Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Har lykke? Got happiness?

Mange "stjerner" kommer til København denne uge til møden for at bestemme hvilken by kan holde 2016 sommer olympiks. I de sidste tre uge blev "den stjerne list" langere og langere-- Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Pele, Michael Jordan og præsident Obama men jeg indrømmer at jeg var de meste spændt over Oprahs ankomst til Danmark! Hun kommer for at støtte Chicagos ansøgning til 2016 Olympiks.

Many stars are coming to Copenhagen this week for the meeting to decide which city around the world will receive the honor of hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics. In the last three weeks, the list of stars has grown and grown---Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Pele, Michael Jordan and President Obama, but I have to admit that I was the most excited about Oprah´s arrival to Denmark! She is coming to support Chicago´s bid for the 2016 Olympics.

I dag skrev mange aviser i Danmark om Oprahs plan mens er hun i Danmark-- hun vil gerne holde sit show her i København og showets tema er "Danmark, den lykkeligeste land i verden". Jeg ved at verden er træt af historien om lykke i Danmark men... DETTE ER OPRAH! :o)

Today many newspapers in Denmark wrote about Oprah´s plan for while she is in Denmark--she would like to tape one of her shows here in Copenhagen and the show´s theme is "Denmark, the happiest place on earth". I know that the world is tired of hearing the story about Denmark´s happiness, but come on... THIS IS OPRAH! :o)


Forskellige mennesker i Danmark har forskellige meninger om hvorfor danskerne kaldes de lykkeligeste mennesker... Og de fleste er ikke danskerne. Jeg ved hvorfor jeg er lykkelig i Danmark og hvorfor Mads og jeg vælger at bo her og det er ikke fordi vi har gratis sygsikring og gratis uddannelse. Så mens planlægger Oprah sit show, vil jeg finde ud fra mennesker som jeg stoler på hvard deres tænker er om deres egen lykke.

Different people in Denmark have different opinions about why Danes are called the happiest people... And most of those are not Danes. I know why I am happy in Denmark and why Mads and I choose to live here, and it is not because we have free healthcare and free education. So while Oprah is taping her show, I think I will go and find out from people I trust what their thoughts are concerning their own happiness.

Jeg begynder min undersøgelse med mig.... Hvorfor er jeg lykke i Danmark? Hvordan kan jeg være lykke i landet med seks mørke måneder og et meget svært sprog?

I will start my research with me.... Why I am happy in Denmark? And how can I be happy in a country with six dark months and such a difficult language?

Efter min mening er Danmark er Danmark og danskerne er danskerne. Det lyder oversimplificeret men der er ikke overraskelser eller hemmeligheder her. Danskerne får kritik fordi de er så ærlig .. mange siger de er for ærlig men hvordan kan du være "for ærlig"? Hvis du synes noget.. sig det. Ikke spil. Ikke løgn. Jeg værdsætter det. Jeg lærte Jess "ærlighed er den bedste. Mange forældre gør det så hvorfor er det forskellig nu?

In my opinion-- Denmark is Denmark and Danes are Danes. It sounds oversimplified, but there are no surprises or secrets here. Danes receive criticism because they are so honest...many say they are too honest, but how can someone be "too honest"? If you think something, say it. No games. No lies. I appreciate that. I taught Jess that honesty is the best policy as many parents have done, so why is it different now?

Jeg foretrækker ærlighed over spil og hemmeligheder Jeg vidste danskerne var "for ærlig" før jeg flyttede... og gæt hvad? De skiftede ikke for mig ! God for dem. Jeg fortæller altid mennesker at Mads´ bedste karaktertræk er han er ægte og ærlig. Jeg var gift med en mand som troede at løgn og hemmeligheder var bedste og jeg er sikker på at jeg vil MEGET gerne har en ærlig mand i stedet for (selv om sommetider siger han noget som jeg kan ikke lide.)

I prefer honesty over games and secrets. I knew Danes were "too honest" before I moved and guess what? They did not change for me! Good for them! I always tell people that Mads´ greatest quality is that he is genuine and honest. I already tried being married to a man that thought lies and deceit were best and I am certain that I MUCH prefer an honest man (even though sometimes I may not like what he says!)

Jeg kan IKKE lide Pia Kjærsgård men jeg er glad at hun er ærlig. Hun hader udlændinger. Ok. Jeg synes her dum men hun gemmer ikke sin mening.

I do NOT like Pia Kjærsgård, but I am glad she is honest. She hates foreigners. Ok. I think she is an idiot, but she certainly does not mask her opinion.

Så hvorfor er danskerne lykke efter min mening? Fordi livet er bedre når du kan blive dit selv-- ikke spil, ikke løgn, ikke ændringer for at tilfredstille andre. Fordi spil og løgn gør dig træt og træt mennesker er ikke lykke. Jeg arbejder for en ærlig (dansk) mand og det er en FORFRISKENDE forandring. Jeg er gift med en ærlig (dansk) mand og det giver mig fred og trøst og begge to tillader mig at være mig. Jeg er lykke.

So why are the Danes happy in my opinion? Because life is better when you can be yourself--no games, no lies, no changes to satisfy others. Because games and lies make you tired and tired people are not happy people. I work for an honest (Danish) man and it is REFRESHING change. I am married to an honest (Danish) man and it gives me peace and comfort. Both allow me to be me. I am happy.

Nu undersøgelser jeg de danskerne...
Now I will go and research the Danes...


PiNG aka Patti said...

I love that the men (or at least mine) are just who they are and that they don't hide behind some ridiculous media version of who they think they should be. So yeah, I guess that is honesty and frankly, I love being here in DK and I 'get' why the danes are happy, even if I can't necessarily explain it!

Khawaga said...

That was quite impressive Kelli. I hadn't thought of that. You may be right.

I think it df comes from a kind of earthiness, a kind of very factual expectations. I would see that as a kind of disillusion.

But being married to a Dane, you have an access that I don't have.

Copenhagen said...

Great post! I'm kind of a blunt person that might say things, which will offend others. But I think it's a great quality that Danes are able to say what they really mean without talking around the bushes.

I hope you get picked by Oprah! Where can we see that episode in the future?

Bluefish said...

Oops...I accidentally used my photoblog ID.

Khawaga said...

'Grittiness' was actually the word I was looking for. It's not negative !!!!

BABS said...

I don't think Denmark is as happy as the media story would have it be. I seem to meet a very wide cross section of the communities here, not just Danes or happy Danes.

I have lived in poorer more deprived cultures and the people were a lot happier and more ready to share.

I think any widespread happiness in Denmark must be dependent on who you ask and where they came from. And how the question is phrased.

E.g: if someone asked me: Are you happy in Denmark? I would say yes. If someone asked me: Are you happy with Denmark? I would say, not really, not right now, no, there is great cause for concern.

Regarding Danish Men: My husband's greatest quality of this time is the fact that he is careful not to break the law and that he doesn't cheat on his taxes, I am not sure if this is a Danish raised quality.

I will be honest and disagree with you about Pia K. I don't think SHE is honest, I think she is manipulative. I don't dislike her as a person, but I do dislike her politics and think she should have her liberty removed for the crimes of speech she makes.

Paula said...

Thomas said the exact same thing! He wants to apply to the show too. He said the fact that he works for an honest and understanding boss is why he would choose DK over anywhere in the world. And he has been working all over Asia for 6 years!

LadyFi said...

Love your post.

However, I do wonder a bit about those Danes with foreign roots. They are probably not as happy as they must often meet the discrimination and suspicion that Pia among others allows to flourish in Denmark.

Unknown said...

I wonder if Oprah or her guests will mention that Denmark is also pretty-much the least religious country on Earth. Even after all these years, I still don't know whether that has any direct connection to their alleged happiness.

Anonymous said...

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