Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kultur i Danmark! Culture in Denmark!

Hvert år, for at begynde "efterårsferie", har København har KULTURNATTEN. Mange mange stede i byen er åben med specielle aktiviketer til alle! Du køber en "kulturpas" til en god pris (85kroner) og du kan gå ind til alle!

Every year to usher in Fall Break (old time Potato holiday!!), Copenhagen has CULTURE NIGHT! Many many places throughout the city are open with special activities for everyone! You buy one Culturepass for a great price (15 dollars!) and you can go in to everything!

Du kan læse here på dansk:

You can read all about it here in English:

Min søster (HUN ANKOMMER I MORGEN!!!!!!) og jeg tager til Kulturnatten i morgen aften! Du kan selv bestemme hvilke aktivetiter at du vil gerne se fra deres stor program og jeg har planlagt en meget spændende program til os. Jeg håber kun at vi kan gøre alle!!

My sister (SHE ARRIVES TOMORROW!!!!!!) and I are going to Culture Night tomorrow night! Each person can personalize a program from all the cool things they offer and I have planned quite the exciting program for us... I only hope we can do it all!

Here is the program for KELLI & JENNIFER´S CULTURE NIGHT:

Night at the Zoo
Discover the animals at night and follow with predators being fed. Enjoy the animals and the heat of Tropezoo, Hippos house and in the new elephant.

Flashlights at Rosenborg Castle
A single night each year is open to the palace without electric lights! Explore with your flashlight!

New stables at Christiansborg Castle.
The royal stables have been completely restored, with new boxes to meet new legislation, but also the old games ropes is rebuilt with a historic oak tree. See the historic buildings from lead ...

Tower Tours
of Copenhagen City Hall Towers, Town Hall Square 1

The iceshow
Discover ice designer cut sculptures in crystal clear ice blocks.moffeice, Christiansborg Palace

Gun Firing at Soren Kierkegaard Square
Every half hour the firing of cannons similar to those from Kronborg Castle. Amidst the firing of the audience can get closer to the guns and hear the story behind it.

Copenhagen Boys Choir
Ebbe Munk choir choral singing of Elgar, Heisenberg and Niels la Cour and organist Flemming Dreisig, priest Jesper Strange at Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen Cathedral

og vores BEDSTE aktivetet... "MENNESKER KIGGER" fordi København vil være fuld med 1000s AF MENNESKER!!

and our BEST activity... PEOPLE WATCHING because Copenhagen will be full of thousands of people !!!!


LadyFi said...

Wow - what fun! Hope your sister isn't too jetlagged to do all those things...

Skogkjerring said...

You are such a great hostess and I've not even been to your place yet but just by reading everything you do for your guests, I can't wait until it's our turn! The culture night sounds SO COOL and you've planned tons of great activities- have fun with your sister!!

Corinne said...

That's a jam-packed evening! I suppose I don't need to tell you to have fun, because you will!

Khawaga said...

Kelli (and all), Aarhus has one too, and I knew nothing about it. I thought it was just late night shopping. But no - we can go in all the museums I think. I want to find out about this and do it!!! Anyone else interested? Lucy

PiNG aka Patti said...

The flashlight thing sounds really, really cool, and somewhat spooky!

Caution/Lisa said...

How absolutely lovely!! Exploring a castle by flashlight?? I can't wait to live vicariously through you, so keep those posts coming :)

Rachel said...

Great plans! I hope you enjoy your sister's visit... the first of many.

Mom said...

Hope your sister didn't read this before she left the US - she will be worn out before she gets there. ha! Enjoy Culture Night - looks like a fun program.

N said...

I'm going to the zoo and gun firing as well...that's if we can squeeze all our activities.

May said...

I swear you've probably experienced more in your 1+ year in Denmark, than I have in 30 years. :)

Paula said...

Congrats! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

@ Lucy

Here's the website for Århus' culture night

Traveling Mama said...

Wow! That sounds amazing! I hope you enjoy your time with your sister!

nettielouise said...

Your sister is in for such a treat! It makes me want to go back and visit you again!

Thomas Gemal said...

Yeah, miss that event. Gotta plan my next DK trip around it :-) Sounds like you had fun.