Thursday, November 12, 2009


I søndags tog vi til Århus for at møde 3 andre "amerikanske blogger par" hos Tara og Paul, min amerikanske veninde som bor i Danmark med sine 4 børn og mand som arbjejde hos Vestas. Det var den første gang alle 4 par er kommet sammen med vores mænd så det var meget sjovt at se mænden lærer hinanden!

On Sunday we went to Århus to meet with 3 other American blogger couples at Tara and Paul's; she is my American friend living in Denmark with her four kiddoes and husband who works for Vestas. It was the first time that all 4 couples had come together as a group WITH our husbands, so it was really fun to watch the guys get to know each other!

Vi snakkede meget om amerikanske produkter fordi vores veninde Holly er lige kommet tilbage fra USA og bragte MANGE amerikanske ting til os (Tara, Patti og jeg) såsom: Cake mix, Brownie Mix, Nyquil, A-1, Chocolate Chips, Butterfingers, Fruity Pebbles og Goldfish Crackers---alle ting som vi kan ikke købe i Danmark. Vi var SÅ spændt!

We talked a lot about American grocery products because our friend Holly had just come back from a trip to the US and brought us (Tara, Patti, & me) LOTS of goodies such as: Cake mix, Brownie Mix, Nyquil, A-1, Chocolate Chips, Butterfingers, Fruity Pebbles and Goldfish Crackers--all things that we cannot buy in Denmark!

Så vi snakkede om produkter som vi savner, sagde jeg at jeg allerede har skrevet min indkøbslist til min tur til Texas næste måned og en ting som jeg vil gerne købe denne gang er "Green Chiles" og "Enchilada Sauce". Pludseligt gik Tara over til skabet og bragte ud en 2 dåse green chiles og en dåse OLD EL PASO Enchilada Sauce som hun har købt hos Superbests Amerikankse Sektion og GAV DEM TIL MIG!

As we talked about the products we miss, I said that I had already made out my grocery list for our trip to Texas next month and that this time there were two things I wanted to buy that I usually do not--green chiles and Enchilada Sauce. All of a sudden Tara walked over to the cupboard and pulled out 2 cans of green chiles and a jar of OLD EL PASO enchilada sauce that she had found in the American section of Superbest and GAVE THEM TO ME!

Jeg var MEGET lykkelig men jeg indset at Tara og jeg har været i Danmark for lang....... fordi jeg spurge hende hvor meget koster de og da hun sagde "Enchilada sauce kostede KUN 35kroner", sagde jeg "DET ER GODT!"..... Vi var spændt at have enchilada sauce som koster SYV DOLLARS! LOL.....Det er alle relativ...

I was VERY happy, but at that moment I realized that perhaps Tara and I had been in Denmark too long.... because I asked her how much they cost and she said, "The enchilada sauce was only 35 kroner," and I said, "That is GREAT!".... We were actually excited to have a jar of enchilada sauce that cost SEVEN BUCKS! LOL....guess it's all relative!


C and H Romenesko said...


Early on, I wouldn't buy things because they were too expensive. But, that turned to deprivation, then anger, and grumpiness. So,'s all monopoly money and whatever happens to land in my cart is ok. Oh, and by the way, the bank makes sure Chuck knows how much I spent. I'm waiting for the day they sent him an itemized grocery receipt. Ha!

So great to see you on Sunday. And, love the curly hair. See you soon.

LadyFi said...

And that sounds cheap when compared to Sweden!

Sarah said...

Jealous of all your goodies. I think I am drooling a little ;)

Do they sell canned pumpkin at your superbest? I have been to a couple around me and I can't seem to find any. I bought an eatable pumpkin so I can make my own puree but last year I bought a can of Libbys. Just wondering if they sell it near you?

I'm excited the sell cherry coke now for a limited time in bottles.

Pete said...

Did you know they also have JIF at the American section of Superbest?
I think it's 50 kr.

Tara said...

:) Speaking of... I was in a used clothes store buying some clothes for Andrea, who is 15 months... :) I was buying things like shirts and pants and thinking "What a super deal! Only 40kroner!!" That is $8.00 for a used pair of pants

MoMo 2.0 said...

I have heard that Superbest has JIF too...the small jar for 50kr...but if I get desperate, I can always drive to Århus and get some! LOL

The only superbests with the American sections that we have found are around Cph and Århus...not the ones in Herning or other cities... But it gives me a reason to go the big cities! :o)

Tara said...

Yep, Superbest in Aarhus has canned pumpkin. I can't remember the price though... They also have evaporated milk, but you can get it cheaper at the "middle eastern" stores.

HOLMES said...

You can't buy M&M's in DK? Didn't know that. Thought they were worldwide.

Shea Kamp said...

They had canned pumpkin filling at Superbest here in Hellerup last week. You might want to look in Magasin also.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Shelly, we can get M&Ms here, but Holly found those on a Halloween candy clearance rack and brought them back for us to fight over.....
Because a small (SNACK SIZED, like you pass out at halloween) is 10kr... yep, 2 dollars..for like 9 pieces.
The large bags (a bit bigger than king sized in the US) are 35kr... 7 dollars a bag.
But you can buy LICORICE in about 98 varieties for almost pennies! LOL
Gotta love the Danes and their candy.

Sherri Williams said...

WOW! I'll guess I'll stop complaining now. When we lived in Hawaii, we almost gave up milk because it was $5 a gallon. That was in '97. Hate to think what it is now.

Pete said...

I have just been in Superbest and the price of canned pumpkin was 30 kr.

And JIF was not 50 kr. as I wrote earlier but actually 54.95 kr. for 18 oz (510 grams).

Alex said...

I actually bring stuff back to Seattle with me when I visit Texas...and when I can't go to Texas some years my sister mails me food like stone-ground cornmeal. :)

I had to look for over a year before I could find grits here. They're crappy instant, but at least they're grits! You'll never guess though...the only place that has them in Seattle is Uwajimaya, the Japanese grocery.