Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mit vindue... My window

Jeg har et specielt "vindue" som åbnede i lørdags (den 17. oktober) og som lukker på den 17. november. Mit vindue er en meget vigtigt vindue fordi det kom fra UDLÆNDINGESERVICE! Det er nødvendigt at sende et nyt ansøgning til den danske udlændingskontor fordi min "godkendelse at blive i Danmark" løber ud den 17. december 2009. Og du SKAL sende dit nye ansøgning ikke mindre end 30 dage før og ikke mere end 60 dage før din "expiration date". (Jeg er ligesom en dansk æg med en dato på min pande!)

I have a special "window" which opened this past Saturday (on October 17) and which closes on November 17. My window is especially important because it is given to me by the FOREIGN OFFICE! It is necessary that I submit an new application to the Danish office for foreigners because my "permission to stay in Denmark" runs out on December 17, 2009. And you MUST submit your new application no less than 30 days before and no more than 60 days before your expiration date. (I am like one of those Danish eggs with an expiration stamp on my forehead!)

Så det er tid.
So it is time.

Men jeg har undrede mig.... Hvad sker hvis De siger "Nej, du kan ikke blive i Danmark..."
Fortæller De nogensiden udlændninger ligesom mig med en dansk mand "NEJ"??? Det håber jeg ikke..... :o) Kryds dine fingre!

But I have wondered.... What happens if they say "Nope, you cannot stay in Denmark..." Do they actually ever tell foreigners like me with a Danish husband "NO"???? I sure hope not.... :o) Cross your fingers!


June said...

If they do that you should cluck cluck and tsk tsk them.

BABS said...

I've known and heard about several heartbreaking cases of people getting the 'no'.

The level of corruption is high though, apparently there are ways around ad behind the laws in Denmark and if a person has any 'connections' (friends in jobs of legal authority, for example) whatsoever, or is married to someone in a goverment job or royalty even, then it is possible that these cases get swept through the system without any delay. The lucky few get help the rest of us won't or wouldn't resort to.

The shame about Denmark is that while rules and laws here are sacrosanct, there are great abuses of power.

Sadly, a lot of the people who truly want to be here are refused on the obviously legal grounds of not meeting the basic requirements or by being lost in a loophole. Even sadder is the fact that if one knows anyone at all on the 'inside' usual rules go out the window!

I am into fairness, and because you have invested so much in being here it would be a huge travesty if they find a reason to send you home.

Good Luck with it, but I'd wager that you will get to stay.

LadyFi said...

I'm sure it won't be a problem - but it is still a pain to have to renew permission all the time!

Archaeogoddess said...

On the day I left for NL, less than an hour before I left, in fact, the doorbell rang and it was the mail - a birthday (late) package and a letter from UdServ. I had to mail them a photo post haste so I can get some sort of card. WTF?? No idea. But I did get the letter saying that my visa has been extended for another year. Totally meant to blog that but then there was freezing my ass off while walking to the bathroom at the camp-site.

So if they let me stay, you are TOTALLY in. But after your current visa runs out, during the one to two months before you get your new visa, you MUST HAVE A RE-ENTRY VISA if you plan to leave the DK. Like, you know, you want to go to the States for Christmas. Or even Germany. Expect the Århus office to tell you it takes a week to get a re-entry visa. Plan ahead! Spread the word!

United Studies said...

Good Luck! I hope and pray your application is approved. I don't know why they would deny it.

Anonymous said...

Like I have said in fb. Extension shouldn't be a problem if everything remains the same as it is.

The problem might be on the waiting time. I had to wait 5 months to get my visa extended. Remember to call them continuously about your visa or they might forget.

Jesper said...

I am sure it will be alright, Kelly. We will keep everything crossed!

DIEGO said...

A friend of mine from Peru was married with a Danes, but he died of cancer. After few weeks she got a letter that she had to leave the country because she was not living with him anymore. What did they want her to do, to live in/on his grave?
She got a lawyer to defende her and at the end they didn't expelled her.

As long as you are married with Mads, you shouldn't have problems

Stephanie said...

Kjartan and I managed to get away from all these rules. I'm here on a permanent residency permit for family reunification under EU laws because we lived in Sweden. No language requirements, no money put up - just sign a paper in 5 years that shows i'm still married and I have permanent residency. Haha, I don't know how that makes you feel any better though.

Our International Blend said...

I will keep everything crossed, but I truly have to believe that there won't be any problems! You are assimilating pretty well, and that is the goal or rather point, isn't it?