Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trin omkring verden.. .Steps around the world

Hvor mange trin til den første niveau af Eiffel Tårn? 300
How many steps to the first level of the Eiffel Tower? 300

Hvor mange trin til toppen af kuppel i St. Pauls Dom Kirke i London? 378
How many steps to the top of the dome in St. Paul´s Cathedral in London? 378

Hvor mange trin til toppen af Statue af Liberti? 354 (som jeg gik i 1987!)
How many steps to the top of the Statue of Liberty? 354 (which I walked in 1987!)

Hvor mange trin til toppen af domkirken i Køln Tyskland? 509 (som Mads og jeg gik i 2008!)
How many steps to the top of the Cathedral in Cologne, Germany? 509 (which Mads and I actually walked in 2008!)

Hvor mange trin til toppen af Rundetårn i København? 418 (som min søster og jeg vil bestige på Kulturnatten den 9. oktober!)
How many steps to the top of the Roundtower Observatory in Copenhagen? 418 (which my sister and I will climb on Culture night on October 9th!)

og nu har du information om "trin omkring verden", er det tid at svare vores mysterium spørgsmål... Hvor mange trin op til toppen af et vindmølle tårn?

and now that you have information about "steps around the world", it is time to answer our mystery question... How many steps up to the top of a windmill tower?

Tak til Brian, min "vindmøller bygning" ven!
Thanks to Brian, my "windmill building" friend!


Rachel said...

I forgot to enter a guess in your last post.... but wanted to comment how great you presented the answer to us - great title! And thanks for the unique danish trivia answer + world steps trivia :-)

DreaminginDanish said...

I walked to the top of the Cologne Cathedral too and I had no idea it had that many steps. I didn't walk the Eiffel Tower cuz I thought I'd be pooped - but it's 200 steps less. Goes to show I shouldn't have let the appearance sike me out! I'm walking he Eiffel Tower next time doggoneit!

Skogkjerring said...

First question- what is it with you and steps these days? Second, thanks to your information, I can now appropriately plan any vacation based on how active I want to be...hahahaha...;-))

LadyFi said...

Lots of fun facts.. and I was way out with my guess of 999 steps!! LOL!

Mom said...

Take it easy on your little sister when she comes to Copenhagen. I'm not sure she can make it to the top of her steps at home...ha! Have a good Sunday.

Tara said...

I do know that climbing a Kenetech 56-100 is way scarier!

You climb up the outside of the turbine... and although it's only 140 feet up it seems way taller than climbing up on the inside. That and it's not as stable so it sways in the wind.

I do miss my job sometimes...