Saturday, November 14, 2009

Er du syg? Are you sick?

Problemet: Du er syg og dine symptom er: nyser, hoster, hovedpine og ondt kroppen.

The problem: You are sick and your symptoms are: sneezing, coughing, headache, and an achy body.

Mit amerikanske løsning: /
My American version of a solution:

Og det danske løsning / And the Danish solution:

Danskerne varmer op hyldebær saft og blande med citron når de er syg. Ingen medicin...ingen apotek ... kun saft fra de små bær som groer på en hyldebærbusk! Danskerne har en stor tro på at hylderbær er en rigtig kur!

Danes warm up Hyldebær Saft (the juice of elder berries) and mix that with lemon juice every time they are sick. No pharmacy....just the juice from these small berries that grow on the elderberry bush! Danes swear by Hyldebær as the cure for all elements of the "coughing, sneezing, sniffling, aching, stuffy head, fever".

I de mindste er min mand unik i hans måde at drikke hans kur! "Bottoms up!"

At least my husband is a bit unique from the other Danes in how he drinks his cure! "Bottoms up!"


Skogkjerring said...

They have something similar to this here also. My mother in law called this week to suggest this for Thomas. We've been using Nyquil, so I politely thanked her for her advice and said we'd give it a try and hung up..and got the nyquil again...hahahaha...
LOVE the starbucks coffee mug!!! COOL!!

Anonymous said...

In my experience hyldebærsaft works best if it's taken with panodil, strepsils and nasal spray ;-)
But it does taste great and it has a lot of vitamin C, so maybe it works. Who knows?

PiNG aka Patti said...

I'll stick with the American version!

PiNG aka Patti said...

Oh, and you forgot about the part where you wrap a scarf around your neck and put on thick socks and go to bed like that. Or maybe that's just in my house.

Gutsy Living said...

I had forgotten about that juice. Does it really work? Did you try it? Please let me know.

MoMo 2.0 said...

I was in DK only 1 month when I got the crud..and my mother in law showed up and gave this me.. I thought this was some oldtimer's remedy... it did help actually.
Then the first time Mads got "puny", he used it and I realized it was COMMON...then right now, I have students AND colleagues using it to ward off the sickness that is floating around here.
However, since July 2008, I have not used it. I stick with my American meds. Maybe if I run out and get desperate, I will try! :o)

But anon is right. It is PACKED full of Vitamin C!

And Patti, I just got the cutest pic of Ole in my head now!!! LOL

HOLMES said...

It can't taste any worse than NyQuil, that's for sure.

Sherri Williams said...

I actually started buying some stuff called Berry Well here that is basically the elder berry juice and then I make a "lemonade" to mix it in. I've found that if you take it as soon as you start to feel it coming on it does help to ward it off and keeps it a bay. My kids hate it but they take it when they are sick because they know it works.

Garkbit said...

It's true. I've never yet met a Dane who told me that they treated a cold with hyldebær and failed to recover.

tina said...

We drink Ribena - concentrated blackcurrant nectar - and it is awesome!

Shea Kamp said...

I like to make fun of my husband when he gets a sore throat. He will walk around the house with a scarf wrapped around his neck! His mother taught him this. So I did an independent study and most Danes do this. My parents are both Drs and I am a nurse so we get a good laugh from this along with the babies sleeping outside. Shea