: Mads og jeg og JUDE LAW og ca. 200 andre mennesker
Who: Mads and I and JUDE LAW and about 200 others

Hvad: Hamlet (levende!)
What: Hamlet (live!)

Hvornår: den sidste fredag i august
When: the last Friday in August

Hvor: Kronborg Slot i Helsingør Danmark--- "Hamlets Slot"
Where: Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, Denmark-- AKA "Hamlet´s Castle"

Hvorfor: for at se Hamlet hvor "historien skete"
Why: to see Hamlet where the story happened

At se Hamlet i "Hamlets slot" var en surrealistisk oplevelse.... Og at se Jude Law som Hamlet var kun BONUS!

To see Hamlet in "Hamlet´s castle" was a surreal experience....and to see Jude Law as Hamlet was just the BONUS!

Efter showet var slut, snakkede Mads og jeg om vores mening efter det. Jeg nød det MEGET men han sagt at det var meget svært at "følge" alle i "Shakespeares engelsk".... Der var mange dansker til showet og vi snakkede med få så vi gik til bilen og de var enig med Mads. De kunne læse undertekst på skærmet som en oversættelse men det havde ikke samme betydning. Jeg indset (for sent) at jeg skulle læse Hamlet med Mads før vi tog til showet.... og forklarede historien til ham så han kunne nyde det så meget som jeg nød siden jeg er en "NERDY" engelsk lære og han er ikke. :o)

After the show was over, Mads and I talked about our opinions of it. I enjoyed it IMMENSELY, but he said that it was really difficult to follow everything in Shakespeare´s English.... There were lots of Danes in the audience and we talked with a few as we walked to the car and they were in agreement with Mads. They could all read the subtitles on the screen as a translation, but it just did not have the same meaning. I realized (too late) that I should have read Hamlet with Mads before we went to the show and explained the story to him so that he could enjoy it as much as I did since I am the NERDY English teacher and he is not.. :o)


Paula said...

ooh im so envious. i studied english literature as a minor at university. i would have appreciated it immensely.

DreaminginDanish said...

That is SO cool!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! Although I am not a fan of Shakespeare I would surely see Jude Law in person :D

As a non-native English, I also find Shakespeare difficult to digest. Or maybe I'm just dumb LOL

Skogkjerring said...

Cool! That is what I love about Europe- being able to be where history happened and not just read about it in a book!!

June said...

for me Jude law would have been a bonus. History fades when fine human speciman is in sight. Though Jude law is not ageing so well. Well, he is no even ageing, it simply looks like he had too much to drink and smoke.

Mom said...

The Writer said it all - not a fan of Shakespeare, but Jude Law would definitely be a bonus.

United Studies said...

That would be freaking cool!!!

Tell Mads not to worry...he's not the only one who has been to a Shakespeare performance in Denmark and walked out totally confused!

When we lived in DK, Peter won some tickets to a performance of King Lear through our company, so we went. It was in Danish! And I didn't know much Danish at that point. So I enjoyed the costumes.

LadyFi said...

Wow, I'm so envious! Jude Law. Hamlet. Shakespeare. Two of my favourite guys (not Hamlet though...)

lisa said...

My roomie saw Jude in London and LOVED it. I hope to see it when he hits broadway.

Gutsy Living said...

It sounds like you are really enjoying all the cultural events you possibly can. I've visited the castle and I am surprised Jude Law was there. I would have loved to see the play.

Caution/Lisa said...

Tell Mads that I speak nothing but English and still struggle with S-peare.

Fuzzy said...

Oh, very envious, I'd hope to see him do the play. It sounds heavenly!

I hope those who had a hard time understanding were quiet during the play. When I was in London seeing "Brideshead Revisited" I had to move my seat to get away from the Danish girls who wouldn't be quiet throughout the film. Grrrrrrr.

Jesper said...

Kelli, the last 15 years I lived in DK I wanted to experience Hamlet on Kronborg, but never went. You have been in DK for a little over a year and now you have gotten to see it...even with a star like Jude Law as Hamlet...I am so envious.

Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed it and Mads will like it more the next time you go...who knows, maybe they will get a hottie like Anne Hathaway to play Ophelia one day. so there could be eye candy for both of you ;-)

Angel said...

What fun! I have always wanted to see Hamlet at Kronborg. And Jude Law too? Drool.

Rachel said...

Glad you enjoyed it :-) Mac surprised me with a visit to Kronborg castle during my last visit... but Jude Law wasn't there. lol

journeyinfinite said...

Love Shakespeare, love Hamlet (esp. Laurence Olivier's) -- but I'm kinda "meh" about Jude Law...did he do the Prince of Big D(enmark) justice?