Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hvilke spørgsmål hører du når du har 7 udlændinger sidder omkring 1 flot spisebord i 3 timer i midten østlig jylland?
What kind of questions do you hear when you have 7 foreigners sitting around one lovely table for about 3 hours in the middle of eastern Jutland?

Det første adskillige spørgsmål var til vores vindunderlig vært Paula... Hvordan lavede du denne? Og hvordan lavede du dette? Og kan vi venglist har opskrifterne?!

The first several questions were for our wonderful hostess, Paula...How did you make this? And how did you make that? And can we please have the recipes?!

Sally Kat var en dejlig vært også....Sally Cat was a lovely hostess as well!

Har du fået din nye godkendelse at blive i Danmark endnu? Hvor lange tager processen?
Have you received your new approval to remain in Denmark yet? How long did the process take?

Hvor svært var det for at bringe dine husdyr da du flyttede til Danmark?
How difficult was it to bring your pets when you moved to Denmark?

Hvor meget penge bruger du på mad hver måned?
How much money do you spend on groceries every month?

Hvordan er din danske undervisning? Har du taget allerede Prøve 3?
How are your Danish classes? Have you already taken Prøve 3?

Hvilke søde ting siger din danske mand på engelsk fordi han misforstår noget?
What adorable things does your Danish hubby say in English because he misunderstands how to do use the word?

Hvor ofte får du noget med posten fra din familie fuld med ting fra dit hjemland? Og har told aldrig tog noget fra pakken?
How often do you get a package of things from your home country from your family? And has customs ever taken something from the package?

Hvornår og hvor skulle vi komme sammen næste gang? Måske kan vi møde i vestlig jylland hos Patti og Kelli kan lave mad?!
When and where should we get together next time? Maybe we can all meet in western Jutland at Patti´s and Kelli can cook?

Jeg synes at svarene til alle spørgsmål vi spurgde i går er:
Den bedste information og støttelse kommer fra andre som "har gået i den samme sko".....
Tak til Paula og min andre blogger veninder for en dejlig lørdag!

I think that the answers to all the questions we asked yesterday is:
The best information and support comes from others who have "walked in the same shoes".....
Thanks to Paula and my other blogger friends for a lovely way to spend my Saturday!


kelly said...

Ja, tak for sidste. Det var rigtigt dejlig!

BABS said...


Anonymous said...

I love this post. You could just feel the warm feeling oozing from your writing, Kelli :)

I really hope I could join your next get together :)

Archaeogoddess said...

It was great, wasn't it?? :-D

Our International Blend said...

I want to be at the next one too! ;)

Paula said...

@Monica: I hope to see you at Patti's next time around!
Thanks everyone for taking the time and trouble to come. Its very enjoyable to throw a little party for all of you since you have become such an important source of support to me here in DK.
What a fun afternoon!

Mom said...

Although you are 5000 miles away from your mom, it makes her heart feel good to see all the wonderful connections you have made in Denmark. I'm glad you had a cozy Saturday. love ya!

Jesper said...

Amazing and wonderful for you all :-)

Wish I could go to same type of gatherings in Florida!

LadyFi said...

Lovely... can't you gals come over to Sweden and cook up a storm?

nettielouise said...

It is so great to see that you have developed such a bond with these other women. It just goes to prove, that no matter what life throws at you, there will always be other people out there who can relate and support you!

LJensen said...

It is so great you all have each other to lean on and help each other! I might have stayed if I had more support and reason to stay.