Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mænd..... Men

I går kørte Mads og jeg fra hundeskoven med Albert og så noget som vi ser OFTE i Danmark..... en mand tisser ud af hans bil på vejen.... i midten Herning.... mindre end 1 kilometre fra en benzinstation! (Faktisk så min veninde Nettie en mand tisser på vejen 20 minutter efter jeg hentede hende fra lufthavnen denne sommer!)

Yesterday Mads and I were driving home from the dog forest with Albert and saw something that we see OFTEN in Denmark... a man getting out of his car to pee alongside the road.... in the middle of Herning... less than 1 mile from a gas station! (In fact, my friend Nettie saw a man peeing along the road only 20 minutes after I picked her up from the airport this summer!)

Hver gang jeg ser en mand står langs med vej, tisser, RYSTER JEG PÅ MIT HOVED (og Mads griner fordi han ved godt at jeg skal reaktere)! Det er ikke unormal at se danske mænd står ud af deres bil og tisser men vil jeg nogensiden blive vant til at se dette?!?! Det tror jeg ikke!

Every time I see a man tinkling on the road, I just SHAKE MY HEAD (and Mads just laughs because he knows the event will get a reaction from me!) It is not uncommon to see a Danish man get out of his car to tinkle, but will I ever get used to seeing it?!! I do not think so!!

Jeg undrede mig hvis det er kun danske mænd som gør det?? (siden jeg har ikke set så ofte i Texas før!!) Men efter vores tur til Skottland, opdagede jeg at andre mænd gør det også!

I wondered if this was only a habit of Danish men??? (since I have not seen it so often in Texas before!!!) But after our trip to Scotland, I discovered other men do it too!

Det normalt skilt for en mands toilet i Skotland
The normal sign for a men´s room in Scotland

Men hvad betyder "gentlemen"???
But what does "gentlemen" really mean???

Jeg elsker at opdage hvor forskelligt I gør ting i andre land... sommetider griner jeg, sommetider ryster jeg på mit hoved, og sommetider griber jeg hurtigt mit kamera og siger "dette er for min blog!!"

I love to discover how differently we do things in other countries.... sometimes I laugh, sometimes I just shake my head, and sometimes I quickly grab my camera and say "this is going on the blog!"


Unknown said...

Nope... I don't see men peeing on the side of the road here... but I guess it is ok to do it in the woods... & Serious... I would love it if you can come for the Blog fest next summer

Archaeogoddess said...

I'll never get used to it either.

On the way back from Berlin, we stopped at a gas station to fill up and there in the parking was a man peeing against the side of his camper. Less than 100 meters from the WC. We had to drive right past him as we pulled out and my husband looked at the license plate. "Danes!" he snorted in disgust.

(To those who aren't aware, my husband is Danish, but prefers the porcelain commode for his ablutions.)

LadyFi said...

Love the photos! I guess if you've got to go, then you've got to go...

N said...

Maybe they couldn't wait anymore :p

BABS said...

Men do it here because it is 'allowed'. Some guy once explained it to me as it being a 'right' to pee if there isn't a public toilet near. But as you can see it is mostly men that do it, I suppose because women don't want to muss up their trousers.

I am surprised you saw it in Scotland, because it wouldn't be considered normal in the UK, a bit cheeky yes, and when you gotta go you gotta go, but it's just not decent.

I have taken to speaking out about men getting their penis out in full view of others in Denmark, in totally inappropriate places. TWICE now in the last four weeks I have seen men doing this (to let out urine) within a few feet of childrens playareas.

I don't care if it is the law in Denmark, laws here are flouted alllll the time. As we all know.

It is totally inappropriate for people to expose their genitals in that way, and the right to do so is being thoughtlessly and thoroughly abused.

It makes me chuckle when silly Old Oprah made that film about how safe the Danes feel, so safe they will leave their kids unattended, when what it really boils down to is that people here don't appear to care about certain things their kids are exposed to (the elements, or men getting out their penis to have a good old urinate on a tree by a childrens playground).

So I make myself unpopular and speak out against this, and I suggest, if you are bothered, you take a step too.

The only way to make a change is to..uh..make a change ;)

Ingrid said...

Oh, this happens in Sweden too, but even if I am a Swede I never get used to it either. It is a really bad and unfresh habit and my husband would never do it!
Hope everything is fine with you!
Hugs Ingrid.

serialblogger said...

I am sorry to say that in my country, the Philippines, we actually have walls that has a big bold sign: NO URINATING HERE.