Friday, November 27, 2009

Bryllupsdag gaver.... Anniversary Gifts

Nogen siger at hvert bryllupsdage år skulle have "en bestemt slags gave"...for eksempel-- 1. år- papir, 2. år- bomuld, 3. år- leder, 4. år- blomster. Hvem besluttede dette?!?

Some say that each anniversary year should have a very definite type of gift. For example- Year 1- paper, year 2- cotton, year 3- leather, year 4- flowers. But my question is WHO decided this?!

Mads og jeg er ikke meget traditionelt.... (er du overrasket?! LOL) og vi følger ikke planen af hvad at købe hvornår! På vores 1. bryllupsdag købte vi "et sted" til hinanden fordi vi rejste på en weekendtur til Gøteborg Sverige. Vi købte ikke bomuld gave til hinanden for vores 2. bryllupsdag i mandags. Vi købte "nogen"!

Mads and I are not so traditional ....(shocking, I know! LOL) and we are not following this plan for what to buy when! On our first anniversary we bought a "location" for each other which was a long weekend in Gøteborg, Sweden. We did not buy cotton gifts for each other on our 2nd wedding anniversary this past Monday. Instead we bought "someone"!

Jeg købte Nickelback til Mads.... 2 billeter for at se dem i Hamburg på den 1. februar!
I bought Nickelback for Mads.....2 tickets to see them in Hamburg on February 1st!
Han købte Michael Buble til mig.... 2 billeter for at se ham i Hamburg på den 1. juni!
He bought Michael Buble for me.....2 tickets to see him in Hamburg on June 1st!

Vi ønskede bryllupsdage gaver som giver os tid sammen med hinanden i stedet for en "ting".....
We wanted anniversary gifts that give us time to spend together instead of a particular thing....

Hvad var din yndlingsgave som du fik for en bryllypsdag?
What was your favorite anniversary gift that you have received?


Skogkjerring said...

You mean you get gifts for being married???? Oh Stig............
(Your gifts sound great!! I should have about 17 I'll be busy awhile too....hehehe...that or I can just save up to one doozy of a present someday when the kids are gone)

Angel said...

Don't laugh but it was my Dyson last year!

When you first mentioned Michael Buble I am embarrassed to say I was like who?! Then I went and listened to some of his songs and the light bulb went off. Oh yea! Admittedly he is not the typical style I listen to but I bet he is amazing live. Music + time together sounds like the most amazing gifts ever.

N said...

Since we're newlyweds, we ate at MR for our anniversary instead of gifts. It was exquisite!

HOLMES said...

My Rolex! No question. And then 2 Christmases later Phillip had the face switched to one with rose gold and diamonds.

Anonymous said...

That is freaking awesome...we are both so jealous - we love Michael Buble and Nickelback!!!

Hope you guys are having fun in Poland...jim is saying that he would have traded Thanksgiving for a spa hotel in Poland any day ,-)

LadyFi said...

We usually go out to eat somewhere with the kids.. Family time is the best gift!